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    A torn 10 rupee note cost the life of a person.

    "Siddique gave a torn ?10 note to Mahanto, which he refused to accept. The argument soon turned heated, and in a fit of rage, Mahanto took out a knife and stabbed Siddique twice"

    This is the case of Dadar in Mumbai where a vegetable vendor killed a customer after an argument related to a torn 10 rupee note.

    It's a very upsetting situation because you never know as it may happen to you also, so be careful.

    It's strange that some people easily get out of control and kill someone for such a small issue. It's very serious because people have no fear of law these days. This may be a lack of awareness among people who have made them so fearless.

    What should be done to stop such incidents?
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    Now Mohanto will go to jail and lose his income of many ten rupee notes. It is also Siddiqui's fault to insist with a torn currency note. One cannot go against destiny.
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    Life of a person is not at all counted. We all in a fit of anger commit such mistakes which can never be reversed and have to carry the burden of this throughout our life. As we know of the quote " A stone after it is thrown, A word after it is said and an act after its done" cannot be reversed but only feel pity.
    As we are losing our temperament, always have a chance to fall in the pit cause of our anger. Need to be tolerant at times.

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    These types of incidents are increasing day by day. Recently we read a case in Delhi regarding urination outside which resulted in the death of an old man. Now for the sake of ten rupees, one person killed another person. Life of a person is very much less than ten rupees these days. This will speak about the mentality of the people. How easily they will lose control on them and then on the issues can be understood with this incident. So one should be very careful these days. There is no guarantee that a person who went out for some work will come safely back home. I don't know how effective is the Law and order system will improve in the country. The governments should give a thought about this and should come out with a policy to stop such incidents. The public should also understand the situation and improve their ways and means so that they will not be in trouble.
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    Dr. Rao,
    No Government or police can put a stop to such happenings. It is the individual's mindset, the environment in which they were brought up, etc, It is the anger the basic of intolerance. People need to educate themselves as to how to control their anger.

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    Even I think police cannot do anything in such a situation. People need to control their anger and should not let the arguments converted into heated arguments. It all happens when w indulge ourself in arguments it's better to ignore and leave the place when you feel that the situation is going to be worse.

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