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    Age is a very high price to pay for maturity.

    In our life we learn from our experiences and slowly mature. It takes time in maturing. But alas! most of us get matured only after a significant time period and by the time we reach that milestone we are old enough and then understand and find that age is a high price to pay for maturity.

    Some people mature early. They get advantage out of that. People respect them and they make a distinct place in the society. Everyone is not so lucky to become mature and prudent in time. Most of us realise it quite late in the life and find that we had lost that golden opportunity.

    What are your views on maturity of people? Does it come, for most of us, so late in life? Please share your thoughts on this.
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    I think the age of maturity will depend more on the way in which we were brought up. If we have no responsibilities and if we are treated a son of a Maharaja, we may not get the required maturity early. Whatever we want will come to us. we need nor even move from our sitting place. There will be people always around us and we need not work for getting anything. So we will never think anything and maturity will be far away.
    If we see the lives of different people and if we were taught the difficulties in life and how valuable is the time, then we will get early maturity. Such people will think and try to see which is good and which is bad and they know which is essential and which is not essential.
    The people who will get knowledge early will be lucky and they get the appreciations of the people and they will be treated as special persons.

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    My response is not about maturity directly but it is about the time it took to realize the lifestyle changes and unwelcome health illness. Though our parents and well-wishers suggested us to follow something which is good for us in future, neglected their words and later one day we regret about it. According to my observation, our ancestors had healthy food and worked hard to yield vegetables/fruits/groceries at their own field/garden and made money from that. Our parents' generation adopted easy lifestyle with mixer, grinder, television, etc. Our generation (80's and 90's born) little more advanced, adopted instant lifestyle with fast foods available everywhere, packed instant and ready-made food, packed snacks with lot of preservatives and packed batters stored in supermarkets. Can't even imagine about 20's kids lifestyle in future. Many people realized the lifestyle peril and going back to natural lifestyles. It took two generation time to realize(matured enough to understand) the danger hidden in the modern lifestyle.

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    Age and maturity has nothing to do with each other.
    We all age with time and it's a process which takes place with time. whereas maturity has to do with person to person. A college student can show maturity when put in a certain situation than a senior person, compared to the student. Maturity comes with experience and its different with person.
    If a person has gone through all different and difficult situations in the early stage of his life, he will show more maturity in all situations and will be able to provide solutions easily. But, if we look to an age person, at times may get frustrated and may not know what to do.
    So its all about how you have learned and the experience that you have got at the end that counts, otherwise, aging and greying of hair will continue as days, months and year passes.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Age and maturity are the two distinct words and if we analyse a set of people and try to establish a relationship between the two, no definite relationship could be established.
    Maturity demands a lot of attributes and it can be accomplished with the consistent practices such as manner of talking, reflection of prudence in our act and taking timely initiatives in the execution of the jobs. We need to show responsibilities in all such actions.
    We may age gracefully while doing our responsible jobs and maturity will follow in our behaviour due to indulgence in the established norms of the society.
    If accountability is absent and we act in an irresponsible ways because of non adherence of the prevalent social norm, such acts would be defined as being an immature person.

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