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    Protect our children from the dangers of the Internet.

    In April 2018, Madhya Pradesh police busted a WhatsApp child sexual abuse and pornography group. The group had a Kuwaiti administrator and about 250 members from 28 countries, including India and Pakistan.

    Originally known as "Kids Sex Video Only", the name of the group was changed to "Child Porn Only." Many members, as old as 50, were sharing videos of boys and girls aged six to eight years. One of the four local offenders arrested by the police was a 17-year-old boy of class 12.

    This is very serious as this online trafficking trade is flourishing because it requires low setup cost and easy payments.

    Paedophiles and pimps lure children and their parents striking deals promoting the sexual exploitation of children. Today, children are being lured on popular online chat sites and then taken to virtual private rooms for making sexually explicit performances on the webcam.

    We need to be very careful and should observe what our kids are doing on the internet so that they may not fall in the trap of such groups.
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    This is a big concern to all - Parents, teachers and guardians. As internet is cheap and easily available, many children spend more time on the internet. Addiction and lure of making money for their luxury life make children fall to such traps.
    Parents need to keep their one eye fixed on their children. Do give them privacy but do keep a check on your children. Keep contact about their friends and also try to have a chat with them daily, explaining the current situations. We cannot force them to stop but make them understand.
    Parents need to keep track of their kids friends, internet usage, pocket money, outings, etc so that we can save them from falling in such traps.

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    It is a serious matter and is an evil side of the technology. Parents must be very careful and alert as these things are addictive in nature. The children addicted to these later go for drugs and other criminal activities which spoil their future.

    Internet has become a very unsafe and unsecured place and people are rampantly using it for such purposes where gullible people and children are lured and trapped in the illicit web activities. Internet is like an ocean and even the cyber crime departments are not able to catch these miscreants. I think more security steps are to be taken for disallowing the porn or sexual content in the internet. For this world Govts should unite to devise ways and means to nip them in the bud.

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    This is a very serious problem that is being faced by all of us these days. The teenage people who will be just coming out of the houses and seeing the outside world will get attracted to such issues. So the parents have to play an important role and see that their children will not get spoiled because of these issues.
    These are all the ill effects in developing technologies. There will be always some good issues and some bad issues with every development. We should enjoy the fruits of the development and discard the evils by using our judgement.
    Mainly when the students will get out of the house and join in hostels for their studies, these negative issues will attract them and chances are more for them to get spoiled. Here the role of parents will be very important. From the early stages itself, they should teach them the ethical values and importance of following them.

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    Internet has both advantages as well as disadvantages. We need to monitor the children while using the internet facilities. In addition it is always better for the parents to explain the children about the do's and do not's of internet.
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    Internet is a place which will lure the children for many things and they will be very much glued to it. Their time will be consumed in it and they will distract from their studies. Over and above that if they fall prey to the porn or other objectionable material then they will be trapped in that and will never get out of it spoiling their career.

    In such a situation parents have a very important role of keeping a watch or monitoring the children. It is said that prevention is better than cure.

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    Well, I would say internet has both good and bad points. Internet, if used efficiently, can be a boon for the kids, and if used in a continuous unthinkable manner, can result in bane. Consider, for example, if a child spends time on an educational and discussion website like IndiaStudy Channel, he would really be able to learn a lot of things. But if a child wastes his time in watching pornography on the internet, he would be wasting his life! And the fact is, pornography is watched by so many children in India, especially teenagers, that this pornography industry is growing rapidly leading to an increase in the number of rape cases and crime rates. In today's world, no one can survive without internet. From 9th standard onwards, learning becomes internet concentrated where children learn most of the things through internet.

    The main problem in India is, that the Indian society is not open to discussions. A parent never directly tells his child at the right time to not to watch pornography. If there are no restrictions on children, they are not going to step in the right direction. Generation gap is the next problem.

    Indian society has to be more open relating to issues related to children to help them step in the right direction.

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