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    When selfies saved a man’s life in Kerala.

    Lots of people die in India or meet with serious accidents while trying to take that perfect selfie. But in Changanassery in central Kerala's Kottayam district, selfies actually helped save a man's life in the nick of time.

    The man, who decided to commit suicide after having issues with his wife, sent selfies to his friends while lying on a railway track on Tuesday. He told them that he was going to end his life.

    As his friends and wife tried to find the exact location from where the man had been sending the selfies, a yellow rail milestone and the number helped them locate him.

    One of his friends, who was travelling on the New Delhi-Kerala Express, ran to the train's driver and identified the spot where he was lying. Immediately, all trains passing through the stretch were asked to run slow and the man was rescued. At last this man was saved.

    So, after all, I found a case where a selfie has been the cause of saving someone's life otherwise I have just come across the news only where a selfie has caused death or an accident only.
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    Very nice to read this thread. Many cases were published in the newspapers about the accidents took places while somebody is trying for selfies. But this is for the first time I am hearing that somebody got saved because of the selfies. But the accidents happened while somebody is taking a selfie. This case is a selfie sent by him has saved him.
    We should appreciate the friend who took the matter seriously and it is a coincidence that his friend is travelling on that train. So we can say it is destiny. He has still food on the eath for him and hence God saved him from death. He should have thanked all his friend who helped him and saved him from death and he should also thank God.

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    A coward has been saved to suffer on this earth by his selfie. I do not like people who prefer to commit suicide on this good earth. It could be a drama to know his relatives and friends mindset on his decision to die.
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    A good and appropriate action by his friend saved his life. It is the first saving action scene from a selfie. Normally it's a life threat but here it was the live safer. His friend should be appreciated for his correct and commendable approach to the situation.
    Now coming to the person, If he was about to takes his life due to family problem, will he be able to live a better life now. Will he be given a better place or will be worse. Now it's upto the man and his wife to accept life or will this add more burden to their relation?
    As commented by Dr. Rao, may be his stay on earth is still valid and or may be yamraj may have taken a days off, in his case.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    Never ever try to save a person who has shown his willingness to die by committing suicide. If saved, he will be branded as a coward and will have to live in shame throughout his life. None will respect them.

    A person who chose to commit suicide is a person who wants to lead a peaceful and happy life in Heaven. Why should we stop him?

    Try and save a person who pleads to escape from death or from unintentional death or from a death trap.

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    Glad to hear that the often misused selfie has helped to save a man's life.
    Mr.Sun: I would like to disagree with you (Never ever try to stop a man trying to commit suicide). Just imagine the plight of the loved ones and people dear to a person trying to end their life. Suicidal thoughts and decisions are often taken or made at the spur of the moment. The extreme emotional imbalance of anger, rejection, failures, etc drives the person to end his/her own life. It is exactly at this point of time that the person needs the vital support of friends, colleagues, family members or even the general public/ helplines. After some time with support/counselling/therapy, the same person would realise how irrational that decision was!

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    Mr. Natarajan,
    Just take an example of a person who is in a debt trap and unable to come out of it. Every day is a horrible day with a threat to his life and his family from all quarters. No one helps or supports him. He decides to end his life. What would happen if someone saves him from his suicidal act? What would be his future?

    Will our government pay his debt and help his rehabilitation? Will any NGO come forward to help him?

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    This is really a great example of using selfy in locating the person and saving him. The common sense of the people searching him paid the rich dividends.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is a nice change to see that selfy can be used to save a life otherwise we always thought it a bad omen for many of the unfortunate ones losing their life in craze of a selfy.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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