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    Stray dogs vs children. Who's life is more valuable?

    Every week, in the metros we hear about stray dogs mauling and killing children. In Bangalore, we have a spate of such unfortunate instances. Those of us who travel by two-wheeler would have fearfully faced packs of stray dogs in residential neighbourhoods.

    Young children, toddlers are attacked in daylight and during evenings. The plight of the poor parents and the relatives is a misery to watch(when you see the media coverage). Seems that the municipal departments (for various reasons) are failing or falling short of curbing the stray dog menace in cities and towns. Both dogs and humans are life forms, each needing it's own space and we should respect both. But when forced to choose whom would we choose?
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    To the fashionable dog-lovers, definitely the life of stray dogs is more valuable. To the aam-aadmi like me, it is the life of small children.
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    Definitely, the life of a child is more important for me and for any human being. There may be many dog lovers. But they can't protect them at the cost of a child.
    In many areas in all the cities and town, this problem is persisting. Some times we will not be allowed to walk on the road. Near my house, there is a stray dog lover. She feeds many stray dogs and they will be roaming there only always. Small children hesitate to go that way. In the nights we can't go out on that road without a stick. The municipal people will come and take them away. But within no time they will be back.
    Once a small girl was going on that road. By seeing the dogs she started running and the opposite side a two-wheeler was coming. Luckily that man stopped the vehicle. But that girl has fallen down and she had injuries.

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    Yes that's unfateful as these stray dogs sometimes become so uncontrollable and become so dangerous that they bite people. I personally have been the victim of these dogs twice. Once in childhood me, my elder brother and my mother were going to the market where my elder brother put a foot on its tail and went ahead and as I was coming behind so it bite my leg.

    Few years back when I was going through bike with my younger brother in the morning. As we were travelling on the bullet stray dogs started barking and chased us for short distance. They didn't bite us but we lost our balance and we fell down having severe injuries. It was really a bad experience .


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    Stray dog menace has become a very serious problem in the most of the places in our country. Apparently there is no solution to the problem as killing the stray animals is a cruelty to them and Govt can not devise any solution based on that.

    The population of dogs increases very fast as at a time they give birth to many puppies. There was a drive to sterlize them but it also did not take off well.

    The question is not which one is valuable to us. The question is how to reduce the number of these stray dogs or almost wipe out them. Only pets confined to houses are to be allowed. I know it is a herculean task but it has to be taken on priority. The municipal boards will be required to take a lot of initiatives and have to do a concrete action plan if they have to get rid of this menace.

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    It depends as how we look upon this problem. If it is our child we will consider his safety only and if it is someone else's child we may not be so concerned about it and those who are animal lovers will see this problem with altogether a different angle.
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    Life of every living being is precious. The issue of stray dogs is different. It is the failure of Municipal Corporation and not fault of citizens. Corporations don't take necessary steps and that turns out to be chaotic situation for citizens.
    In my house, two street dogs comes daily to sleep whole day. We feed them thrice a day and they are very sweet people.

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    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    We cannot harm a living being, especially when it's the life of a man's best friend. We need to find ways for peaceful coexistence between stray dogs and human beings. At many areas, the number of street dogs has increased manifold which is causing a lot of problem to the residents as well as the children. I think if the local municipalities remain inactive to sterilize those stray dogs in time we can contact the NGOs working with stray animals. There are many such organizations in different localities and if we can call them they can find a suitable place for those stray dogs. The problem with the media is they need to sensitize people on every issue to remain active in the business. A country where a large section is still poor and there are a lot of malnourished children, proper care must be provided to the children so that they can live a healthy life.

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    A dog is the most "honest" and dear friend to humans. Its been since the civilization start. The dogs are the loyal to their owner no matter what. Even if the master hit him hard but the dog will come running if the master show him the piece of bread. Such is the Dog but unfortunately even doing so his name is just an "abuse". All want to be honest and loyal like a dog but no one want to call themselves a dog. How strange it is. Why I am saying all these because the author has compared the dog with our own kid. So we must need to know why dogs are important and why we gave them value so much.

    Here, I feel municipality should look into matter seriously, if they work on it all problem will be solved. In our area there hardly you can find a street dogs. So its not hard to solve such problem.

    Now comparing them to our kid, it is obvious no matter how valuable or loyal they are to us, definitely they can not take the place of our own kid.

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    Human being comes first then the animals. It is not that we don't love animals but as the author asked, the first priority will always go to human beings.

    The problem is not new, from the time, Minister Maneka Gandhi came up with new rules which framed people for harming, hurting animals, this menace has increased. People are facing these issue even in metropolitan cities. We have many dog lovers but they too don't take charge of taking necessary action against them.

    Many children and adults have got bitten by dogs when they go for morning or evening walks, school children too have become a piece in front of stray dogs. Government and the municipality need to come up with a solution for such issues. Dog bite can be fatal at time. A correct and preventive step need to be taken in this issue.

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