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    How can we prevent India's ensuing water crisis?

    India is soon going to have the worst ever water crisis in her entire history. The ground water is depleting very fast and it cannot be remedied. The Niti Ayog has reported a few days ago that already the ground water level has extremely gone down in many parts of the country. More than twenty Indian cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad are going to face severe groundwater scarcity by 2020, affecting a billion people. And this is just the beginning. By 2030, about forty percent of Indians will not have any access to drinking water. Is not that quite appalling and alarming? I am surprised how we are still not bothered and are keeping ourselves busy in our routine activities, and gossiping about everything including the Lok Sabha Polls and the Cricket World Cup but not the water crisis.

    Let us discuss what we, common Indians, or at least the members of ISC, can do to prevent this impending water crisis. Discussion creates awareness, and awareness leads to action. Let us share to what extent we can go so that one day we do not die of parched throats!
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    Water crisis has already being faced by people in different parts of the Country. The main cause for shortage of rain is climate change. Deforestation, pollution, is rampant everywhere. Unless we take measures to plant more and more trees, we are likely face severe water crisis in future.
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    It is really unfortunate that we are too late in water management and in spite of various ways of storing and replenishing groundwater we could not do much progress in this area. Even making of new dams and big ponds for rain water storage did not materialise the way they should had been. The rainwater is the pure water which can be used by the mankind and once this water goes to sea then nothing can be done as it immediately becomes a saline water which is not for domestic use. So, containing rainwater is the oldest way of having ample water throughout the year. Now we will be spending a lot of money in transporting water from one place to another and that will increase the transport fuel consumption costing foreign exchange outgo. We have progressed in many areas but somehow the importance which should had been given to water management was not given. Now Govt will have to act on war footing to provide the water at any cost.
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    The Author is saying quoting Niti Ayog that by 2030,40 % of people of India cease to get drinking water.
    Personally, I am not agreeing with this statement.
    70 % of our planet's surface is covered with water. Oceans hold 96% of planets water.So,4%of 70%of planet's surface is drinkable water, which is depleting very fast. So, our problem is not shortage of water, problem is poor management of water. We cannot drink ocean water because it contains minerals that our body is not accepting. We have technology to remove the minerals from ocean water and make them drinkable. We are having around 7500 km of coastal line and can install desalination plants and pump water everywhere for 130 crores people. Tapping ground water should be banned. People may think about the cost of the plant. Many desalination plants are running as private public partnership model across many places of the world. There is a proposal to interlink the rivers. I don't think it is viable. Its environmental impact is very severe.

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    We need to conserve water as we cannot afford the scarcity of water.

    We should restrict the wastage of water by adopting a few simple ways like:

    1. Reuse water as much as you can.
    2. Avoid taking showers instead take bath through buckets as shower consumes more water.
    3. Fix leakages if any.
    4. Turn off the taps while brushing teeth, shrink your lawns, water plants by reused water.
    5. Save electricity.
    6. Try to flush water less.
    Also, conserve rainwater as lots of water get wasted while raining.

    Maybe if we take a few little steps to save water then we may be able to come out if this situation otherwise we may face draught like situation soon.


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    1. Reuse of water: Recycling of water is very important. For example. we all use RO plants in our houses. In that process based on the hardness of the water, more wastewater will be generated. This water will be not useful for drinking. But can be used for other purposes like dishwashing and floor washing etc. This will save a lot of water.
    2, Avoid cutting trees as much as possible: They will hold water and see that the groundwater levels are maintained if not improved.
    3. Try to minimise water usage: Use water as we use money. We count and give money and we spend with a proper accounting of the money. In the same, we should know how much water we are using for our routine activities and think of reducing by 10 % or more to the maximum extent possible.
    4. Can we use the water remaining after washing the clothes in our toilets? A thought can be given.
    5. Rainwater harvesting is another important point to make a not.

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