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    Please try to make deletion more convenient

    At present, there are 783 items in my 'My Alerts' Box. Almost all these items are useless and required to be deleted. Due to my procrastinating nature, I didn't delete these items earlier. Now, since morning, I have started deleting these items. But, to delete items one by one and confirming each one of them is a real time-consuming matter.

    Due to this practical difficulty, I request the administrators of ISC to devise and implement a method where instead of deleting items one by one, a large number of useless items can be deleted at one go. Just like we can delete a large number of useless e-mails quickly, a new system in ISC must delete the useless items in 'My Alerts'' box quickly.
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    I delete every day all the alerts after reading the alerts. At the bottom of the alerts list where it says delete all. If you click on that all will get deleted. There is no necessity of deleting one after another. Before writing this reply also I verified and that option of delete all is there. Kindly check once.
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    There is an option to delete all your alerts at one go. There is a "Delete' button at the bottom. If you press this button, all your alerts will vanish. Did you try this?

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    As told by other members there is an option to delete all the alerts in one go. Use it. You may not have noticed it because it's at the bottom of the page. I also use the same option to delete all the alerts.

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    Sincere thanks to all responding Members. Today is the first time I noticed this 'Delete All' button. And just now I have deleted all alerts.

    But even now, I am not satisfied. There is no scope of keeping some important alerts for my own future reference.

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    I had also not noticed it. I thank the members for this useful information so that we can empty our Alerts box as and when required. We have to delete it fully as there is no way to multiple select and delete only those which are not required.
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    An alert need be attended and deleted, not to be retained for no use.

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