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    Why these rich countries don't play this rich game?

    Cricket is a rich game. It is played and enjoyed by many small countries. But, this rich game is not loved and liked by big and rich countries. Especially the superpower countries America, France, China and Russia don't prefer this game. Why?
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    I was always searching for the answer to this question but did not get any convincing answer so far. It is good that you have put it in this post so hopefully we get some explanation.

    My understanding so far in this matter was that as they have some specific games popular in their country and people there are already crazy about those games so they probably do not require any new game however lucrative financially it might be. This could be one explanation. Other point is that the public at large should have involvement in the game and then only it becomes a matter of national pride. For cricket, this feeling is not generated there so they have not started it. The business people will always look for advertising opportunity whenever a game becomes popular with the masses. Only then the players and managers will be benefited.

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    Cricket is popular mostly in colonial countries. It is the contribution of England to its colonial countries. Other countries in the world has not accepted cricket. There is no doubt that when compared other games like football, basketball, cricket is a lazy game. Cricket has limited activity in the field unlike other games. Cricket test match is played for five days and the 50 overs match is played on whole day. But now due 20-20 , the cricket has become interesting. Otherwise cricket is a boring game.
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    Let us take the USA as an example. The popular sports of this rich country are basketball, baseball, tennis and rugby. The money involved in these four games is much more than the money circulated in cricket.

    So, we can say that rich countries play rich sports.

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    Actually, cricket is a popular game of Britisher and they ruled our country for years that's the reason why this sport is so much popular in India. By the way, cricket is not a game for rich countries. There are other sports like lawn tennis and golf which are played by rich people.

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    Cricket is not a rich man's game, far from it. The game is played in every nook and corner, on the streets and even on terraces and open fields. It is a popular game and one that generates a lot of income through advertisements and sponsorships. India generates the most income because there's a craze for cricket here and companies capitalise on it. The sport has become bigger with the IPL. And it is not surprising to find international players vying for a spot in one of the teams.

    Cricket isn't as popular in the UK. People, there are more interested in football.

    Billiards, snooker, tennis, golf and polo are some of the rich men's sports. You can also add skiing to the list, though it is more of a recreation, it is a sport.

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    I feel Cricket has its origins from British ruled country and the game has become popular in the countries where the Britishers ruled. There may be some exemptions for it is in general like this only.
    There are many other sports which are very famous in other countries. Tennis is very popular in many countries. Same is the case with basketball, football and volleyball.
    I think slowly cricket is catching up in other countries also. Now the USA started playing this game also, I heard.
    In India, people are fond of this game. They like to play this game and even small kids also show interest in playing this game.

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    As per my understanding, The rich countries has their own popular game and these games provide more money to them. If you google for the richest sports in the world, you won't find cricket in the top 10 list. The top and famous sports in the world are - Football, Tennis, basketball, golf & racing to name some.
    There are very few countries where we find more craze for cricket and India in on top as known as the richest body(BCCI). We need to divert our sources and give equal importance to other sports also. It is sad to see that our national game - Hockey is not give importance as needed.
    Now coming to the point raised " Why the rich countries don't play this rich game - Cricket"? :
    - For rich countries , their rich game is football , tennis, basketball, etc.and they come up with different cups for this.
    - They have sports lover don't show interest in cricket as so not so popular.
    - More market for other sports than cricket.

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    Cricket is anybody's game, all we need is a set of passionate players, one bat and a ball, even in the slums or streets it can be played. When it comes to formal games at the national or international level, the superpowers America,France,China and Russia are all 'Associate members of the International Cricket Council (ICC).
    Historically, Cricket was popularized by the British, hence the nations or countries that were part of the British Empire directly or indirectly has embraced Cricket as their favorite sport. Currently, the most popular countries that play cricket (India, Pakistan, NewZealand, Australias, West Indies, Srilanka, Bangaldesh, South Africa,Zimbabwe) all were once under the British Empire. Cricket is now being played in the countries, the author has mentioned, but no does not enjoy the attention and fan following that it has in the above listed countries.

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