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    Bombay High Court upholds reservation for Marathas.

    On 27th June, that is yesterday, Bombay High Court has agreed for the reservation for Marathas but did not agree for the 16% demand and reduced it to 12% for education and 13% for jobs. With this the total reservation in the state will now go up to 68%.

    The implication is that this may lead to similar demand in other states also.

    What do you think about this development in our country? Please share your views.
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    This is a big problem these days. The percentage of seats going for reservations is increasing. The seats available for merit are getting reduced. The people who are really meritorious are suffering and thinking of going away from this country to other countries where there are better chances from them. Brain drain. In such a case how the development in the country will take place is a big question. The governments should think about this. All these days the court is saying the total percentage of reservations should be a maximum of 50%. But with this judgement, all others will also start and it may go further high in other states. People are asking for reservations based on financial position.
    Otherwise, the government should distribute total seats among all the castes, creeds and religions based on their percentage of the population in the total population. They can start separate college for each caste and they can appoint the same caste employees in those colleges. Otherwise, it is going to result in a big threat to intelligent people.

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    Reservation for the Residents! Ridiculous. While we are trying to say Good bye to the reservation system, the judiciary is helping to continue the reservation system in our land. I am dead sure, we will never progress and develop on this earth.
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    Reservation on the caste basis is the worst practice ever. With such a practice, we are never going to develop. Caste, creed, and whatnot can only push us back. Judiciary is considered to be the learned lot, and when they uphold the reservation system, then nothing can be more pathetic for our Motherland. Economic reservation is acceptable but not the caste-based one.

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    First it was told that reservation should not be more than 50% and now court says in exceptional circumstances it can be more. These things will open a pandora box only and there is no end to this demand which may now start pouring in from so many quarters.
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    In my opinion, the caste based reservation system is like a slow poison which is dividing our nation on the line of the caste more and more and it has now become serious threat to the unity and integrity of India.
    The judgement of Bombay High Court is shocking because it has violated the Supreme Court verdict that have put cap on the limit on caste based reservation to 50 percent of total seats. This judgement will encourage people of other castes to demand for reservation and it will further divide our nation on the caste line. In fact, we have also witnessed that it will also create law and order situation in the respective states.
    In my opinion, this verdict shall be challenged to Supreme Court and reverse this provocative order.

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    Even after 71 years of independence, there is no respite from reservations. Everywhere the same thing is happening and I am quite surprised at the decision of the Bombay High Court because the total percentage of reservation in Maharashtra is now increased to 68. It is exceeding the 50% limit fixed by the apex court and with this ruling other states will also find it easier to implement such reservations for a particular class. After such a long time the government found the Marathas socially and economically backwards. Till now they never thought of it and after winning the election with such promises they started implementing it. I fail to understand what kind of development the government expects by providing reservation to some particular section in society. Isn't it like a kind of force-feeding? If somebody is not willing to eat can you imagine what is going to happen if the person is fed? When a particular class is backwards economically let the government provide them with economic sops for a certain period. When a section/class is considered as socially backward reservation cannot change the status rather a change is required in the mindset of people. There must be an equal contest in everything. Can you imagine implementing the quota system in sports for a particular class? The performance of the team will be hampered if it becomes mandatory to include some particular class/section of people in the team. The same is applicable in education and jobs.

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