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    Are the "stars" typed words allowed in India study Channel?

    I was going through this post -

    I was reading members opinion and found in the response no - 667973 by one of the most respected member, where she has used "S***" words. The first letter was S and then 3 stars words. Its not take only educated mind to understand what the word is.

    Nevertheless, I would like to know if the stars words are allowed to type in this educational site? Or it is only allowed to member who are close to the editors?

    If it is not allowed then how come its been missed by Forum editor when his response was just before this response?
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    I have never seen such star words used at ISC earlier. The author of that response has used a star puzzle for the ISCian to make out that word. It was quite interesting to find that dirty star word.
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    Even though its a educational site, sometime using stars would help to show frustration and disagreement. The words can be taken as you wish, It can mean a good or bad. Now sometimes its good to read the middle word as per your wish.
    Well noted post.

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    I have also not noticed this. After this thread only I have seen and found that post. Generally, I have never seen such words on this site. Anyhow, I have no knowledge about the rules in this regard. The concerned authorities of the site should talk about this. I appreciate the keen observation talent of the author of this thread.
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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    Look what I found:

    ABC of Forum etequette

    In this post By Managing editor has said - "Profanities and obscene comments (even beeped out ones using symbols) will result in a suspension. "

    Also, when a word is not written full but covered with ***, only mean that it is not proper to post!

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    The context matters a lot. Whatever may be the meaning of the masked word I would like to know how the author found it objectionable. It was neither a comment on another member nor the sentence was demeaning in any way. I hope the author of this thread must have read the sentence a couple of times and tried to figure out the meaning. And regarding the 'ABC of Forum etiquette', it is a warning to all of us for not taking things too personally. Members should not indulge in personal attacks while responding to the threads.

    It seems the author holds a grudge towards the editors which is not at all healthy. Anyway, we must maintain the decorum of the forum and follow the posting guidelines.


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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    Star words are not permissible as a general rule but may be accepted based on the content and the context and the meaning it purports to convey. Profanity is not permitted but one needs to understand what profanity actually mean.

    This thread is being locked since no meaningful purpose is going to be served by discussing the point here except the interests of a few.

    Please note that another thread on the same or related topic will not be encouraged.

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