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    Why do people wear torn clothes in the name of fashion

    Fashion these days has become ugly. People wear torn trousers. The best part is that these trousers are very expensive. Film stars start this trend by wearing these clothes and are followed by the youngsters.

    I happened to see a cartoon in which a man wearing torn clothes is asked by another not to go to his area for begging.

    Do we need such a fashion?
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    Don't like it? Don't wear it!
    Why do you have to worry or comment on what other people like unless they are forcing you to do it?

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    Ha! Yes, why do they? It is perhaps to prove that they can look good in anything. 'They would look good in a sack', is said of some people. So, here we have people dressed in tattered clothes and carrying them off. They probably look at us and think why are we dressed weird. It goes both ways.

    Though I personally do not like the look, I accept it as a fashion trend. No judging, my own kid wore it. Some can carry the look really well, they walk around with a swag and a confidence that I probably did not have at their age, wearing perfectly stitched clothes. Let's give it to them. There are, of course, many who copy the trend, but are unable to do justice to it – they do not make the cut.

    Fashion trends take birth on the ramps of Milan, New York, London and Paris. And then make it to the covers of glossies, get picked up by fashion houses and brought home by celebrities and get aped by the fashion conscious.

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    In olden days wearing torn clothes was supposed to be a bad trait and people used to think that that will take away the money from the person. But these days people will laugh at me or at you if we tell them this. They say there is no relation between these two. However, it is an individual's perception of it.
    These days it a fashion to wear torn clothes. This is very popular among many youths. The dress may look good or bad but why should we wear such cloth, is the question. But people will say that their will and wish. The fashion designers try to do all these gimmicks and people will start following the same. This is what we are seeing these days.
    Wearing minimum clothes and wearing torn clothes are the order of the day. We have to live with it. Slowly this fashion will change oneday and people will stop wearing such dresses. We have to wait for that day to come as early as possible.

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    Fashion has no boundaries. It does not follow any rule. People are simply crazy and follow certain trends which are like an avalanche becoming bigger and bigger. If these trends are started by the celebrities then they become virle soon.
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    It would be wrong to say that people wear torn clothes for fashion. It would be right to say that people tear their worn clothes for fashion. Someone feels that they look better. But many see them as beggars. I am against this tearing and wearing culture.
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    It is said that one man's meat is another man's poison. What I may like, others may not like at all. Fashion is akin to that. Basically fashion is to kill monotony and have change. It is also a way to attract attention of others. Some people believe that it is many times adopted by people due to identity crisis.

    Fashion is a great opportunity for the business world. It is a fact that if there is no fashion a lot of business opportunities will not be there. Old car may not interest anyone but a vintage collector may go for it as it is thought to be fashionable in rich circles. The businessmen always look towards fashion trends and cash on it.

    Many people follow fashion trends meticulously and can not think to survive without it. In fact many become fashion icons in the eyes of their fans.

    However ugly and strange it may be if it is a fashion signature it will survive especially in new generation.

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    My reply has been removed by the Editors for the best reasons known to them. The so called editors have failed to see the response of Mr. Ankit to my post and removed my reply.

    Please notehat this is my last message and I am quitting from ISC. Best of luck to the editors and ISC.

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    Mr.Krishnadas, it is an individual's decision whether to stay in ISC or not. At times, we get curt replies to our viewpoints that are expressed as thread. It's just another view of the same issue. Request you not to get disheartened and please continue in ISC, your threads and replies add quality to the forum.

    With regards to 'torn clothes', the difference is that these are not torn by 'wear and tear' but by sophisticated processing by well known brands. These look well on people who can flaunt it. I read earlier about these 'Pre-ripped clothes' including one wherein bullets are fired into jeans. It's just a trend similar to one where some of us grew-up using stone-washed jeans and denim shirts.

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    Mr. Krishnadas, you have taken effort to reach current level and quitting because of this is not going to be a good decision from my opinion. We got the concept of your response, but ISC editors has to follow the rules strictly to have the site's honor. Please don't mistake my response and I just thought to post my views being a new member to this site.
    I like the topic of this thread and in fact I strongly disagree with torn clothes, even if they are made to flaunt or fashion. Leave about superstitious beliefs in using torn clothes, it is such habits that make mistakes in the world. No use of worrying, discussing and posting in social media about the injustice that happens to women. People who are unable to control their mind they preys children. Never bother about people who doesn't care your words of virtue.

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    Krishnadas, while it is your choice to stay or quit, I would like you to be straight and honest enough to admit whether your response that has been deleted was decent and worthy of being mentioned in a public forum. Your contention that your reply was to the response by Ankit cannot be accepted. Reply need not be indecent or seemingly uncultured. One cannot turn all his emotions into words in a social platform, especially one like ISC.
    If not for the indecent and dirty content in your response, I would have quoted the same here for others to see and judge.

    ISC is a moderated site and editors are supposed to look for contents that are not acceptable as per the policies of this site and take necessary action. We won't discourage you but then we can't give anyone a freehand too.

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    So far as the particular fashion trend is concerned, I don't like it. I train my daughter in such a manner that she also doesn't like it. How can I change the taste of others?
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    In a debate, does the moderator delete the portion of the debate which he doesn't like? Then it is not a debate. Here, the moderator is doing this.
    "Khamosh rahoon toh mushqil hai; Keh doon toh shiquayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But when I open up, they start complaining.)

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    Partha, there is no point in trying to find fault with the editors. The first part of your response at #668953 was deleted because your comment was uncalled for. Are you aware of the content of the response by the author that was deleted? No, I suppose. Why do you want to justify someone without knowing the actual reason? You have again come up with another response at #668958 which does indicate your intention. Please avoid trying to create unwarranted controversies. The point by the author has been responded to and that is all. Krishnadas can, if he sincerely feels (knowing very well what he had written) that he has been wronged, seek further clarification.

    Members are requested to stick to the topic of the thread.

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    'If not for the indecent and dirty content in your response, I would have quoted the same here for others to see and judge. '

    I read that post and it was gross and crude and definitely not appropriate for a public forum or any social gathering, for that matter. I was revolted by it. I didn't see how it fitted as a response.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
    "Khamosh rahoon toh mushqil hai; Keh doon toh shiquayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But when I open up, they start complaining.)

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    Don't Lose heart. We know that Editors have the right to delete or edit our posts and responses. I did not read your response. You may modify and post your response again.

    If deletion of your response is the reason to quit, many members would have left ISC including me. Please practice patience and tolerance. You won't lose anything.

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    I think, it's people's freedom of choice and expression. No one shall comment on clothing of others as far as it's not nudity.
    We belongs to a great culture where people are identified and respected for their conducts and higher thinking and not by their clothes.
    Although, i has to agree with the concern raised by the author and it's actually not about the clothes but about blind compliance of western culture. It's a matter of concern that our new generation have no respect for Indian culture because they don't have knowledge about its greatness and what is the history before Mughals came to Bharat Varsh.
    It's not the matter of clothing but matter of mindset that this generation carries blindly without having independent thought. Otherwise than, i do not have problem with clothing.

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    Generally, we Indians are blind followers. We don't give a good thought to anything but follow it blindly. If a celebrity does something, we follow it. Anything abnormal becomes a fashion to the younger generation.
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    Well, style statements introduced my models and actors are followed widely all over the world. When somebody thinks that she/he looks good in a particular style she/he starts aping it. It's very natural but a futile effort to look for reasons behind it. What others are wearing may not be liked by you similarly, what you are wearing may be too old-fashioned to some other guys. I have seen the attires of the younger generation is not always liked by the older generation. Can we call this a conflict? Actually, no. It's not a conflict rather a way to impose your choice on others. If you think a style looks good on you or it goes well with your looks there is no problem in trying it. The important thing is how someone is carrying the look. Some may look extremely fashionable in a particular style while some may not look that much fashionable. It's important to choose your style considering certain factors like the shape of your body, height etc.

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    Anything which is worn by the models and celebrities become a fashion everywhere. Anything which is unique and different is made fashion by the people.

    I personally don't like torn clothes especially the trouser but still, people wear them and people look good too and as they look good they are followed by others.

    It's strange that people like even weird things and follows them.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
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    Umang Shah,
    You mention blind compliance of western culture and also that we belong to a culture where people are identified by their conduct and not by their clothes. You go on to be critical of the mindset of 'this generation' and accuse them of following trends blindly without having independent thought.

    We are a most hypocritical people, and I am basing my opinion on what I have quoted from your response. We don't judge people by their clothes, is such a big misconception, considering we actually judge people by how they are dressed.

    Why do most men wear a suit and a tie and a buttoned-up shirt, every time they need to make an impression or have an interview to attend? Isn't it a blind following of a trend? Do we really need a suit and a full-sleeved shirt that is buttoned at the neck, with a tie constricting it further – given that we live in a tropical country, where the temperatures are not suitable for this kind of attire? Blind compliance is everywhere, we choose not to see it when we are a part of it.

    Fifty years ago, men didn't wear suits and ties or oxford shoes – only the rich and the trendy wore them. It was soon aped by ordinary mortals who blindly took to the dress code of the elite. Every generation has chosen to express their independent thought, by choosing to wear what they want. And we as a society continue to judge people based on whether they are in a socially acceptable outfit.

    Fashion is about being in your comfort zone. Those who cannot carry a trend or have inhibitions will usually find fault with the others doing something. Those who choose to wear a style actually display an independent thought. They wear distressed and ripped jeans because of their independent thought and they carry them off with such elan.

    [Corrected the name of the member to whom this response is directed.]

    'A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak' - Micheal Garrett Marino

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    I don't think the author has posted anything out of the world. Everyone has their freedom to express, he didn't like and this is what he has said so. To replying him don't wear if you do not like or don't like it if you want, means the purpose of the discussion is trying to shut! There is nothing wrong to discuss it about it, obviously these so called styles were not easily part of our life and the same curiosity the author has posted it.

    Coming to the topic, indeed the time has changed and so the fashion. But, yes we can't force them to wear what we like! it is their freedom and their choice whether they wear half torn dress or fully torn. If one feel confident wearing half torn so be it. I have seen not only daughter but mother too walking confidently with these torn wear. So lets leave it to others freedom.

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    Fashion should be one own choice and should be able to carry it. Now a days we find fashion changing and as mentioned, which are upsetting but as the trend changes, so also the fashion.

    We see the young generation carrying the trend, whether be torn, low waist, low cut, narrow fit to figure fit clothes but this will change. We see many old trends are coming back.

    The latest trend is that for men they keep on adding clothes whereas for women, it is decreasing. At one point this will get reversed. The only concern is, for what should clothes be used if not to cover?

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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