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    We cannot afford to allow this Deforestation!

    I cannot describe in words how devastating it would be if you start meddling with nature, for nature has no affiliations towards any being.

    Be it destruction or blessing, it is poured down equally on everyone. You cannot stand against the fury of nature.

    54,000 Mangroves to be cutoff for bullet train in Maharashtra. Government says, they will compensate by planting five times more the trees. Mangroves which are cut cannot be overgrown over a night and these trees protects the land from many natural calamities. It holds the water and preserves the ground water.

    Nothing can compensate what these Mangroves are already doing for the land.

    Do you support this move by the government to cut-off 54000 trees for Bullet Train? I hope the government finds some alternative and wont go ahead with this proposal. It would be a disaster.
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    Of course we cannot! And along with deforestation comes water scarcity. The level of ground water is becoming empty pretty fast. While we were all busy reading news of parliamentary elections and the cricket world cup, the Niti Ayog has announced that within 2030 many Indian metro cities will run out of ground water and nearly forty percent of Indians will not have any access to drinking water. This is horrible and appalling! The end is nigh it seems!

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    Sometimes some developmental work requires removal of a small green zone and it should be accepted. For example when we go for making a dam a lot of greenery is sacrificed but dam is very important for generation of electricity and drinking water. There is a lot of barren land in areas where sufficient rainfall is there. If we have a will we can create new green areas there. I think we have to agree case by case for this type of things and just because Govt is clearing some area for some developmental project does not mean that we oppose it. The citizen groups can find out if there is some better alternate route for the bullet train then we must protest it on a large scale and Govt will have to change the course.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I will support the move by Govt to cut 54000 trees for Bullet train. To my knowledge, I understand, for each and every infrastructure project, there will be an environmental impact assessment study by experts. If we follow their recommendations for the ecological sustainability; I don't think that there will be any problem. We, as a nation with 130 Crores population wants to improve our living standards. We are looking towards western world and US for their standard of living. We always want to improve our standards to match with them. But, there is problem here. US have a population of 32 Crores. The environmental impact by the development projects undertaken for 32 crores population of US will definitely be far less, than the impact by the development projects by 130 Crores population of our country. So, our problem is overpopulation. We cannot reduce population abruptly. We can reduce the rate of growth, at least.

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    Development always cost the sacrifice of nature. I am strictly against the deforestation when trees are the need of an hour how can we favour it for our benefits. The government should rethink about another route if possible.

    We have already seen the devastation in Kedarnath due to the same where to we played with nature for our lust. It's a dilemma as one side we are seeing growth on the cost of destructive nature.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Bullet Train is not the need of the hour but stopping deforestation is the need of the hour. Already many areas of Maharashtra is severely hit by drought.

    Due to our past mistakes and environment is behaving crazy. We need to wake up, we don't need development at the cost of cutting down huge number of trees. We need to understand the grave situation that we are in now.

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    As mentioned by many members, if we want development, we will have to sacrifice something and , for this project, its 54000 trees. I know it not a small number and growing this lot is not an easy task. But, somewhere we have to make compromise. The government can have a deep study of the project by various departments, people and research centres, Look for alternatives or need to come up with the best proposals before taking this huge step.

    We know, many a times, government favours the company that provides for the ruling party and they turn a blind eye on everything. As we are risking our lives, it should be done only with through study.
    Government can start planting trees and see to it that they have planted sufficient trees before taking this drastic step.
    The cutting of this huge number will have big effect on us - heat, water, pollution, ect, will be the main concern. Hope they find an alternative.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Before scuttling each and every developmental project by stating environmental reasons, people should think first, about the illegal felling of trees. On one hand we are spending crore and crores of rupees for environmental protection, while on the other hand illegal cutting of trees and transportation of wood have been plaguing our forest in a big way. Our national forest cover is 21.5%.On what rate is it depleting? Delhi international airport project has cut-down many trees during its construction. Now, more than two lakh trees were planted and grown there at the central verge of the Airport. If you sit there, you will experience a refreshing magic of the spring season always! That is a special landscaping.

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    Deforestation is becoming a big problem. Many problems we are facing today are mainly due to this cutting of these trees only. So as far as possible one should try to avoid cutting these trees. In Hyderabad, in a factory, a building is to be constructed and planning is done and got the approval. But there is a necessity of cutting a tree in the factory. The MD of the factory came and seen this. Immediately he objected for it and the building is shifted a little away so that the tree can be protected. This should be the attitude for all. The need of the hour is to protect the trees.
    At the same time, development is also a must. So an alternative should be thought of by the concerned people and make a shift the route so that cutting of trees will be minimised. A little increase in the distance or in the cost of the project may be acceptable and charging a rupee or two more from the travellers is also acceptable if this cutting of so many trees is avoided. The concerned should give a thought to this issue, I feel.

    always confident

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    We are all still believing that the Government is doing favors for citizens in many ways. But, the true fact is the Government is complicit in destroying all natural resources. They seized farmlands from poor simple farmers and compensated with some amount for the eight-lane highway between Salem and Chennai. Despite the poor farmers plead and cried the Government has no kindness on farmers. The entire benefit is to Government. The livelihood of the peasantry is in question. Destroying natural and healthy resources by implementing unhealthy chemical and injected food is the real motto of the present Government. Though the bullet train and highways are to improve transport facilities, what are we going to eat by losing natural foods.

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    Deforestation is the major issue especially when the Bullet train is to come up and 54,000 trees are to be eliminated for the timely execution of the project of Maharastra. This is being done to upgrade our life - style and comforts as we witness the same in the other developing countries. The problems in India are alarming as a result of deforestation and we are to add up the problems with the further implementation of this project.
    True, we would take up plantation here and there to offset the crisis but even if we do the same seriously the figure of plantation would not match to that level. Moreover Bullet train project would require massive fund for its implementation. In fact, we are not in the good shape in respect of our funding and the government is helpless in implementing the basic facilities in the area of education, health and provision of the basic cares for the elderly people and the government should think who are the ultimate gainers of such a provision - definitely the number being negligible. Hence at this stage, such a burgeoning task should be put off for the better health of the economy.

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    Trees are not potato chips that get ready within minutes, they take years together to grow into a huge trees!

    These trees are a treasure for the society and can not be grown overnight. Govt must look for alternatives for the project that will be better for all of us. What is illegal cannot become legal even for the Govt.

    Cutting 54000 trees is not a joke that too in the name of development and chagging a bullet train. Trees are important for living organism and destroying these tree will have a huge problem on human beings.

    In the capital, we see the problem in winters and how difficult it becomes to breathe and respiratory problems increases. Development is OK, but it should not be done at the cost of 54000 trees.

    Think of the life span of these trees and time period they have been serving human society. They can't be grown overnight. Nobody can compensate for 54000 trees, it is easy to say Govt will compensate.

    Will they compensate for what role that these have been playing for us all these years. We can't invite natures fury by cutting down these large number of the tree for a bullet train.

    We don't have to spend our whole life in a bullet train but we have to live with our nature what we are blessed with. And we can't play with it!

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