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    A player can act, but an actor cannot play - Am I right?

    Any player of any game can act as a player in the film, whereas an actor cannot play a real game on the field. Acting doesn't require much effort, but to play a good game, it requires a lot of effort and training.

    Virat Kohli can become a good hero, but Salman Khan or any other hero cannot become a good cricketer even if they stand upside down.

    Am I right or wrong?
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    Every field requires some skills to succeed. Cricket also requires a lot of hard work to become a good player. Acting also requires a lot of efforts and practice to reach that level. So everyone has his own field to excel and it may not be possible for them to excel so easily in other's field.
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    Don't you think that acting is easier than playing, and playing to win is tougher than acting?

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    True. An actor can't become a player. To become a player we require a lot of practice and technique. It will not cone overnight. But a player can act as a player in a movie. Already many of the players acting in advertisement films. Of course there are some actors who are playing in some games. Venkatesh a Telugu actor is a good cricket player also.
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    Actually, I don't really agree with this. Acting also requires a lot of training and hard work. Actors have to practice daily, keep a watch on their fitness, rehearse before every scene, etc. Sometimes, actors have to shoot for whole night and day whereas players will definitely get the time to sleep whether they win or lose. Struggling actors have to go to the extent of sleeping with directors and producers (which is quite frequent in both Bollywood and Hollywood). They have to devote everything to become successful even if they are talented. Players, on the other hand, require talent, be consistent, devote their time and practice daily.

    If you are saying in the context of big players like Virat Kohli and Dhoni, who we see in a number of advertisements daily, then I think you are not quite sure of the reality. Even players are trained before how to act and how to speak dialogues. Even most of the times, players do not speak really and they just do lip moments and the voice is of someone else. This is most prevalent in case of Virat Kohli. Kohli, never really speaks in ads but someone else does. And players have to give like a 100 shots before shooting as compared to an actor.

    I believe every field requires a certain set of skills and a certain level of dedication, so we cannot really compare them.

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    A true actor can become a player. He/She can play with the emotion of the audience with his/her acting. On the other hand, a player can also play-act and we have witnessed play-acting many a time.

    So, the roles are interchangeable.

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    I would be inclined to say that you would be wrong. An actor needs to do an in-depth study of the script, needs the right set of skills and understand what is needed of him/her for a particular role. It is not easy becoming an good actor or a meaningful actor overnight.
    Similarly, an actor can learn the sport in a given time span (depending on the how important is it to them). The examples chosen by the author are not fair because, Virat Kholi is an cricket with age on his side, The Khans are veterans of the film industry, for them to learn and play cricket of professionally high standards may not be possible.

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    An excellent actor would do every thing to adapt the role required entrusted to him. In true sense, it is not that much easy to show his true performance unless he is fully emmersed with the charecter which would be filmed. It needs a consistent practices and retakes are taken several times before a final shot is approved. Again they face a lot of stress in course of their performances because of the bossing attitudes of the directors, cameraman and their heroins. To sum up to be successful in the Hollywood would require a lot of practice.
    Same case is applicable with the players and without their full involvement in their play, they cannot win the heart of their audience.

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    Exactly true, an actor or actress could play any role not only games, could be any field. They can only act but couldn't prove in the field that they acted. Though it would be proud for actors that they took all roles in their careers, they won't be able to live in it. Still, acting requires some effort and nothing returns as a credit if no hard work. Many actors achieve with the best acting to stay for a longer duration and many are just going away as they don't have improvement or market value.

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