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    An easy way to form a government with no party to name.

    Why struggle with elections to elect a government by spending huge money. Here is a solution to try.
    We have States> Districts > Talukas > Villages. - Major cities are divided into areas.

    1. Let the village/ area conduct a local election to choose a leader. (This won't be expensive)
    2. Let all the leaders selected from the villages/area elect a leader for their Taluk or the city.
    3. Let all the Taluk leaders combine and elect a leader for their District.
    4. Let all the District leaders combine and elect their State leaders (He/She will be CM of that state)
    5. Let all the State CM's elect a National Leader who will be the PM. The state of the CM elected as PM will face the election to elect their new CM.

    Let the PM select the Central Ministers from the District leaders in consultation with the CMs.
    Let the CM of a state select the Ministers from the Taluk and Village/area leaders.

    Such an election will not incur much expenditure, and the whole election process can be completed within a few days.

    It may look funny and silly but is solid and valid. Your good comments on my proposal, please.
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    A good idea. I think by doing this our representative will be near to us. We will have only one leader in the village. People can directly talk to them make him responsible for getting this done. There will be strong people in the village who can argue with him and get the things done.
    This will not have much expenditure. Because of only one direct election.
    But one problem may be that the elected leader from the village will become a monarch and he will try to make himself richer by taking money from the taluk level and district level so on and so forth.
    However, a good proposal. Let us wait and see the comments from the other members also.

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    Why members are hesitating to give a good thought to this proposal except one learned member of this site?.
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    This is not a funny proposal. If there is a will it can be executed. The only problem is some vested interests may not see their names in this scheme and oppose it vehemently. There is in fact some merit in this proposal as every local person will get a chance to come up and no one will be required to fight election from a place where he does not belong to. It is a general practice that any proposal people oppose it giving logics and excuses but every proposal has its own merit if it is given cognisance.
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    The whole election process will not be completed in a few days, rather it will be more complex. The main problem of this proposed way is people all over the country will have the choice to elect a representative from their village only. The rest will be decided by the elected leaders. People will only have a say on their respective villages because they will only elect the representative from the villages. According to the available data, there are around 650,000 villages throughout India. Therefore at first elections will be held in those 650,000 villages and people will choose 650,000 leaders. In the parliamentary election, polling takes place in so many phases for 543 seats. Now at first, the EC needs to arrange the election in around 650,000 villages to elect a leader from each of them and then they have to think of the rest. Is it an easy process? Moreover, the people in the villages are exploited by politicians all over the country and in this case, the exploitation will be rampant. There will be more corruption and ultimately there will be no development. There will be only quarrelling among the villagers for the leader's post. In every political party, there is an organized system. In this case, everybody will be a ruler and there will be no system at all.

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