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    Only if pickpocketers could put their skills in the right direction.

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    Coming to your question, yes it requires a lot of skills to pickpocket also its a very risky task because if they are caught then they are beaten brutally before handed over to the police.

    They do lots of practice and they do it because it's comparatively easy to earn money when you are not educated and qualified to get a job. In India, as there is lots of unemployment so people easily try their hands on such things. I really pity people who waste their skills in such activities because they do it in the wrong direction, short cuts for earning money is always harmful in long run.


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    Yes, they are living life like a Star. Why not? You see they, like an actor, practice the art so well and when they are successful they can make some money. When they are caught then also they get all the attention, though for all the wrong reasons. From the statistics mentioned in the thread by the author, it seems their failure rate is only 10%. Though their act is a crime and we all know what happens when they are caught maybe they find this thing much easier than any other valuable task.

    (I hope this thread is not posted just to highlight a masked word. If it is, then again I would say that holding a grudge is not at all healthy. Instead, it's better to work hard on that particular aspect).


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    The author has mentioned pickpockets in particular, what about robbers those who break the house, what about vehicle lifters and other criminals. I would add that all those who indulge in illegal activities should rather use their expertise in a better way and lead an honest life.

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    True. Stealing is one of the sixteen arts mentioned in our old books. This is known as stealing art. They have to be careful and should take out the material from the pocket of the other person and the other person shouldn't notice it. What will he do when a scorpion bites him in a house when he comes for the theft. He can't shout and he has to keep silent and get out. This is also very difficult. So we can't take them lightly. If they use their skills in a constructive way they will grow definitely bigger than many of the people. But like in any other art, in this art also there are some thieves who don't have much skills and get caught during the process.
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    I don't get the thread. Are we discussing that stealing, robbing or shoplifting is an art. Every work is an art and when done properly gets its appreciation and remuneration. Now If, pickpocketing is an art, even shooters have an art. The goons too have art. Everyone who is doing such activities have an art of getting their work done.
    If we do our work properly, we are in the office or else gets fired, the same way thes pickpockets, thieves, shooters, etc, survive till they are caught. Once caught, face the brunt else live a normal life.
    Now the question is, how to put their talent to proper use? it's a very difficult one.
    -A house breaker can work with the police of emergency department for saving life.
    - A shooter can help in sports.
    - A pickpocketer or thieves can work as spy for CBI, etc.

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    The same God who created you and me to work at ISC has created the Pickpockets. Life is of positives and negatives. Stealing is also an art, but to learn and forget. A Tamil proverb - Kalavum Karru Mara means Learn to steal and forget. It is a profession for someone to earn their bread.
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    Well, the main reason due to which young teenagers or children get into pickpocketing is the lack of right opportunities and mainly due to family problems. Most of the times, poor children are the ones to become famous gangsters or drug lords. The best example is Pablo Escobar, the greatest drug lords of all times. He came from a very poor family, his dad left his family and due to the lack of opportunities and right direction, his super-intelligent mind led him to become the 'horror' of Colombia. Another example is Akshay Pehalwan, alias Kali, a 19-year-old gangster who was wanted for 15 cases of murder, besides 20 cases of robberies and extortion. He had a reward of 4 lakhs on his head and was wanted by top agenices of four states. Similarly, we can find a number of young men who could not devort their time and energy in right direction due to their circumstances. If we can earde poverty, sickness and suffering from world, every youth would go in right direction and become a successful person.

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