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    How many languages can you speak?

    I really admire people who can speak several languages apart from their mother tongue or what they learnt in their school curriculum. Being polyglot is such a skill! The ability to speak, read, and write several languages can also open up several professional opportunities like interpreter or translator jobs. And the people who learn and speak more than 1-2 languages really do that for their innate love of language and literature. The time and effort they invest to learn several languages actually manifest their deep love for that language, and the culture where that language is spoken.

    Particularly, India being a multilingual country, if we learn to speak more than one language, I believe it is going to reinforce our unity and diversity, and develop more harmony throughout the country which is essential for any nation to move forward. So I would like to ask you all, how many languages can you speak? I can speak Bengali, English, and Hindi. I also understand a little Nepali as I frequently travel to Darjeeling and surrounding areas, though I am not a good speaker of that language.
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    I am fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, though I can read and write only English and Hindi. I understand Haryanvi, Bhojpuri and Bengali, but cannot communicate in these languages.

    I can also understand a little bit of Tamil and Telugu, especially when I know the subject being discussed. I think I go by the tone of the voice, facial expression and gestures to understand what is being communicated. And when there is a spattering of English words thrown into the conversation it becomes much easier to understand.

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    Though I am limited to only two (Hindi and English) but yes, I fully agree that knowing more languages is a great strength. In fact the student life is the best time to learn many languages as is frequently happening in European countries. In our country we are supposed to take one language and we take our own language and English is generally common so we always limit to only two languages. We do not have any pool system that one will have to take a language from other pool. Long back there were proposals to that effect but they never materialised. Some people just because of their interest or staying in other state for a long time pick the language very nicely and it is in their own interest as local people will always like you if you can talk in their language.
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    Knowledge of more languages helps us earn more friends. Talking to people in their knowledge always brings people closer. India is the unique Country in the world with more than 25 languages. I have knowledge of English, Hindi, Kannada, Tulu, Malayalam, Tamil., Telugu
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    My languages:
    Tamil - My Mother's tongue. Proficient
    Hindi - Will be able to speak fluently. Can read, but cannot write well.
    English - Can read, write and speak well.
    Malayalam - Can understand and speak a bit.
    Kannada - Can understand a bit.
    Telugu - Can understand a bit better than Kannada.

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    I have no problem in three languages: Bengali, Hindi and English. Though I can't speak or write languages like Punjabi, Haryanvi and Urdu, still I can understand them to a great extent. Thanks a lot to Bollywood movies and songs. It is always good to know many languages. It helps a lot.

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    Yes, it's good to know more languages in a country where we use many languages. As far as I am concerned I just know to speak Hindi & English. Apart from these languages, I understand Punjabi, Urdu. At the school level, I have learned Sanskrit. It's always beneficial to know foreign languages like Japanese, French and German. These days in schools kids have an option to choose a foreign language other than English. In our days we didn't have such a facility. My nephew took French in 6th standard and he knows it quite well.

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    I'm a Malayali who lives in Bangalore. I learned to Read, Write and Speak first Hindi and English, because my initial days were spent in North India. Six years later my dad decided to move closer to his native place Kerala and chose Bangalore as he felt Bangalore was a good place in many aspects. I learned my mother tongue, Malayalam along with Kannada - Read, Write and Speak. I can understand and speak Tamil a bit. I understand a bit of telugu, but can't speak.

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    Knowing different languages helps a lot. If you happen to work out of your state or country, it's a blessing. We in India are more keen in learning 1-3 languages as per our school curriculum but sporadically use it in our daily life. We commonly use the colloquial style in our daily life. The actual use comes only when we leave or state or country. In order to survive, we have to learn at least bits and pieces of the native language.
    I am from Kerala but brought up in amchi Mumbai, so know English, hindi, malayal, marathi and to some extend understands urdu, konkani, bengali and tamil.

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    I know four languages.

    Telugu: I can speak, understand, read and write. I have written some poems in Telugu also. Telugu is my mother tongue.

    English: I can speak, understand, read and write. I like to use simple words and try to make the language as simple as possible. But I am not an expert and I am an average guy in English.

    Hindi: I can speak, understand, read and write. I passed Dakshina Bharath Pracharsabha Rastra Basha praveena Examination.

    Sanskrit: I can read, understand and write Sanskrit. But I can't speak. I have limited knowledge on this subject. I read Sabda Manjari and Amarakosam of this language.

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    From my childhood, I enthralled by my father's multiple language skill. He speaks all South Indian languages and Hindi as well with fluency. He is my role-model in many things. I struggled to learn Kannada from my father and mother speaks, but they speak only when need to share any information that i shouldn't understand.
    Finally, i learned it when my career started in Mysore. I was so happy when i become fluent in speaking Kannada.
    My mother tongue - Tamil (Read, Write and Speak fluently)
    Medium of education - English (Read, Write and Speak)
    Learned - Kannada (Only speak)
    Learned - Telugu (only speak)
    Learning - Hindi (only can understand)
    Still, my language skills are lesser than my father's. Making friends in another language would help to learn a language faster.

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