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    Have you featured in a Newspaper article?

    My daughter has featured in two national dailies – Twice in The Indian Express, when we were in Visakhapatnam, for winning painting competitions, one of which was organised by the newspaper, and later in The Hindu, Chennai Edition for being the city-level winner, in the middle-school category, of an essay competition organised by the Tata Group, in which 40 schools had participated. N Ram, the editor-in-chief of The Hindu was one of the judges.

    My husband's name appeared in the Chennai edition of both these newspapers, when he represented his college at various district level tournaments, for being the highest wicket-taker and scorer.

    This January I finally broke the jinx and joined their league. My husband and I were Chief Guests, for the Republic Day celebration, at a school in Chennai and our names and photos appeared in two local Hindi newspapers. This was the fourth occasion when we were Chief Guest at a Republic Day celebration – one of which was at Rajalakshmi Engineering College, a well-known private Engineering college in Chennai.

    Just sharing my joy, with a few photos.
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    I congratulate the whole family to get their presence felt in the newspapers and it is definitely a matter of happiness for the family when a member is reflected in an article in a newspaper. Generally one of the members of the family will get such honour but in your case all the three members getting this type of achievement is commendable. It is also evident that children learn the ways of their parents.

    Long back, about 48 years ago, my name was mentioned in a small column in a local newspaper as I topped my college in my graduation degree and there was a felicitation program where I was awarded a few books as prize for the same. That was the only thing that I remember so far achieved by me as regards to featuring in the news paper. It really looks nice when you see your name mentioned in the newspaper and family members take pride in it. It is good that you have shared this with us here so that we can also feel good about it considering that a fellow ISCian has got such accolades.

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    I remember , my photo had featured in Indian express when our school team(U16 I Div) had won the Inter school Football championship. That was the only time when we add our pic taken. Later that year, our school won the U16 and U14 district but was just published in a small column.
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    First of all, I want to congratulate the whole family. Appearing in newspapers is not at all easy. I do not quite remember but I have been featured in the newspaper 3-4 times only because of my school KVM. In 6th standard, I had won a paper reading contest in my school and so my name appeared in the newspaper. When in 10th standard I scored 10 CGPA in 10th exams, my photo appeared in the newspaper. Similarly, when I became the Head Boy of my school, the same thing happened. And 1 or 2 more times I appeared in the newspaper.

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    One Telugu newspaper by name Sakshi has published my name. photo of mine and my family photo. It has published an article on my life giving all the details of my education and my career and the progress I made. This is almost a half page in the District Edition of Nalgonda district where I was working. This paper cutting was laminated and kept in my house. As today I am out of Hyderabad I couldn't attach the copy of the same here.
    Once I was facilitated by Gulbarga University for some work carried out by me in Material Science. The photo and news came in The Hindu on the last page all over the Karnataka State.
    Once Vidyanagar college conducted a seminar and I was facilitated in that programme and the photo came in Hindu in Karnataka.
    Once I attend a workshop conducted by Andhra University, Vizag and the news and photos came in local editions there.
    Many times the news about performance our organisation came in the paper and my name was also mentioned there.
    I am happy that I got a chance to mention these details here and I am happy about that.

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    My name, not photo appeared in the Tamil Newspapers. I wrote many letters to the Editors, and most of them appeared in the "Letters to the Editors" column. Once I was invited to be the Chief Guest in an Engineering college on an Independence Day. I politely refused their invitation owing to my ill health. I was the Chief Guest for many functions, where there was no media coverage.
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    Congratulations to you and your family.

    My name was featured in the newspaper (HT) when I passed 12th as I got highest marks in chemistry and in the school advertisement when they wrote the names of the meritorious students my name too appeared in the newspaper.


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    I have not got this opportunity so far. It is really nice to see oneself in the newspaper. I congratulate you and all your family members for this honour. Well done and keep it up.
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    During my career I had been invited as Chief Guest or Special Guest for many events including prize distribution to meritorious students, to give felicitation speeches etc. I had once shared the dais with the local MLA. That event was covered by the press and the news and photo was published in the newspapers.
    Once I had been tele-interviewed by the local Radio Station to answer a doubt of a listener on the banking services.
    Many times my 'Letters to Editor' have been published in English and local newspapers on common matters.(That was many years ago.Now I do not write any such letters)

    About 5 years ago while I was traveling in a taxi and was held up in a traffic jam , I was interviewed by a television channel reporter to voice my opinion about the traffic block reasons and remedies.

    My photo was flashed in local TV news slots on two other occasions - one when I was a participant in a one day fasting by a citizen organisation to press for a bye pass road in our town;and on another time when we went on a study on that matter, meeting all stakeholders to find a solution for the problem.

    I was selected as a participant speaker/debater in a very popular talk show organised by a prominent Tamil TV channel about 15 years ago, when there were just a few satellite channels. The show was telecast as serial episodes in five weeks. My name and photo was also shown scrolling on the screen at the beginning and end of each episode in addition to the actual scenes. I used to get phone calls even from abroad from relatives and friends who were viewing the episodes.

    For the last 5 years I am holding a responsible position in a community-service association. We conduct various events. Many of them get newspaper and some of them get visual media coverage. My photos&/name get published in the newspapers and the news magazines [published by affiliate associations.

    I am not giving any proof for reasons of privacy.

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    When I got M.Phil Degree from Acharya Nagarjuna University, my name was published in Indian Express and local news paper. But I am not able to collect those colums or editions for preservation.
    I have written so many articles to regional news paper 'Vartha' long back and many of them were published and I preserved those cuttings. In one Scientific magazine by name 'Cheku Muki' in Telugu, I have writte a small article and was published with my name. When I studied in 100 years old B.Ed. college in Rajhamundry, I have written an article in the College magazine. That article was published with my name and photo. In 5th class I have written some snippets and quiz question to the School's monthly magzine which were published with my name. Once in' Yuva Vani' of All India Radio' of Vijayawada asked for views on a topic , I have sent my views on the topic. They have voiced my view with my name for 4-5 minutes.

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    Congratulations to the entire family for being in the newspapers. It's a matter of pride and joy to find our names and pictures in the newspapers. Our daughter featured along with a group of students in an article after the state 10th CBSE results for getting 10 CGPA.

    These mentions are very special because for a common person to be featured in a newspaper in a good way, he/she should have done something good, different or worthy of a mention. This is far better and meaningful than the faces of influential people we see regularly in page 3 or the supplements.

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    Wonderful to see so many of your responses and to note your achievements. Congratulations. Many years ago, I appeared in a group photograph published in the Femina, as a member of a Welfare Association involved in various causes. I also featured in magazines published by the same welfare association for my role/work in different capacities. I have featured in magazines published by institutes, where I had conducted workshops.
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