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    Why lynchings don't stop in India?

    In a fresh incident of mob lynching, a 24-year-old Tabreez was beating to death by a group of people in Jharkhand. Tabreez was beaten for so many hours by a group of people while tied to an electricity pole for stealing bicycle as per the reports. He was working as a welder in Pune and had returned home to celebrate Eid with his family. Only two months back, Tabreez got married. His father died when Tabreez was 8 years old and his mother is no more. This is how these vigilantes shattered dreams of a family! This is horrific and shocking!

    For some time now, we witness goons beating minority people to death, and in some cases, they sometimes don't stop it there but mutilate bodies and burn them when they are not satisfied with the killings. This is so wretched that these goons can be heard laughing while the victim pleads for his life! Why killing people looks fun to them?

    Why is India shrinking its space for the minorities and is unable to provide justice to these victims instead killers are getting heroes welcome and encouraged for these horrific and ruthless killings.

    Why don't these killers have any fear of the law of the country? Is the law of the country weak to punish these murderers?
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    Many of the things that is happening these days take us back to the british era which is alarming. Even after 71+ years of independence, we still are caught between caste, religion, politics and money. The one who has power and money plays the landlord of that place. It is sad to know that lynchings still exist and even after so many incidents, the police or the government has not been able to take any action against it.
    After every incidents, we have debates and promises from the government that that will punish the culprits or won't tolerate such acts. Have we ever seen a single case where a culprit have been punished. It's just a word on consolation to people that they will act but when, no answer.

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    The culprits should be punished severely. We should not see unnecessary matters like caste, creed and religion. The erring persons should be punished in an exemplary way so that the other people will have a fear of doing such mistakes. But unfortunately, in India, this punishing is not happening immediately and the people who are committing such mistake are roaming on the roads. This is making other people also to start doing such acts.
    The people who commit such acts will have a stronghold in that area with big political support. They will be shielded by these politicians. They will see that the case will take a different turn and some innocent guy will be booked and punished. I know many such incidents happened.
    This trend should change and the political leaders should start seeing the issue based on its merits and demerits. But if they start taking sides the culprits will never get punished and the poor will be suffering like this forever. No one should encourage such issues.

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    There are many reasons for ever-increasing incidents of lynching. Some of the reasons are:-

    1. The police doesn't implement the existing law. So, common people start taking charge.
    2. Hooligans create problems using these opportunities.
    3. The condemnation is selective. As for example, the intellectuals condemn lynching of Tabreez or Akhlaq, but don't bother to mention Ankit Saxena or Dhruv Rathee or the unnamed Dalit who was lynched in Mathura on the same day Tabreez was lynched. (In Mathura, radical mob from a particular community killed the Dalit shopkeeper, called him Kaafir.)

    The police and intellectuals have to be active and impartial to deal with such cases.

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    Any killing be it Ankit Saxena, Avinash Verma Gaurav Verma or Tabreez, Akhlaq or Junaid; all were ruthlessly killed and demand justice. Condemnations can never be selective.

    Do they ever get justice? All guilty should be severely punished but seems a difficult task!

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    Humanity is lost and people gave priority for money, ego and caste. Before hurting the opponent we should think of their family. People are scared to jump in and help the victim because later it will be trouble for a one who helps. Generally, people are taking selfies and snaps without taking the necessary steps on the spot to help and save the victim. Government should encourage the people to provide possible help(as the one who helps faces trouble later) for those who are caught in an accident or any such incidents. To stop such terrible murder cases, the law should be conscientious.

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    It's unfortunate and really shocking that people are still lynched. People are divided based on their caste, creed and religion and some are termed as minorities. If you talk to a group of people of different religion and caste staying together happily you will find they are not bothered about religion or caste they just wish to lead a happy life. Everybody wants it. But politicians use caste and religion to divide people. They try to arouse the sentiments of people by telling them how different they are from others. Many become motivated because they lack the knowledge of various aspects of life. You may find many of them having some academic certifications but real education is not there. Education should not be limited to study a set of books and passing the examinations rather, it should include various aspects of our lives. As long as this is not happening, we will find many people motivated by the whims of the politicians and acting on their behest. We need real education to enhance the quality of life. That's a must.

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    It is the poor system that exists in our land. The law enforcement authorities do not handle the culprits severely. The culprits manage to escape with a feeling that they can repeat the mistake or crime. The public is not happy. They try to punish the culprits before the law could punish or dismiss. It is the people's court.
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    It is unfortunate that still, people do that. It gives a feeling that minorities are not safe in our country. There have been similar cases in the past too. A few years back I read a news that a lady was a tied to a pole and was burnt till death just she was suspicious to use black magic. It was sad because there was no evidence that she did wrong to anyone. It's really sad because police also remain silent in such cases most of the time.

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    Now, I know the name of the hapless Dalit who was killed in Mathura. His name is Bharat Yadav. I demand that the murderous people of a 'particular community' who killed this harmless shopkeeper, must be identified and each one be booked for murder (Section 302), hurting religious sentiments (Section 295A) and rioting (Section 146).

    But what to do with the intellectuals who are talking about Tabreez and observing silence about Bharat Yadav? Under which Section(s) of IPC, should they be charged?

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    So you are you justifying the killing? This killing is not a crime before you. And what do mean by people's court, you are openly endorsing killing!

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    The criminal act of any person should be dealt with iron hand under Indian penal code. We should not give communal colour to such criminal act. The authorities should take suitable action to punish the culprits
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    It is happening due to the poor governance of the Govt. In some areas one particular community is suffering while in other areas some other community is suffering. It depends on who are holding power and control in the local area. Politicians are protecting these goon elements and that is why the police are also keeping a low profile. There is nothing like minority here. In India there is no concept of minority. It is a fraud. Anyone can become a minority in any part of the country if the people of his community are less there. Politicians are taking advantage of the term minority. Who is the minority community in J & K that the locals are throwing stones on the army persons. Let us not weep for minority community. As per united nations definition a community which is less than 1.5% of total population can be termed as minority. We should protest collectively to Govt for improving the governance and there should be equal punishment for everyone.
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    We may try to change fact by playing with the term but the fact is people are being killed, and lynched day in and day out in India on mere suspicion. These goons enjoy killing innocents and get encouragement which is the most unfortunate thing in the country.

    However, when incidents like a two months old daughter, Hiba is pelleted and blinded of one eye, people come out on the road to pelt stones!

    My point in this thread is anyone who is proved killer or lynches people must be punished and should not be allowed to roam freely. He should face the heavy weight of the law.

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    I am not supporting the act. But talking about the natural immediate feeling and reaction of the public against the criminals. We are seeing the inaction by the concerned authorities. Most of the criminals get escaped or made to escape. It happens in places where police are not active.

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    "My point in this thread is anyone who is proved killer or lynches people must be punished and should not be allowed to roam freely."------------------Was it exactly your point? Then why did you name a particular person from a particular community? You could have mentioned all such unfortunate incidents except mentioning only one.
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    My point is not about any particular community but about people who are getting lynched and killed by vigilantes and goons who are not punished and roam freely.
    However, alone in Jharkhand, there were 18 people lynched among then were five Hindus, two adivasi Christian and rest were Muslim who were lynched. More often lynching happens with Muslims nowadays, therefore, I mentioned Tabreez but then I have also mentioned others in the following comments as well.
    Problem is lynching not counting communities which you are doing.

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    Lynching has been happening over the years. The selective counting and selective condemnation have started very recently. So, every instance will bring another counter-incidence.
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