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    Once a thief always a thief

    I don't believe in the saying 'once a thief always a thief', but the recent crimes like rape make me think that 'once a rapist always a rapist', what do you say?

    I always believe, petty thieves can be guided in the right direction if one tries sincerely. Stealing has nothing to do with an impurity at heart, rather one steals due to financial crunch, out of fear, poverty, and due to expensive desires. I don't say that all the thieves can be changed, but some for sure. India is witnessing an ugly crime called rape every minute. It has polluted the whole society, and rapists are not sparing females of any age.

    Going through the news, it comes to light that most of the rapists are repeat offenders. Either they are out on parole or not yet caught, and continue with such horrific act whenever possible. Such people are the worst creature on earth who have no humanity at all. Once a rapist always a rapist because they don't have a heart so they should not be left free if proven guilty. Capital punishment at the earliest is the only solution without any contradiction.
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    Rape is a heinous crime. The increasing rate of rapes is alarming and requires that punishment for rapes is to be revised in the present law. As rightly told that there are criminals who are repeatedly attempting rape. So the only remedy is death sentence so that they do not have a chance to repeat that inhuman act.

    Leaving a rape culprit free is not a prudent decision. He will again strike back. He cannot control his lust and will show his true color whenever he gets an opportunity.

    Frankly speaking few people have control on their lust and today the society is at a very vulnerable junction because you can not trust a person in this regard. I strongly feel that it requires a severe punishment. There is no other way to reduce it.

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    Rape - the word itself terrifies us and these are a common news these days. Even after suc monstrous act, the culprits doesn't show any form of guilt. If we watch them on news channels, they act as if they have done nothing or as it's a common thing. What makes them feel so?
    It is time, the government take a stand and pass an austere law for such odious act. They should come up with fast track court where such infraction should be scalped. In many cases, due to political support, they get to a chance to save their skin. They get parole or get political favor using money power. The lose is always to the family of the victim.

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    I agree fully with the author. First of all, a person who was arrested in a rape case should not be given bail and he should not be allowed to go outside in the public. He should be in Jail until the case is finalized. This should be made universal and no exemptions to any person irrespective of his status in society. If this is made compulsory, the majority of rape cases will come down.
    Once it is proved, he should be hanged immediately and there should not be any mercy towards such candidates. Once it is implemented, I feel we will not have so many cases and definitely, people will have a fear to commit such crimes.
    But unfortunately, because of the politician's involvement, many of the actual culprits are not coming into the light and only innocent people are getting the punishment and real culprits are happily enjoying their lives. This should be arrested and exemplary punishments should be given to the real culprits.

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    Every mother should teach the best values to their children principally for boys. Cruel people are there even if their parents taught them good values. However, it's not worth to blame parents. One should control the mind to stop these cruel crimes. Punishments should be severe. People are daring to do such things due to loose law of government. The crimes are talked over news and media just for one or two days and later it is forgotten and the same is repeated. Maximum people set their status in Whatsapp and Facebook to show the regret about the act of cruelty. The situation must be changed and a one who thinks to do such activities should be scared to do it. Though everyone agrees that the law should punish the criminal, I wonder whether the law and justice are still alive to save people. A very good example in Tamil Nadu is Swathi's murder. No jail and no bail definitely. Criminals should be pushed into a dark room with no food, water, light and of course no communication for him to others. He should realize that all parts of his body are dying slowly.
    It is each individual's responsibility to defend oneself. Strive as much as possible with whole effort. It is not sufficient to join your girl child in singing, dancing, etc. classes. Include self-defensing classes. Encourage your kid to be bold and join her in self-defense classes. It helps your kid and as well as others at certain times.

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