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    Sequel of eBook writing contest, write chapters and win cash prizes!

    So, as many of you know that a sequel to this eBook writing contest was announced here. Many of you have registered. The page is still open for registration and hence you can put your names there. Meanwhile here is the list of writers who will write the first 11 chapters. As promised Shampa Sadhya who was the winner of the fourth prize in the previous contest will be writing the first chapter.

    Here are the names and order of the chapter writers
    1. Shampa Sadhya
    2. Neethu
    3. Padmini
    4. Dr. N.V. Srinivasa Rao
    5. Sanjeev Gupta
    6. SuN
    7. Neelam
    8. Neeru Bhatt
    9. Rosie Ray
    10. Saji Ganesh
    11. Umesh

    The names of the next participants are as follows:
    12. Suman Sahu
    13. Partha K.
    14. Ajai B Maliackal
    So after Umesh has finished next chapter Suman will submit the chapter. After Ajai B Maliackal has submitted the chapter we will shortly announce the name of the writer for the conclusion. He or she will write conclusion and get enhanced cc and points. Therefore he or she will not be considered for the main league of awards like the previous contest.

    Here are the pointers that you need to keep in mind before writing the chapter-
    1. This time the chapters should be about the life and career of Manushi (the protagonist of previous eBook contest) post her World Cup win. We wish to develop the struggles and achievements of Manushi. It may be completed by her retirement, to be decided later once the story unfolds.
    2, Since the eBook is the flow of life of one cricketer, chapter headings may not be given. However, the first author, that is Shampa (or in her absence the next succeeding author) can think of providing a heading to the first chapter. In case, the first chapter has a heading, the next chapters should contain one. In case, the first author doesn't provide heading NONE of the other chapters should have one. Although, please note that there is no separate point or cc for the heading.
    3. The maximum word limit for each chapter is 400.
    4. Please don't make a mistake with the names of the characters introduced in any phase of the eBook. For example, last time one author, in spite of writing a good chapter was not considered for the final awards due to making a mistake with the name of the main protagonist. One suggestion here would be that all the authors, before writing their chapter should go through all the preceding chapters, instead of going through just the previous one.
    5. Avoid slang words or SMS languages while writing the chapters.
    6. This rule is the most important. Please post the first chapter at or after 1 P.M. today. PLEASE don't post the first chapter before this time or after 1 P.M. 28th June 2019. In case, this rule is violated, automatically the first chapter written will be disqualified and the succeeding author would get a chance to post the first chapter.
    7. After the first author post the chapter within 1 P.M. of 28th June 2019, the second author or next author in line should write the next chapter within 24 hours of the posting of the first or previous chapter. The succeeding author of any author failing to do so would get the next chance to write.

    Now, let us talk about the prizes,
    Rs 150 cash credits for the first prize winner
    Rs 100 cash credits for the second prize winner
    Rs 75 cash credits for the third prize winner
    Rs 50 cash credits for the fourth prize winner
    There will be one consolation prize winner from the set of authors writing the eBook. However, the prize amount has not been decided yet,
    There will be one bumper prize winner selected from the top scoring contestants of this contest and the prequel. The prize amount will be announced later.

    As you know that no further entries are accepted. All the entries are being scrutinized for the main awards. However, a consolation prize will be awarded to the author of the conclusion chapter. The selected author from the participants who wrote the chapters within time is already informed. He or she will soon post the conclusion, post which this thread will be closed again.
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    1st Chapter

    Miles to go

    After India's Cricket World Cup victory, it's time for the Indian Women's team to return to India from Canada. On an Air India flight to Delhi, the pilot announces the presence of the Team India and congratulates them on behalf of the cabin crew. Immediately, wishes start pouring in from the co-passengers. Although Manushi and the rest of the squad feel overjoyed, the win is yet to sink in. After a long journey of around eighteen hours, the flight lands at the Delhi airport. From deboarding to the exit gate, it's the loud cheers all around to welcome the Indian Women's Cricket team.

    They would stay in a hotel for a day and leave for their respective hometowns next day late evening. Tomorrow afternoon it would be a special day for the team because they are supposed to meet the President of India at lunch and would have evening tea with the Prime Minister. All fall asleep after reaching the hotel except Manushi. She decides to work harder on her technique. The next international season is after six months, but to get selected she has to prove herself during the upcoming domestic season. Morning has set in, and the teammates woke up while Manushi is so pre-occupied with her plans that she forsook her sleep last night.

    Though Shyam, her cousin and Rashmi Chouhan, coach of Delhi Cricket Association for Women came to meet her at Delhi hotel, she can't wait any longer to meet her parents, Mr Vijay Bhardwaj, her first coach, the Kanpur Cricket Club members, friends, and also the nurse who had foretold about her bright future. It's around midnight when Manushi reaches Kanpur, her hometown, after a hectic day which gave her a rich experience of meeting the President and the Prime Minister.

    Meanwhile, she could see her loved ones and well-wishers, who have gathered to welcome the champion near the exit gate. Next day evening, as she steps out of her house to attend a felicitation function at the Kanpur Cricket Club with her parents, she gets stunned. The neighbours have gathered there to congratulate her, but someone from that group loudly comments that Manushi must get married now because that's where a girl looks better. Spontaneously, Manushi decides to work on the mindset of society along with her game. The battle is far from over.


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    2nd Chapter
    The Nurse and her Mysterious Past

    On her way back to home from the felicitation function, the events of the day flashed through her mind. The comment "Manushi should get married", bothered her a little. When she looked out of the car, it looked a very cloudy day. That is when she sees a few people gathered over something. The driver stopped the vehicle and went out to check what the commotion was about.

    He returned and said that they will have to deroute as there was some accident involved and a woman was hurt badly. As the driver was about to de route, she stopped him so she could check the condition of the victim. Her parents, who were with her, stopped her fearing the aftermath but she insisted. As she got down, the crowd recognised her and started storming to get a glimpse of her. Her security immediately surrounded her and kept the crowd away. She went to the accident site and saw that the woman was in a pretty bad condition. She bent down to check on her and turned her aside. Though she was lying in a pool of blood she immediately recognised that she was the nurse. They had met only that morning and couldn't understand how this happened; she immediately took her in the car and went to the nearest hospital into the emergency room, praying all the while.

    She desired to stay in the hospital but due to security reason, she had to return. She was very disturbed and worried about the fate of the nurse who had once cared for her. That night was hard for her to get through. The next morning, she disguised herself and went to the hospital to check on the nurse.

    The day before while taking the nurse in her car, noticed that the nurse had a paper clenched in her fist. She immediately took it and found something printed on it. She couldn't read it because it was half drenched in blood and torn. She suspected it was a suicide note but it didn't seem so. It looked like some official paper with something printed on it. She could only make out two words from the paper," International Cricket"

    It was a mystery to Manushi, what could a nurse possibly do with something officially related to cricket? Was it murder or accident?

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    Chapter 3 "The unrevealed story"

    Manushi was in hospital but her mind was still struggling to get any hint about that paper. Suddenly a nurse came to her and said, "Your patient is better now and shifted to ICU ward." Manushi requested to meet that nurse but the on-duty nurse politely said that the lady is still not conscious and once the doctor comes, she can take permission for that.

    Manushi settled herself on the bench outside the ICU and was lost in thoughts again. She was reviving the memories when she was hospitalized for fracture and how she met that nurse. That time also, this nurse was very much depressed. Upon asking, she gave some usual reasons like the pain of patients and victims she serves makes her depressed. Then Manushi thought, there could be some other reason and she was hiding that from her.
    She again picked up that chit and started trying hard to get some more information but could not get anything.
    After waiting for around an hour, the doctor came and greeted her good morning. Manushi then asked her for permission to see or the meet that nurse and doctor granted with a condition that she will not stay inside the ward for long as it may cause infection to the patient. She agreed, thanked him and entered the ward with him. They found that the nurse was awakened and was weeping. Doctor asked her as if she has some pain or problem against which she said "No". She said that she is all good and want to go to her home now. Manushi touched her softly and asked her about the incident that happened yesterday. The doctor left both of them saying he will be back after completing his round of other wards.
    Now, Manushi showed her that paper and asked her about the details. The nurse immediately snatched it from her hand and ragged it into small pieces. Manushi sensed that something was not right with the nurse and lovingly asked her about her problem and promised her to help to get out of it. Feeling the warmth of love, the nurse felt very comfortable and started sharing her past.
    She started, "It is the story of a brother and sister living in a small village when the cricket was a royal sport for them." Suddenly she stopped sensing the arrival of someone.


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    Chapter 4: Facilitation at Lions club

    The doctor and the nurse came into the room. So both Manushi and the patient became silent. The doctor saw her once and advised the nurse about the course of medication to be followed and strictly warned her not to allow anybody inside. The doctor asked Manushi to come out with him. He advised Manushi not to talk much to the patient as her mental condition is still not normal and asked her to come the next day only to talk to her. He also said to her that spending more time talking will give the patient additional problems. So Manushi has to come back from the hospital but still, her mind is working on the nurse's life only.

    She remembered that she has to attend a function that day evening in the Lions club of that place and she has to address the upcoming players of cricket about her experiences. She had her lunch and trying to understand the matter that is in the paper she got at the accident spot.

    Around 6 PM in the evening she was ready to go to Lions club with her parents and the persons from Lions club came and took her to the club. A nice meeting and dinner were arranged there.

    The lion's club president invited Manushi and her parents and facilitated them for the success she got in her field. He requested her to share her experiences with them. Manushi started very gently and narrated how she initially suffered and how the society used to behave with her. She explained the gathering the importance given by her father to her desire and took pains to get her trained. She told that success is mainly due to the support given by her parents and she told that the awards obtained by her in the recently concluded world cup are being dedicated to her parents. She advised all the upcoming players to focus and work on attaining Excellency in the game and work hard so that they will also be successful in their lives. Everyone enjoyed her talking. Then all the participants have a good dinner. The vehicle of Lions club dropped Manushi and her parents back.

    Even though Manushi participated in these activities her mind is strongly working on the wounded nurse and the mystery behind her. Thinking about her, she slowly went into sleep.

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    Chapter 5 : A mysterious man.

    Manushi woke up late in the morning as the thoughts were still revolving in her mind about that chit which she saw in the hand of the nurse. She was worried and wanted to unfold the mystery soon. She was keen to know the story which nurse wanted to narrate.

    She wanted that the nurse could get well soon. She once thought of going to the hospital but then dropped the idea and thought of dialling the number of the doctor to know her condition. She tried to remember the name of that nurse but could not get it. She asked her father if he knows her name. Manushi's father thought hard and said, " her name was Jessimol".She dialled the number of Dr Singh and asked the condition of Jessimol. Dr Singh said that her condition is still the same but hope she will get fine in a few days.

    Jessimol's condition was improving and she was shifted to the ward. Manushi went to the hospital in a hope that today she would be able to unfold the mystery. She went straight to the ward after asking the receptionist about the ward number of Jessimol. As she was moving towards the ward she stopped outside as there was a man who was talking to Jessimol inside.

    She tried to listen to what they both were discussing. She could not listen to the whole discussion clearly but she got a clue that they were talking about something related to the selection committee.

    As she entered the ward they both stopped talking and a sort of fear could easily be seen on the face of this man as he saw Manushi standing next to him. He greeted Manushi and left the room soon.

    Once he went outside Manushi asked Jessimol who was he? Jessimol didn't reply as she didn't want to reveal the identity of this person but after insisting on she told that this man was sent by the selection committee's head.

    Manushi was worried. She was thinking what this man was discussing with Jessimol? Does Jessimol know any secret? She had lots of questions in her mind but she thought that it's not the right time to ask everything now. She went out and took a taxi for her home with lots of anxiety and questions which only Jessimol could answer.


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    Chapter 6:

    Doorbell Rings a Wedding Bell.

    Next day morning. Manushi dressed up to visit the hospital. The doorbell rang. Manushi's mother opened the door. She was surprised to see Mr. Vijay Bharadwaj. She welcomed him and asked him to be seated. She went to Manushi's bedroom and told her about the arrival of her coach. Manushi was pleased and came to the front room and wished him, "Good Morning, Sir." Mr. Bharadwaj said," Good Morning, God bless you, my child." Manushi said, "Thank you, sir, Very pleased to see you." By this time, Manushi's mother brought snacks and coffee and served him. Manushi's father also returned from the market and wished Mr. Bharadwaj.

    After taking a sip of Bru coffee, Mr. Bharadwaj complemented the coffee and said," I have good news for you all. Hope that you all will be pleased with the news." Manushi and her parents got surprised and were curious to listen to him further. Mr. Bharadwaj said," The good news is that Mr. Dinesh Roy, the Indian cricket skipper has proposed to marry Manushi." The family was spellbound. There was silence for a minute. Mr. Bharadwaj said," Last night, I received a call from Mr.Dinesh Roy's coach Mr. Inderjeet that the Skipper wanted to marry Manushi."

    Manushi's father said," I am happy but it is too early for Manushi to get married now. Manushi is just 21. Anyway, Let us think it over. Please give us a week time to decide. Mr. Bharadwaj said, "It is a golden opportunity for Manushi. Mr. Dinesh Roy will be a perfect match to Manushi. I know him and his family very well. Let your decision be positive." After Mr. Bharadwaj's departure, Manushi and her parents discussed this issue seriously. Manushi threw her ball into her parent's court with a condition that their horoscope should be matched first. And she left home to visit her beloved Jessimol.

    In the hospital, she approached the doctor and enquired the condition of Jessimol. The doctor said, "Sorry Madam, Last night, at about 0200 hrs, suddenly her condition become worst and was shifted to ICU. She is in an unconscious state. Her survival is doubtful. Let us pray God." Manushi had a look at her through the ICU's door glass hole and returned home.

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    Chapter-7: The mystery unveils.

    Manushi was not able to divert her attention from thinking about Jessimol who was in a critical condition in the hospital ICU.

    Next morning, she took a cab and went to the hospital. She enquired about the condition of Jessimol and came to know that her condition had deteriorated further and became serious in the night and in spite of all the efforts to save her, she had died in early morning and some person was already there to take her body home. It was a big shock for Manushi. She could locate the person and found that it was the same stranger that she had seen earlier in the ICU talking with Jessimol. He was busy in some formalities and when Manushi reached near, he was surprised to see her but did not speak anything. Manushi said to him in a low voice, "I am sorry."

    "It happened in the morning.", He told in a soft voice, "But how did you know about it?"

    Manushi narrated, how she knew the nurse.

    "My name is Demallow.", The  strange man told, "You may be curious to know who am I. Actually I am her brother. I work in Municipal Board office here. We are from a poor family and since her childhood she wanted to become a cricket player but could not get any such opportunity. She was obsessed with that idea and always thought herself as a cricket player. I somehow pursued her to go for nursing course for livelihood and after lot of pursuing she agreed for the same. To console her, I pretended as working part time in cricket selection office and assured her that I would be arranging for her playing cricket. I used to bring some fake letter for her that she is under consideration of the cricket selection committee and things like that. I was managing this for quite some time that this accident happened. Last time I met her in the ICU, she was asking me about her selection and I was telling her that selection committee is now considering her name."

    Manushi was very much sad to hear this story and was not able to say anything to him after this. Demallow told her that cremation would be done the next day. Manushi took his address and sadly left the hospital.

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    Chap 8: A Revelation that shook Manushi

    Manushi asked Demallow, had the Jessimol ever applied for any cricket academy ? or was selected somewhere in the past? He told her that she was a wonderful player at school level and played many state-level matches and in 2012 when she was just 18 years old she got selected for the under-19 National matches. But just before the selection-day that was 19 July 2012 someone stole her Cricket kit which she bought with the hard work of so many years. And the coach at the selection centre was adamant to have all the accessories for the trials to be done.
    Jessimol asked everyone among her friends to let her borrow the kit for one day but nobody gave her that kit. And she wasn't allowed to play the trials she was devasted and shocked. So I kept telling her that I have an acquaintance in the selection committee and with the coach and he will help her out with her trials. But that adamant coach gave me warning that day not to come without the whole kit otherwise he will ban Jessimol from Cricket. So I was consoling her on the one side and was collecting money to buy her a new kit on the other side. But that day a girl was already selected by the team. And Jessimol recently got to know the girl who was selected in the trial instead of her and the person who stole her kit, she was going to tell me that but then the accident took place. We are poor madam we only have a talent we don't know trickery like rich people and that's why we are grind in the mill of poverty said Demallow.

    Manushi was shocked to hear the date as she was selected on the same day and it was coach Vijay Bhardwaj who insisted her trial to be taken she was the youngest among the player just 14-year-old, since some player backed out so she was given chance to give the trials and she performed very well impressed all of the selection committee members and played the nationals.
    She decided to investigate what happened that year who stole Jessimol's kit the night before the trials and who was that adamant coach who didn't allow her the trial. She was also sceptical about whether this accident was really an accident or not?

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    Chap9: About to begin a new chapter

    Manushi was looking back over the past six months. So much have changed in this small amount of time. Her wedding is fixed to Indian skipper Mr. Dinesh Roy. As her parents fulfilled her wish to match their horoscopes and it matched to a great extent, she had no choice but to meet the boy. She asked for matching horoscopes as her gut feeling said, it wouldn't match and she could decline the wedding. Alas! God had some other plans.
    However, on meeting Dinesh, Manushi was quite satisfied that he was a lot more mature than the boys she has met till now. One reason could be that Dinesh is 33 now, which is a lot more than Manushi's age.
    Dinesh's passion for cricket however worked like a charm for Manushi. Her first condition to marry Dinesh was that he wouldn't force her to carry a child unless she has achieved some heights in her career. Her second and final condition was she would be allowed to play cricket, even after she decides to welcome and mother a child. She told him about her wish to start a cricket coaching academy, post her retirement, for training talented and under-privileged women cricketers who don't get proper monetary backing. As Dinesh agreed, Manushi also accepted the wedding date of January 21, 2020.
    Last month, she told Dinesh all about Jessimol and how there was no strong evidence to go forward with her case. The police also declared the case to be of suicide. Jessimol said days before her death that "the head of the cricket selection committee had come to meet her." However, at the time Jessimol's body was being released by the hospital, that person was nowhere to be seen. Then Dinesh insisted her to show him that blood-stained paper. He said that the document looked like an official document related to some banking transaction. Dinesh asked his inspector friend in the police department to send this document to the forensics. Few days back, Dinesh got the information about the girl who stole the cricket kit from Jessimol. However, before informing the police Manushi and Dinesh have decided to confront the girl over a personal dinner. This girl, Rudrani is playing state level currently and was super excited when she was told to come for a dinner with Manushi and Dinesh. Let's see how this goes.

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    Chapter-10: The girl who stole the kit.

    Manushi wanted to call Rudrani for dinner in her house but Dinesh suggested that it should be arranged in Hotel as they did not know what type of a girl Rudrani was seeing her past as a thief of cricket kit. Dinesh found a restaurant with cabins and accordingly Rudrani was informed the time and venue.

    Rudrani reached there in time and looked for them as they waved to her and Dinesh took them towards the cabin and just exchanged some pleasantries that the waiter entered the cabin. Dinesh ordered him some cool drinks and snacks to start with.

    Manushi was too anxious to ask Rudrani why she did that terrible thing to Jessimol and also wanted to tell her that Jessimol is no more. Dinesh signalled her to wait for a little as it would be uncourteous to do that so early. Rudrani was praising their game and asking them if they could share some tips. Dinesh told him some basic things. Manushi was not interested in all this and wanted to start the main topic. Dinesh knew what was in Manushi's mind and while talking to Rudrani he suddenly asked her whether she will mind if they ask her about Jessimol. It was a big shock to Rudrani to hear that and her face became reddened. She gathered herself and asked them how they knew her.

    Dinesh told her that some girl stole her kit and she went in a state of depression and recently in an unfortunate accident her condition deteriorated and she has died.

    Rudrani broke down. She was crying, "I am the culprit. That innocent soul. I should not have taken her kit. God will punish me.", she went on crying and then Manushi consoled her and just patted on her back. They found out that Rudrani was also from a poor background and in temptation for learning cricket she had stolen the kit. Rudrani was repenting on what happened and was asking them if she could do anything for the family of Jessimol to wash the guilt which now she is carrying in her mind. Dinesh took her phone number and told her that they will inform her if such a thing would be required.

    Dinesh wanted to order food but Rudrani refused to eat. She stood up, tears in her eyes and hurriedly left the restaurant.

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    An alert to participants: please check my response #669901 in the registration thread for an update.
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    I don't know what happened to the participants after Umesh. Prior to him the sequence was going well. Then suddenly nobody wrote their chapters or even put up a message here or in the registration thread about their unavailability. If they did so, the rest of the authors would have remain informed and maybe there would have been more chapters.
    One suggestion here would be to register if you are absolutely sure that you would be able to devote time for the chapter in the upcoming week. Secondly, if unfortunately, you are not able to then please confirm by a response in the contest and the registration thread.
    Anyways, as no other registration have poured in due time, the registrations are finally closed. One of the existing participants will be selected for writing the conclusion. He or she will get some enhanced cc and points for that. That participant is being finalized and will be announced shortly. Please look into your messages for a message from the editors to write the conclusion. All the best to all the participants.

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    As you know that no further entries are accepted. All the entries are being scrutinized for the main awards. However, a consolation prize will be awarded to the author of the conclusion chapter. The selected author from the participants who wrote the chapters within time is already informed. He or she will soon post the conclusion, post which this thread will be closed again.
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    Chapter 11 Where everything fell into place

    Manushi and her husband was walking through the corridor. It was three decades since she retired on her birthday. At the time of retiring she had broken many stereotypes and records. She was the first batswomen to play till forty, she was the first women to lead her team into massive world cup victories. The nation was proud of her achievements and when she had retired, the entire nation cried, for they missed a true legend.

    Every year since her retirement on her birthday, she would announce three exceptionally talented girls in cricket from rural areas and provided free training for them in her cricket academy.

    It was time for the press conference to start and announce the sponsorship named JSRGC (Jessimol Sponsorship for Rural Girls in Cricket), she briefed about the scholarship and announced the names.

    Many questions were asked to her regarding her life post retirement and how much she enjoyed it. There was one journalist who stood up and asked her,

    "Wish you a very Happy Birthday Mam, if I may, long back there was a book which was never published but the incomplete manuscript was leaked online and now it is doing rounds in the internet, after reading that book there were many questions in the mind of the reader and so my question is, what happened to Rudrani? Did she continue playing? Where is she now"?

    Manushi turned to her husband, who gave a slight nod with a smile. She took the mike and then replied, "Her name was not Rudrani, it was written Rudrani, to protect her identity. But let me reveal something about her, Jessimol Sponsorship was named by Rudrani and she contributes 70% of the scholarship amount every year. After that incident she was no longer part of the cricket team but through her sponsorship many women got into the national team.

    Journalist – Thank you Mam and what happened to Jessimols brother?

    Manushi – He is with us in the selection committee for awarding the scholarship.

    Jessimol stood up and thanked everyone, as it was time for them to reach home and enjoy the rest of the day with her grandchildren.

    As Manushi and Deepak entered their home, they were greeted by their children and grandchildren.

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