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    What is better for my Padmini?

    My good old Padmini is due to get her Fitness Certificate from RTO. Though she is perfect in all respects, she need to change her colour to look fresh in front of the RTO. Presently she is white, but I want her to look bright with modern multiple shades.

    Kindly recommend a suitable duo colour for her. I have created my own Padmini looking in two different colours. You can recommend or suggest a new colour for her. I will be pleased.

    A drawing is attached with the first response.
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    Here is my attachment
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    I think a bright red with white border would give fresh look.
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    I think a bright red colour with the yellow border will be a very good combination for your Padmini. You can try that and see.
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    Why would you want to change a classic look and paint your Padmini in two colours? I suggest you stick to its original colour and have it repainted white, so it retains its quintessential vintage look. Painting it in two shades will ruin its look and make it look flashy.

    Incidentally, my father drove a white Padmini, and my first driving lesson was in the same car, which is why I am biased towards its original colour.

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    If you want a change in the colour of your old car, I will vouch for the first picture you have posted. It is really very sober and beautiful choice. I will recommend it.
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    I think it will better to paint it bright red. I have seen red coloured cars they look fantastic and your Padmini too will get a new look and will become younger and beautiful.

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    During Padmini's period, in the sixties, seventies and eighties, there were only two colours for cars. One was white and the other was black. Now the time has changed. New colours got introduced. Vehicles plying on the roads are one better than the other. The colour matters a lot for a good look. With the latest generation cars, original white and black Padminis look older and dull, not attractive.

    If I have a dual colour Padmini, people will wonder at my good old Padmini looking young and attractive. My relatives and friends accepted my proposal for a dual colour Padmini.

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    I always prefer black colour. But black coloured cars are more prone to the accident at night.
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    I suggest you stick to the original color. The latest colors we see do not look good on an old car like the PremierPadmini. If at all you want to change to multi-color, get the painting done in a painting chamber which may cost you around Rs 30000/ or more.
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    My Padmini shines in bright white. Just look at her back with delightful lights. With a different colour, she would be the best on the roads.

    See my Padmini here.

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