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    How successful these drones will be in our country?

    I have read a news item that some companies have applied to DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) for certification to conduct experiments for using unmanned aerial vehicles or popularly known as drones commercially.

    It seems that these drones have many applications from medical delivery to agriculture spraying. Even companies like Swiggy and Zomato are looking to use them for a fast delivery of food.

    My query is how much successful these machines will be in our country. Will it be cost effective for the companies using them? Members having knowledge about this area may share their information.
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    Use have drone for photography in weddings, surveying and for mapping as per the DGCA. The aviation sector is looking forward to allow the use of drone in other sectors but due to security reasons, they are still in the process. The aviation sector is under its way of preparing the guidelines and policies for the use of drone but is finding it difficult to come to terms with its use commercially.

    Drones have been classified into four types based on their weight:
    - Nano - Weighing 250 gms
    - Micro - Weighing between 250 gms to 2 Kgs
    - Small - Weighing from 2 Kg to 25Kg
    - Heavy - Weighing above 25 Kg
    - A drone can be flown to a max. height of 400 feet ( 122 M) as per the current norms.

    Now, until a correct guideline and policy is made, use of drone can be a threat for everyone.

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    People would lose employment slowly once these drones are successful to replace manpower. Already, there are many youngsters facing difficulty to get a job in any field regardless of their qualifications. Earlier, machines reduced manpower and later the word automation did some more layoffs. Now drones, great. With the help of drones, people would lose physical activities even more and already modern lifestyle got the credits of laziness among us.

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    Former Chief Minister of AP, Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu used to monitor the progress of works of capital city Amravati and other infrastructure project by drones. By flying drones fitted with high resolution cameras over project sites daily, capturing minute details and interpolating the data, you can monitor the work very easily. They formed a company called Drone Corporation as a subsidiary of AP Fiber Net Ltd. By this way they achieved tremendous progress there.
    Generally, it is very difficult to get permission for using drones everywhere because of security reasons. It can capture anything and everything from sky.

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    Drones can be used for photography. They can also be used for mapping and survey also. In our country, they are not in wide use, Ass mentioned by other authors still permission for using these items are not being sanctioned to many. Babu, Ex CM of AP utilised this facility to monitor the progress of various projects in the State. Still, a long way to go. But how economical they are is still a big question to be understood well. I feel it will take some more good time to know how good these are for other uses. The technology is good but there are many obstructions which are to be addressed.
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    Drone can be used for for different applications Drone is now used commonly used Ariel photography and videography from different altitudes. In addition drone can be used for geographical mapping of difficult locations like mountains. Drones can also be used in search operations where vehicular movement is not possible. Of late drones also being used in agriculture to monitor the crops and for spraying pesticides.
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    Drones are now being extensively used in our country. Even the students of the engineering colleges are making drones for specific purposes. Drones can, will and must be used for various commercial purposes. This technology must be used for the benefits of people and also for making money.
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    So far, there is no procedural framework in our country to use drones commercially. Once DGCA gives permission for this experimental use then after the result of those experiments Govt will release a commercial policy and guidelines for using them.

    Of course, they are very useful in so many tasks that are hazardous or difficult for the workers. They have great use in agriculture, remote monitoring and photography etc. Once in use different industries will use them as per their advantage and for increasing the efficiency or effectiveness of their service.

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    Amazon had developed a service called as 'prime air' (after trails earlier) to use drones to do deliveries.
    I think, these would be successful and cost-effective in the long run in places where it is applicable.

    The initial problem that I foresee is who would control which part of the sky or the aerial route corridor. With so many companies vying for approval, it looks that there could be a traffic jam or collisions in air due to too many drones.

    The other issues would be the fees paid to the transport department as these would be like vehicle used commercially. Drones can be easily misused for filming/spying illegally, what would be the guidelines for these?

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