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    Is Mamata-Didi over-reacting?

    Mamta Banerjee, the current Chief Minister of West Bengal used to rule every corner of the State once. Be it Lok Sabha seats or the assembly constituencies, she had control over everything in West Bengal. In the last few months, as BJP was able to make an impact in WB in the Lok Sabha elections, Mamta Banerjee has made a lot of controversial remarks since then. Her remark 'The chair needs me. I don't need the chair, highlighted her over-confidence. The recent clashes between BJP workers and TMC workers (probably started by TMC leadership) highlight the anxiety of Didi. Mamta Banerjee has been extremely vocal against BJP in the last few months. She lately told her party leaders to return 'cut money' to people or face consequences which clearly put a light on the fact that she knew corruption had been going on in state for a couple of years but she decided to control it only after she realized Bengal was going out of her hands. This has started a controversy within the party itself. Don't you think Didi is over-reacting on every issue and losing her calm as well as Bengal?
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    She is desperate. She had an eye on PM post of India. She has not left any stone unturned for that. She tried by combining with people like Deva Gowda, Babu. Kejriwal and others. But there is no use. Her tactics proved to be a failure and she lost her grip on even West Bengal. Her immediate worry is to get back her original following back in her state. But unfortunately, people are not cooperating with her. These days the voters know which is good and which is bad. They will not get influenced by poor tactics of these people. So she is finding it difficult and overreacting for all the issues. At the same time, BJP is trying in all possible ways to remove her from the CM post. What happened to Babu in AP may happen to her in the next elections.
    These days as mentioned by the author, her decisions are not getting attracted by her own party people and some important people may leave the party also. She should realize this.

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    Power and position, these are two things which are very important and if a person feels that he is going to lose them he becomes desperate and can go to any extent to retain them. The negative sides of human beings are very dreadful, revengeful and unpredictable. They will provoke a person to do what can not be imagined in normal times. Most of the crimes take place in such scenario. There are many examples in the history where to maintain ones position, even wars were proclaimed without any other reason.

    So we should not be surprised by the desperation of such people. It is a very common attribute.

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    Mamta Banerjee have surely lost her mind even before losing the elections in Lok Sabha 2019. Her behavior seems more like a dictator than a Chief Minister of a democratic state.
    Continuous failure of law and order situation in West Bengal have created serious doubts on her ability to govern the state. Her continuous efforts to divide people on the religious line and Muslim appeasement politics are the evidence that she has failed to digest her failure, and will do anything to save her chair.
    It's time for Center Govt. to impose President's rule in West Bengal and take control of the situation which is out of control of Mamata Banerjee and it's time for people of West Bengal to throw out the dictator didi and make a democratic West Bengal again.

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    It's not an overreaction rather she is desperate to keep her flocks together in West Bengal. Many leaders of TMC are deserting the party and this started before the parliamentary elections. It is still continuing in a big way and since her earlier plans didn't materialize she is going for all possible tricks to win back the confidence of the people of this state. The Bengalis are very emotional, she knows it very well and she always says something to be in the news. This is not new and she is using these tactics for a long time. By shouting and telling unnecessary things to the citizens and the media she already became a laughing stock to a large section of the people of this state. Since she is doing the same thing for a long time, gradually she is losing her popularity. Her vote bank politics is known to everyone and she supports some communities only for her political goals.

    The people of West Bengal have experienced the misrule of the left front, they have seen how industries were shut down one after another because of the high handedness of the unions and militant trade unionism. They expected a huge change after the TMC came to power. Nothing has changed and WB is going downwards. Actually, this is not her overreaction but the desperation of the public here to experience some real changes.


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    Frustrations made her overreact. Didi is an excellent politician. Politicians have multi-faces. We need not worry much. As a CM, she manages West Bengal well.
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    Mamta Banerjee lacks proper advice and guidance.

    She betrays autocratic tendencies. Such people will not get impartial and truthful feedback or advice. So they will be living under deliberately fed artificial confidence and make believe world that all is well. Then one fine day they see everything collapse which they never expected nor suspected.
    Then they plunge into helplessness and desperation and the reaction is like a burst of a volcano. Only hot lava and fumes. Anything that comes near will get burnt to ashes.

    This is the stage that is happening with Mamta Banerjee.

    But all will subside. No one will go near. No one will douche the fire and fumes. It has to subside by itself. Then it will become deadwood and useless ash and dust.

    Now she has reduced herself to be comic character, which no one takes seriously, but just watches and enjoys.
    The earlier she regains balance and comes out of her self damaging anger, the better for her.

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    When external forces are powerful and start dismantling your empire it is natural that one will become apprehended with this aggression and it will result in over reaction. The mind will be under imminent danger and it will start working in erratic ways. This is what is happening in West Bengal right now and the present leadership is under threat.
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