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    Are we Indians moving away from values of life?

    Every day, early morning, when we open the newspaper we see many rape cases, murders, theft cases and cybercrime cases being reported. Any news channel you see and these are the only news.

    A person raping a child and killing her. A boy pouring acid on a girl as she has not accepted his proposal. A person killing another person for the sake of a torn 10 rupees note. A person killing another person for urinating on the public road. A person killing the husband of his lover. Like this, we see many unwelcome incidents.

    Coming to politics and political leaders, there is no limit for their misdeeds. Winning from a party and joining another party, always trying to find fault with others and thinking that he is very innocent, trying to make quick money as much as possible etc,

    When I see all these issues I feel that we are losing our values and we never care for others. Our ultimate aim is to earn money and enjoy life at the cost of other fellow human beings.
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    Yes, it is very disturbing. Such incidences seem to be on the rise, but I think such things were always happening. It is just that more incidents are being reported and there is more media coverage. We also have access to various platforms where we get information about all the wrong happenings.

    Earning money and enjoying life at the cost of others and the incidents mentioned here do not have a connection. Crimes that involve killings, happen because of different reasons - passion, lust, greed, conflict, hatred, power and control.

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    I referred to earning money and enjoying life with respect to politicians and their action. I think I am correct in that sense.
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    With the increase of incidents like rapes, killings, theft, cyber crimes, drug addiction, etc, people have lost the sense of responsibility that is why people don't even care for the values of life. When a person loses values, he loses everything. It doesn't matter to which class he belongs or how rich he is? Losing our ethics and moral code provokes a person for different unethical and insensitive behaviour giving rise to rapists, murderers, thieves, and all other criminals that our society has become polluted with. These incidents have become a normal thing now in the country. Lust, greed for money by hook or by crook, shrewdness and intolerance has maligned our society badly. The hope for developing a better society would be unfair unless law enforcing agencies take strong action against these criminals for making society crime free.

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    It is definitely a disturbing trend and signifies that society is heading towards a bad phase and this trend is somehow to be arrested on Govt as well as society level. The system is not able to punish the culprits severely and sternly and the bad elements are taking advantage of it. If there are no controls, things might deteriorate further bringing in complete annihilation of social values and orders.

    The relationship between parents-children, teacher-disciple and manager-subordinate are deteriorating fast losing the strong bonds which they earlier had. The Govt can only bring the good governance in the country but it is the society which has to inculcate good values in the people.

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    Values of life are different from each individual's perspective. All that the author has listed (I think the author means pouring acid instead of poring), is not only seen in India, it is seen all over the world with varying degrees. These are evils of the society that we live in. Yes, various factors are responsible but we need not live with it. We need to find the means to deal with it. It would be a Herculean task and although we cannot bring it to zero, we can certainly reduce the incidence.

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    Ladies are committing various heinous crime, which is very disturbing. It is an age-old belief that females are very kind-hearted, but such a claim is failing drastically. A daughter is killing her parents, stuffing them in different suitcases, and throwing them away into a drain. The ladies are less suspected as criminals, but in recent years, they are found to be involved in many criminal activities.

    It is an unexpected change, but for the worse. Thus, the values of life have been proved wrong.


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    It's quite disturbing that such cases are reported on a regular basis from various locations. The rate of crime has increased and so is the reporting of these cases. At times, the completion time of trials for these cases is so long that people get frustrated. As long as exemplary punishment is not provided in these cases, the rate of crime will not be reduced. Punishment must work as a deterrent and if criminals get away without punishment they will repeat the crime elsewhere. I think realization must come from within and it cannot be forced upon others. Crime can be controlled if awareness of people can be increased. If awareness is there people can judge what is right and what is wrong.

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    Modernisation is taking a toll of many things and there are perceptible changes in the behaviour and social manners of the people. The generations are learning new ways of living and what was once prohibited is becoming a common norm. It is natural that in that pursuit of so called modernisation some old things are getting erased from the scenes and we are losing our cultural elements one by one.
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    As the world is moving fast with the use of new technology, everyone want money, fame and status. It doesn't matter how you get that. Through corruption, blackmail, or any other heinous act. Some commit such act just to in news and to get attention.

    In this 21st century, we see lust and not love, we see money and not care. There is no love for family, siblings, relatives or friends. All want privacy and all facilities and we are becoming selfish. We want everything but don't want others to get the same.

    The true valve which we or India was famous are changing, all are busy, egocentric, self-obsessed and opportunistic. We see fight between sibling, neighbours and relatives over property. This will go on as the morale valve is diminishing.

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