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    I sighed with relief when I found it is not red

    Looking at the mirror after wearing your favourite dress is essential. Whether you are going to the party or work the dress matters a lot. The dress you wear creates an impression on others. While at the workplace it indicates your professionalism, at parties and social functions we get compliments from others for our dress and style. We look into the mirror to see our reflection because we try to get the idea about how we are looking into the eyes of others. There are also many people who are not that conscious about their style and do not prefer to choose their dresses from the wardrobe while going to a social gathering. Now there are people who wear dresses according to the day of the week because it is said that there is a relation between colours and the days of the week. Whatever may be the relation, the colors have some significance because of their wavelength. Few are quite distracting and there are also many soothing colours.

    Have you ever been in a situation where you have to recheck the color of your clothes to find out whether it is annoying others? Recently, I was in such a situation and quite confusingly looked at the colour of my t-shirt and trousers. I was walking down the road and from a distance found an ox moving very fast towards me. It was at some distance but moving very fast, I had the time to check whether I was wearing anything red in color and sighed with relief when I found what I was wearing are a light coloured t-shirt and brown trousers. I managed to cross over to the other side of the road to avoid any hassle.
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    We often have our self examination on our dressing and to some extend its worth. I remember, once I had gone to a funeral and many had their face frowned on me. At first, I didn't get but later I heard someone whisper, see at that guy and his dress. He is wearing bright and loud color. Is he come for a function? These new generation children don't know what to wear at such places. I felt glum but could not help. Actually I was come from my college and did not get time to change. In a hurry, I forgot that I was wearing bright color. I know, its not apt to wear such dress but was I to blame?
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    The dress should be in accordance with the situation. While going to a temple we should wear traditional dress. While going for an interview you should wear a formal dress. Ladies give a lot of importance to dressing. When they attend a marriage function or any other function they will change their dress as per the situation. They will change a minimum of 2 to 3 dresses during the function.
    There are some people I have seen use always formal dress only even when they attend a social gathering or a function or an interview. Probably they may feel more comfortable with that dress only.
    one day my wife was going to a shop. On that day she had a red dress. From a distance, an ox has seen that and it started running towards her. Luckily in between some vehicle came and my wife entered into the shop. So the dress will have a lot of impacts.

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    While at home, be free and comfortable with a dress or no dress. But when you move out, be with the society and people around you, ensure that you are comfortable in your dress.
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    We need to be conscious in wearing depending on the occasion. Particularly when we take part in a death ceremony. As per Indian custom people do not wear colored dress in death ceremonies. Therefore wearing of colored dress makes us odd man out.
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    When you go out the first thing people notice is your dress and to that extent it is a very important thing. Later when people talk to you and exchange ideas then dress goes in the background. They start getting real you and then they recognise as per that and not as per your dress. When a boy goes to see a girl the parents of the girl see that she is in the best looking dress. When they talk together for some time the effect of dress is gone and the boy says that he will communicate his decision later. So dress has a temporary effect but in big gatherings where people do not know everyone they imagine about others based on the dress only. Many times dress might give a false impression also.
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