Human development indicators are very important too

The so-called Gujarat model was touted as the best for India's problems, not so long ago. It was proved that the model is hugely urban-centric, by a number of social scientists who pointed out that human development indices are still in a shambles in the same State.

On so many parameters, the States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are streets ahead. Literacy. Primary and secondary education. General health. Standard of higher education. You name it and the two States have them in great and best numbers. For example, the birth rate is coming down with every single day in both States. In fact, there is a severe shortage of agricultural labor. It is not only Gujarat. There are many other States where a lot more needs to be done. For example, mobility through bus transport. The massive increase in trading is possible in Tamil Nadu, thanks to the best organized and largest network of buses in India

What do members have to say on this important parameter of economic development?