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    What is "Cricket" in simple words?

    It is a cricket season. We all are watching ICC world cup cricket series. Here is a competition for ISC cricket lovers.

    Just explain" what is cricket" in simple words. Your response should be within 40 & 50 words only. Any less or more will not be considered. The selected response will win the SuN's virtual Gift.
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    Cricket is nothing but a small creature which causes a typical sound mainly at night. Earlier, even in cities, we used to hear the sounds of cricket. Now, there is no silence and no cricket in the cities of India.
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    I thought the question is about the cricket game as he referred to the same. But Parth's reply is about Cricket, a small creature. Now I am in a doubt. What is that the author has in his mind.
    One famous author, I don't remember his name, described cricket as a game played by 11 people and that is being watched by 11000 people by wasting their time.
    Cricket is a game that is being played widely in India and Indians are very fond of this game and they never mind spending their time watching these games.

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    Cricket is a popular game in some countries and India is one of them. In India, it is extremely popular and we have linked it to our national pride and the people will be alert and attentive in knowing the scores when our team is playing in the tournaments.
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    A game played by selfish people with obviously conflicting desires. The batsmen want a century, wicketkeeper wants a thin edge, bowler wants a wicket and a maiden, captain wants a win and the fans want a trophy. Nobody bothers about the poor ball that goes all over the place.

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    Cricket is a kurushetra where the batsmen entering has to know how to survive against the 11 opponents trying to hit them out by using their best bowler. The chakraview can be survived, with good batting skill. Concentration, skill to hit and rotate strike against the ball thrown is called cricket.
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    A great poet George Bernard Shaw wrote that Cricket is a game played by 11 players and watched by 11000 fools.

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