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    Do we get cash credits for adding courses to a college?

    I added a number of new courses to Satish Chandra Dhawan College, Ludhiana but did not get any cash credits. Do we get cash credits for adding courses to a college? If yes, could someone suggest me why I have not earned any cash credits for adding courses to the above college and how can I earn them in the future as I am new to ISC?
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    Rachit, cash credits are given for updates in the College section depending on the quality of the content posted. From the link you have provided, it is seen that you have added courses to the college on the 20th of June only. Please do not be in a hurry. The editors will check it out and do the needful.

    Please note that it is advisable to wait for at least ten days before raising any query regarding review of a post submitted in any section.

    A reading of this guideline thread will help in giving you an idea about posting in the college section.

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    Thank you sir. I will surely wait for atleast 10 days from next time.

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    There is low cc for adding a course, about one to two only and all the courses will not get the cc since the text will be the same in general for all of a particular type (e.g. all the B.A. courses will not get cc). Also, in the box for 'Remarks', you should mention in brief the eligibility and not just that it is a course for boys. If you are looking for good earnings, it is advisable, as implied in Saji's response, to give updates. Good quality descriptive content for the college will fetch good points and cc.

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