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    Interview - Basic things to keep in mind before an interview

    We all have faced interview as a fresher and also an experienced person at one or the other stage. We all have come across many questions that come to our mind when we are planning to attend an interview, like -
    - How to dress?
    - What to carry?
    - Communications skills, ect.

    As per your experience, what are some of the common things that anyone who is planning to attend any interview, in any field should keep in mind. It can be just one lines that need to be first taken care. Kindly provide your reply.
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    Facing an interview needs a certain skill set. I believe that every parameter for an interview would depend on who is conducting the interview and for what position. For example, if you are appearing for a job in the corporate sector, then you are expected to be in very formal attire. However, if you are appearing for a teaching post for example, not-so-formal dresses will do. Of course in an interview for teaching faculty position, you are not expected to come in jeans. But you can do away with the necktie or blazer. The same thing applies for other parameters like communication skills and so on. If you are applying for a position of radio jockey, a public servant who has to do a lot of public relations, a teacher or so on, then communication skills are of utmost importance. However, if you are applying for a post of mechanical engineer, you can still manage with average communication skills if you are good at what you do. In other words, I want to say that an excellent engineer with a poor or average communication skills has more chances to be selected in an interview than an average engineer with excellent communication skills. I hope this explains it!

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    One should appear decent. The dressing should formal. No T-shirts. One should wear shoes and no chappals. This is the first and important point.
    All the required certificates like educational qualification proof, residence proof, mark lists, conduct certificate, identity cards and age proof. A set of xerox copies of all the certificates should be carried. Some passport size photographs also should be with you.
    The communication should be very clear. As far as possible one should use very clear voice. You should be assertive. It is better to avoid guesswork. If the answer is not known to tell clearly that you don't is always. But telling the same answer, "I Don't Know" to all the questions is also not correct. You should be attentive. If you have a doubt you can ask the question to repeat once again. No harm in that.

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    There are many etiquettes one need to before attending an interview. Your appearance creates best impression with the interviewer. Therefore the candidate need to dress properly. Before entering the interview room courtesy demands you should knock the door and get inside and you should not forget to wish selection committee members. Unless the committee members tells you to sit down, you should not occupy the chair. Sit straight with proper eye contact with interviewer. Avoid sitting with legs crossed. Do not use water on the table to drink without taking permission from the interviewer. Answer the questions boldly. Wherever you do not know the answer, it is always better to say I do not know the answer.
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    In the interview the candidate should be confident and should be able to communicate to the board that how he feels that he is a suitable candidate for the post. It is very much required because your confidence should be reaching to the board in the exact form as you want it to show to them. This is apart from answering the academic questions which of course one has to answer correctly.

    Good dress, good manners, pleasing personality, good adequate are also important but the basic thing is that interview board is looking for a person who can do the job proficiently and help the company to grow. That is the important point we should remember and our answers should have that in the background.

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    For most people, the interview is like crossing the ocean. By nature a nervous feel would be a hurdle to perform best in interview, though a person is strong enough in the skill. To overcome the nervous feel, rehearsal in front of a mirror or taking your friend's help to create a field of interview would give you some confidence. Put your efforts to know all the features or have deep knowledge in your skill. Few simple tips are listed here that helped me personally when appeared for interviews and now being an interviewer, I observe and expect the respondent to produce a good impression along with technical skills.

    First thing, prepare yourself better to explain about yourself(yes, introduce yourself). Though a respondent is a genius in his skills, face difficult to answer a simple and first question to introduce himself/herself. It's better to use simple English with brief sentences(should not exceed 60 seconds) than an elaborate one. Your introduction should give the interviewer know where your career began and why you are there for an interview. For example: Hi, I'm Ganesh, I did my graduation in Anna University, Chennai. Started my career with Wipro Technologies in Selenium testing and served my tenure with good learning. Switched to Infosys Technology solutions by looking for challenging roles in career. Being a good team player I attained advanced knowledge and now I'm expecting a still better role to prove my skills.

    Secondly, dig about possible questions from your domain and prepare yourself to answer. Though you cannot expect the same questions, It may help you to appear in the interview with confidence. Be updated and know the competitor in your domain or application.

    Third thing, choose your formal dress and make you look cool if you are confident with above preparation. Do not use strong odor perfumes.

    Fourth, carry required documents as mentioned in the call letter. Keep your mobile in silent/flight mode prior entering the panel. Once entered, take your time to sit in your comfort and start your conversation with Hi/Hello to let your interviewer know that you are cool and ready to start.

    Fifth, be precise in your communication and avoid unnecessary fillers. Listen the question carefully and if required you can request to repeat the query and be cautious to respond the technical questions. Never admit yourself that you are great in unknown topics as it may be embarrassing if you are questioned from that topic. Also, never say that you don't know something rather you can say that you haven't got a chance to work on that topic and you would be able to provide your best to learn it in the future.

    Sixth, you will be given a chance to ask about the role that you are being interviewed for. You can ask brief details about the role. For example, working hours, team size, etc. Never ask for feedback with the panelist at the end. Feedback about your interview will be informed by HR or Consultancy as per the selection process.

    Seventh, rate yourself with your performance level if required in each interview. Check the topics that are asked and make a note of it, it may help for the next round or interview with another company.

    I hope it would be helpful for Freshers and for those who are switching from one company to another first time.

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    There is a dress code when you go for an interview. It's advisable to wear a formal dress and no t-shirt and jeans.

    It's good not to hesitate and answer questions with confidence as an interviewer checks your confidence. It's better not to try to be over smart and tell whatever you do at a job, always avoid telling the things which you don't do as you cannot bluff the interviewer.

    Always reach a few minutes before the time as people don't like the latecomers. Be polite don't be loud.


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