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    Making a 'to do list' does not mean that we have done the job.

    Many people might have experienced this that we sometimes jot down the jobs to be done but forget that list the next moment and go ahead with our routine. The enthusiasm of making the to do list subsides soon and we do not follow it seriously. Why this loss of momentum takes place just after the completion of the list.

    Have you experienced such thing in your life? Please share your experience.
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    I recently published an article where I brought up the importance of making 'to-do lists. Here is the link - How to fix the 'I don't have the time' situation.

    Though I no longer make 'to do ' lists (there was a time when I used to), I think that making a list of things that need to be done is important. It works as a reminder that there are pending jobs that need your attention. It also helps you plan and schedule the time to ensure the jobs get done. It helps you stay in focus and makes you better at planning things. Of course, there has to be a will to see it come through. Making a to- list, just for the heck of it, serves no purpose.

    To-do lists are important for people who can never find time to do stuff, especially the important stuff. It is like a time-table or a routine and you follow it. Doing so has worked for me. As I said, I no longer make these lists because experience has taught me to manage my time in an effective manner, but I did begin with maintaining to-do lists and kept my date with them.

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    I started maintaining a 'to-do' list somewhere in the middle of my career life following my superior's habit o doing so.

    Even though making a 'to do list' does not mean that we have done the job, it ensures that we do not forget the tasks to be completed. This comes as a very good help and source to fall upon when we have umpteen tasks being thrust on us daily from different directions. It is quite natural that we tend to forget many tasks entrusted on us , especially when they are oral or oral telecommunications.

    I used to keep a writing pad and list all the tasks as and when received or entrusted in that pad serially. Then I go on doing those jobs taking the most easy first. Once done, I score of that from the list . Similarly, unless a particular job is of utmost priority, I attend the easier tasks first. That gives me a sense of satisfaction. that I have done'so much' and propels me to complete more tasks.

    When I have to leave the office, I carry over the unfinished tasks to the next page under the next day's date. This I try to attend next day first and also attend simple tasks coming on that day also. Thus at any time I will behaving the list of unfinished or unattended tasks. This will help me to delegate or get help from others too.

    Now,after retiring from job , I follow same system at home also. Thus I am able to take care of my domestic matters like tax, bills, purchases etc more systematically.
    My wife has kept a small white board in the kitchen. Whenever she remembers something to do or to buy, she notes it on the board. While go into market or for errands, I look at that board and incorporate the relevant ones in my list also. So we manage things systematically and it is 'better late than never'.

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    As long as we are not doing the tasks mentioned in the 'to-do' list thinks will not be done. When you are making a 'to-do' list it's important to keep the list in a place which is frequented by you. Making the list and keeping it inside the cupboard is of no use. You have to keep a tab on the tasks if you need to follow the list. Though I do not make such lists, when I visit the grocery or vegetable market I carry a list of things to purchase. I keep the list inside my pocket or inside the bag and watch it frequently. When you are making the list, you have to follow it too because if you cannot follow the list the purpose of making it is not served.

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    I still have 'to-do' list. And I follow it sincerely. I never failed or forgot to do that job. There could be some delay but not cancel.
    I have to-do list for the week, for the fortnight, for the month, bi-monthly, quarterly, six monthly and annually. It is very helpful.

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    A very interesting post by the author. I am a strict follower of to-do list since long time right from my student age and still using it. It is a great help for those who can not retain things on the go. It is also very true that making a to-do list is not the end of it actually it is the beginning of the action. To-do list is only a motivating factor for starting the jobs. It is a handy thing to remind us time to time in case we forget about the important items to be attended in our life. If a person can do his jobs without forgetting he does not need such a list. It is only for the ordinary mortals like most of us.
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    I have the habit of keeping a small note book and pen in my pocket. In that book I will make a to do list. After completing a work from the list. I will cut that and any new additions are there I will write that in that list. Everyday morning I will see the list and start working based on the priority and in the evening again I will review the list and any additions or deletions will be updated. When ever I discuss with my colleagues I will see that list and accordingly the works will be allocated. I got this habit through one of my bosses during my initial years of career. This is a good habit and chances forgetting a work will not be there if we make noting down as a habit.
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    A to do list help in getting the work done in an orderly manner. We often remember things in the last moment and sometimes, the most important thing is forgotten which can be a nightmare. A to do list help in completing the task in a more convenient way.
    The time taken and the way we do may differ but we will try to complete that work much before time. This list help us, when we planning a party or function, going for outing on vacation or official work, going to market, etc which can help in getting all the things to be covered in one go.
    The list made does not guarantee us that the work will be done unless we want the work to be completed. Many a time we may see a repetition of work which goes gets carried forward due to our negligence or lazyness. But this list help us cover maximum item.

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