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    Kerala - the healthiest state as per Niti Aayog report

    It is a good news for Kerala. It has topped the NITI aayog state health index for the 2nd consecutive year.
    The index is a conglomeration of many meters. They also assess the development in infrastructure and administration. The yardstick that stand the basis of monitoring are neonatal and infant mortality rates, better fertility rate, low birth weight of newborns, immunisation coverage and progress in treating TB and HIV. It was commendable how the state regained after last years flood and the Nipah virus threat.
    Kerala topped the health index with 74.55 along with Punjab (65.21), Tamil Nadu (63.38), Gujrat (61.99) and Himachal Pradesh (61.20). The worst among the state was UP with just 33.69.

    What all factors helps in maintaining the good and healthy index of a state and what according to you will be your suggestion for a betterment in health sector.
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    The State should concentrate first on cleanliness. Roads and streets should be clean and no accumulation of waste should be allowed on the roads. Water should not get stagnated on the roads. This is required in all the areas including the slum areas of the State.
    The government should take precautions to have a good drainage system and there is no overflow of wastewater anywhere. The government should arrange the required facilities to see that there are no mosquitos and other insects which are responsible for causing various diseases to mankind.
    People should also have good health practices like exercises and yoga. They should not have habits like more drinking and smoking.
    The government hospitals should get equipped with all the necessary equipment to identify any diseases that are spreading and medications should be distributed to all the people to avoid getting suffered from these diseases. Good eating habits and avoiding bad habits will give us better health.

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    Why wait to see a report to know that Kerala is a healthiest Indian state. Kerala is already a healthiest and also wealthiest state in India. Foreign money flows into Kerala as most of the Keralites live outside India. It was a fun to see a cartoon that a Nair has opened a tea stall in the Moon. Keralites are hard workers, not in their own state, but outside the state. Keralites are clean, and they dress up well. Kerala is a state with 100 percent literacy. No doubt that Kerala is a healthiest state.
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    Kerala has topped in the health care index. It clearly shows that they have given priority to this sector. Medical care is the crucial thing required to take care of the people in a state and to that extent Kerala is successful. Let us hope that other states will take a lesson from it.
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    Yes, Kerala has topped the healthcare index. But at the same time, it is also true that the Communist Chief Minister of Kerala goes to the den of capitalists, the USA, for personal treatment, the expense of which is paid by the public.
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    The main reason for Kerala topping in the health index is literacy rate. Kerala tops the Country in the literacy rate with over 93%. Literacy among people helps in all round development of the State.
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    As a person from Kerala , I can say that yes, Kerala state has a good public health system and is reachable and affordable to all. I have not seen such good facilities in govt hospitals in any other state in such overall way. Kerala has initiated many welfare schemes to enable people get better and timely health support.
    Apart from the hospitals and medical facilities by government, there are good number of private hospitals, clinics, individual physicians everywhere throughout the state. It is a well known fact that medical nurses from Kerala are serving all over the world. So it is natural that Kerala itself has their good service.

    Kerala has also got the second level auxiliary support system in health workers and NGOs who help in spreading awareness, preparing people for basic things like vaccination, hygiene etc.
    Along with this the high literacy rate also has helped in seeking and spreading awareness in hygiene and seeking modern medical help at the earliest.

    All these has enabled Kerala to get the No.i position in Health index by various reports including the Niti Ayog report.
    All this helps Kerala to k

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    I would like to make it a point as a reply to Mr. Partha, Every civil servant (Politician) make the most use of peoples money in such deeds. From family vacation, to visits to different countries for various reason. If you take medical expense, say, of any party, they have travelled to foreign country for their treatment. Do you think, In India, we don't have all the facilities and they can afford if not for the money of public paid as tax.

    It has nothing to do with state or political parties. Everyone try to make the most use of public money in such activities. Can we stop such remuneration and incentives to the politicians, and watch how many go for such costly treatments. No one can afford but when they are in power, they can. We have many examples of BJP's candidate going to foreign country for medical surgery, etc. So it's just a common thing for these politicians or business magnets.

    If the party knows that we lag such facilities in India, why don't they try to implement it here for everyone. Are they the only one who want to live, are the common man not counted.

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    Kerala is at number one in this survey and the way they have adopted the health practices and health facilities for the common masses is really a remarkable thing. Now it has become almost a bench mark and the other states should learn from Kerala and try to implement similar policies and governance in this matter. Seeing the poor state of health management in many states it becomes difficult to assume that our nation level health policy will succeed with flying colours. Until all the states are brought to an acceptable level the national health schemes will suffer miserably.
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