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    Health - My policy(Tips) to stay fit

    We all are well versed with the quote "Health is wealth" but due our fast and furious lifestyle, we are not able to keep our health on track. We lack sleep, have lot of stress, less time for exercise and the list goes on.
    Now in order to compensate all these, many of us follow some small and basic health measures and I would like you all to provide us with the regime that you follow for a healthy life. I mean, many of us follow a coordinated programme for our health, for skin, hair, mouth, eyes, body, etc.

    The most common one that we all follow is drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water. Like 2 glass just after getting up, 1 glass each 30 minutes before and after food, 1 glass before going to have bath and going to bed, rest in between.

    What is your best health regime for a "Health is wealth" concept.
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    Drinking water is definitely on top of my list. I drink two glasses of 'Tamra jal' - water stored overnight in copper tumblers, every morning. Apart from that, I ensure I eat a healthy, balanced diet, so I incorporate a lot of vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses, eggs, dairy and meat in my diet. I avoid processed foods and opt for organic foodstuff whenever possible.

    I use a combination of cooking mediums to prepare my food, cold-pressed oils, namely sesame oil, peanut oil, olive oil, coconut oil and mustard oil and virgin rice bran oil.

    I exercise regularly and remain active throughout the day. In addition to all this, I do the housework, so that keeps me fit. I have no vices, drink just two cups of coffee a day, without sugar. I follow a combination of healthy practices.

    I do eat out, at least once a week, so it is not that I restrict what I eat. Thankfully, my healthy lifestyle has proved to be a boon to me - I am medically fit, without any ailment.

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    Please correct the spelling of health in your title of the post.

    It is very true that health is wealth. It is the most important thing in our life. Many people use various tips for healthy life and benefit by it. I believe in taking balanced food andavoiding the oily and junk food as far as possible. I strongly believe that if you can take food in limited quantity you keep a control on your weight and that is the most important thing in good health pursuit. Another thing is regular exercises which keeps the body fit and active.

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    To be healthy, avoid dividing the food (Breakfast - lunch -dinner). Don't try to fill your stomach in large quantity. Make your food into small batches and have them in small pieces. It allows your system to function properly without any heavy load at a time. Don't sit in one place. Make frequent movements. Eat fruits regularly. Try all the food available to eat ensuring its good quality and quantity.
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    I drink two cups of green tea daily without milk and sugar. One cup of coffee with milk but without sugar. My lunch will be generally, in the morning around 9 AM. It is like Brunch. In the lunchtime, I go for one or two fruits. In the night before 8 PM, I take 2 chapathis with one curry. I try to restrict rice and consume more vegetables. We use cold-pressed oils only. We avoid using refined oils. Generally, I avoid eating junk food, chocolates, ice creams and sweets. Once in a while, I take a sweet made of jaggery but not with sugar. I will take 6 to 7 glasses of water during the day time. Generally. after 8 PM I don't prefer eating. But once in a while when we go out to eat we may be a little late but not after 9.30PM. I drink in summer more buttermilk but I will never go for soft drinks.
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    Health is very important factor in our life and it is imperative that we take care of it as much as we can. There are innumerable health tips and only thing is we have to adopt them as per our body conditions. Early morning exercises are supposed to be the ideal thing for toning the body and for elderly it is advisable to do some Yoga and meditation if they can not exert much. After the morning exercise the next thing comes is a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. It is said that breakfast is to be taken properly and one should not skip it. However one can take limited food during lunch and dinner. For dinner it is believed that we should take dinner in time that is around 7-8 PM and then go for sleep by 10 PM. Taking late dinner and going immediately for sleep is not advisable. These are the basic health tips which our ancestors followed.
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    I missed mentioning that I use a variety of flours to make roti.s I do not follow a fixed ratio, but I add powdered ragi, black gram, jowar, jau, soy, amaranth etc., to whole wheat flour. It depends on what is available in the market. I add a minimum of 3-4 flours to whole wheat flour. The rotis don't turn out as soft as when just whole wheat flour is used, but we have gone used to it.

    I make whole wheat flour roti when we have someone dining with us. I also consume brown rice quite often. And dinner is over by 19:30 hours.

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    1. Taking bath after a tiring day and to see that the creams deodorants are cleaned so as to keep the skin fresh.
    2. Brushing teeth in the morning and before going to bed helps in mouth fresh and out of bad breath.
    3. Walking on the grass early in the morning, before the sunrise, which helps our eye sight.
    4. Drinking luke warm water after food help in digestion.
    5. Playing outdoor games at least once a week.

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