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    Do you go, buy, enter, sit and watch this game?

    Have you ever gone to a stadium, bought a ticket, sat in the gallery and watched the game called Cricket? If yes, where, when, what was the ticket rate, the teams played, and your good/bitter experience.
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    I have never seen a cricket match in the stadium. I watch in a TV onlly. But I have purchased tickets and sent my sons to stadiums to see the game thrice.
    1. First them they were sent to Visakhapatnam to watch a match between India and Australia. 50 overs match. India won that.
    2. The second time they have seen the match between India and Srilanka I think. Vijayawada is the venue.
    3. They went to Hyderabad stadium to watch a T20 match.
    They felt that it is better if we watch on TV rather than going to the stadium. Because the clarity will be more on TV.

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    In my school time, many times we used to have Ranji Trophy Cricket matches in Brahmananda Reddy Stadium or Police Parade Grounds, Guntur, A.P. South Zone teams like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Hyderabad used to play these matches with A.P. Players like Venkata Raghavan, Errapalli Prasanna, B.S.Chandrasekhar, Mansurali Pataudi, Jayanthilal, Jai Simha etc. used to play in these matches. For school children, they used to give tickets on concession and for three days it used to be 1 or 2 or 3 rupees. Whenever there is a match in our city I used to go to the grounds and sit in the gallery to watch the game under scorching Sunlight for 3 days.

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    No, I have not seen any cricket match live in the stadium though I have heard bitter experiences of people about watching it in the stadium. Firstly they are not allowed to take even the water bottles with them and inside the stadium, the same water bottles are priced double the rate outside. Also, the people once gone out are not allowed to enter at any cost, primarily they are not allowed to go outside before the match finishes.

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    I have never gone to a stadium to watch cricket. My friends who went there always told that it was a great fun to do so. I prefer to see it in TV in the cosy home atmosphere where you can take break in between for other tasks in hand.
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    I have never gone to any cricket stadium but I really want t watch a match live in the stadium. That would be really a dream come true for me.

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