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    Should movies depict smart murders?

    The film industry is growing fast with very good music to enjoy. People like unique and different stories for entertainment. But in the name of creativity, a few recent movies that I recently watched are directed in such a way as if to encourage murders in smart ways. We get to see the same thing happening in real life too. A few Tamil films like Ratchasan, Super Deluxe and Game over that I watched exhibits smart ways to kill someone and escape from being caught. I saw these movies with fear about the world. Please share your views whether it is good or bad to film such stories. Is it only me thinking in this way?
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    Many people have raised an alarm when such plot in a movie is made as it encourages murders or revenge to some extent.
    I remember the box office mollywood movie " Drishyam ( Malayalam), made in 2013, starring mohanlal and Meena in the lead role, directed by Jeethu Joseph and won many awards. The movie too had a plot where the happy go family killed a college boy who was asking sex favor of the eldest daughter by blackmailing her with her dress changing clip taken during a college trip. The culprit is the son of police inspector.
    The film shows how a father covers the accidental murder in order to save his children. Though at the end, he ask for forgiveness but it actually sparked the people as these type of crime can happen and even be covered.
    The film was remade in several languages including kannada(Drishya), tamil(Papanasam), hindi(Drishyam).

    Many feel that such movies or serials help culprits to cover their murder or to prepare in a better way. We need to keep some things away from people in order to keep it safe for everyone.

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    Most of these movies the plot and themes are taken from foreign films. During the Hitchcock era in the English movies many films were made with such a theme and they became super hit. Then they were remade with little changes here and there. They were so interesting that they were adopted in many languages as in our country also. Making suspense movies in which the audience wait for the end for unearthing of the suspense is very difficult and similar is the case with these perfect murder movies. But the fact is that they entertain the audience and that is the most important thing which the film makers consider.
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    In our childhood, many detective books were in circulation. These books will describe how the culprit committed the crime and how the detective solves the mystery and identify the culprit. These books give many ways to do crimes easily. They will also give points regarding hiding these issues. Same is the case with the cinemas that we are seeing these days.
    Bharathiyudu is a good movie which encourages anti-corruption processes. But the methods used by the hero to punish the culprits are very attractive and people will get attracted more to such practices. Like this, there are many movies.
    We have to take the good points and implement them and we should not learn unnecessary criminal acts and ways of doing them from these movies.

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    I think it's quite dangerous because people realize a murder isn't the end of the world and they could escape prison. It turns on carma rules and they and their children can be very unhappy if they don't keep to humanity and moral rules.

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    It's a bit tough to answer this question. Smart murder is depicted not just in movies once in a while but in the daily television shows like Savdhan India and Crime Patrol too. Here we can notice that the two shows that are mentioned are there for information purpose with some entertainment added to it but unfortunately they depict smart murder in almost every episode. Such movies can be used as an inspiration to avoid similar situations and can be used to learn something disastrous as well. It's pretty similar to Airplanes and skyscrapers. They were made to ease the lives of people but they were used as killing machines too. So it's up to an individual whether he buys a bat to become Virat Kohli or a murder.

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    Yes, people learn from the movies. One of the movies Drashyam is a good movie in which the hero kills a person and manages to escape. It's a good movie and people of a criminal mind can easily copy the way Ajay Devgan makes stories.

    Today's our young generation follow movie stars and make them their ideal. They think whatever they do in a movie is good. I am not against movies and against such plots in which they show the murders where police cannot reach to the actual culprit but the only thing is they should have some provision that gives a message to the youths that this only happens in the movies and in real life one should not do this and if does he cannot escape from police.


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