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    Have you heard of Indo-Chinese collaborative music?

    This post may interest the music lovers though other members can also enjoy it. I was going through a project Sath-Sath: Music across the waters conceived by Tejaswini Niranjana a cultural theorist. It seems that they have combined the Chinese poetry with the Indian music to sense the cultural points of unity through voice and melody. This group is working across Bangalore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. They have put 11 performances so far which have evoked good interest in the audience. They have worked in consultation to Chinese lyricists like Chow Yiu-Fai.

    The purpose of these concerts is to collaborate music across the boundaries keeping the former interconnected histories in mind and it is believed that the music created with this methodology will be truly unprecedented.

    Have you heard about such similar other groups also? What do you feel about such experiments in music?
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    I never heard about this music which is a collaborative music of India and China. I feel it is a good experiment by the people in creating a hybrid music. The basics of music will be same whether it is Indian or western or any other type. So I think this combination will get into the audience easily and will get popularised in both the countries. Once this experiment is successful the people can try different combinations like this and see how well they will get into the hearts of the people. Music is one which attracts all human beings instead of their different ways of living.
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    Music is an universal language. Everyone can understand it without a barrier. We have liked music of all genus from indian, western, rock, classical and even fusion. It may be the first time an indo- chinese unification is done. Will be great if it is accepted and loved by all. This will open a good platform for the music lovers.
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    It is definitely, an interesting and innovative concept, though I have not heard of this initiative.

    Similar collaborative initiatives have happened in the past. I recall the famous jugalbandi between sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar and the celebrated violinist Yehudi Menhuin. It had taken the music world by storm. Pandit Ravi Shankar also performed with George Harrison of the Beatles. Even Asha Bhosle has done a song (not sure if there is a complete album) with the Beatles, but it wasn't a hit.

    Such fusion music is often just a fad and the craze dies out after a while. However, it is always nice to see new things being tried in the world of music. I have seen news clips of Zakir Hussain, the famous tabla maestro and also of Amjad Ali Khan the sarod player, perform jugalbandis with western music counterparts.

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    I have not heard about it but yes similar experiments have been conducted by the artists and musicians creating merged or fusion music and some of them have been praised and attracted the attention of the audience. Combining music elements of two distinct places is definitely an interesting exercise.
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