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    At the end few wooden pieces and fire is what you will need

    Who is rich and who is poor? Who is educated and who is uneducated? Who is powerful and who is weak? Nothing matter when you say goodbye from this world. It is the same you will need what others require, a few pieces of wood and fire.

    In Bhagwadgita, the Lord has said- "You came empty-handed and will go empty-handed".

    Your wealth, cars, bungalow, house, power, ego etc., all will be here only when you depart. No one has come with you and no one will go along with you.

    You can't show your power to God, you can't show your education to God, you can't show your ego to God. Then why on earth you show it all when you are alive on this earth?
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    Good thoughts by the author. It is true that everything we earn will remain here only and it is only a temporary place to dwell as per our life span. There is no use of show off and flaunting which many of us are habitual to make. It is good to be humble and down to the Earth rather than to be proud and arrogant.
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    Right, nothing matters when one leaves this world; rich or poor, educated or uneducated all have to leave this world. We come alone and have to leave alone at our time. But what matters are the good deeds that one may have put forward.

    The Holy Quran says:
    (It is He) Who created death and life that He may try you- which of you is best in deeds; and He is the Mighty, the Forgiving, (67:2)

    And the stupor of death will come in truth; that is what you were trying to escape. (Surah Qaf 50:19)

    Power, possession, ego are nothing but worldly possessions which end for a person who leaves this world and becomes dust!

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    A fact of life. Whatever may be your position in this world the end requirement is same for each and everyone. The money you made, the lands you have purchased or the jewelry you have purchased are not going to come with you.
    Your nearest and closest persons may shed tears once or twice and forget. But the people whom you helped and whom you served may remember you for a long time. It is advisable to be good with people when you are alive. Don't show any discrimination between people and don't treat rich and poor people differently. That will make a good human being. God will also notice all these good deeds only. He will not consider your richness or education. But he will give value to the good acts you have done and accordingly he will treat you.
    Once should keep this in mind when they are alive and do good deeds as far as possible.

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    I like your post. Though I am with you, I would like to ask this question to you. If God has created us on this good earth and we come out of our mother's womb in a naked form, why should we desire to wear dresses? Why not we live as we came out and leave? Does God look at our dress?

    @ It is the God made destiny as to how one should live on this good earth after birth until their death. God handles human beings by providing wealth, health, education, cars and bungalows ornaments, and also the Dress.

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    Remember that all don't need firewood and fire. The Parsi community doesn't need them. They dispose of the dead bodies for the other creatures like vultures and birds to eat in the 'Paradise of silence'.

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    A good poster in the face book, in marathi read - " If you feel proud, just visit the cremator, this will help you to be humble. Normally in christian cemetery, you will read the famous line " Innu njan, naale ni" which means "Today its me and tomorrow it's you".

    We all know this universal truth but do not understand the real fact when we are young and our blood is boiling. We want to live a luxury life and in order to live that life, need money. We tend to do all sort of things in order to get everything and it's in the old age that we turns to scripture. This is not the thing of the present but being followed by generations.

    Time is what we have but no-one know when it will be the end. Everyone need to live a humble life which is the only account which will be considered. The time flies but we all run behind it without realising that the end can be at anytime.

    I would just like to conclude with the verse from the bible " Do not be at this, for the time is coming, and all those are in grave will hear the voice and come out, All those who have done good will rise to live and all those who have done evil, will rise to be condemned" - John 5-28:29

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    This is right but people don't understand it. If all of us understand the same the world will become wonderful. Here is the story of Great Alexender:

    When he was dying, Alexander the Great expressed his wish to put his dead body on display for the entire city and to keep both his hands out of the coffin, on the day of his funeral. It was the advice of his guru.

    Alexander told his son to do his funeral in an elegant way and make his dead body wear the most expensive clothes in the world after his death.

    His son asked him why to spend money when all that he would wear will destroy with him? Alexander found this to be very shocking as his own son was questioning his last demand, and don't want to spend from the money that he had earned in his whole life. His Guru was standing nearby him at that time and told that now have you understood that you have come empty handed and will go empty-handed.

    This is everyone's story and should understand it and try to live an ideal life and should leave every such thing which is against the rules and humanity.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Yesterday I was travelling from Dehradun to Hyderabad on a flight. It happened one Swamiji from Hrushikesh was sitting next to me on the flight. We started a discussion and he started the discussion with many people trying to show off and competing with others unnecessarily without thinking about their financial positions and all that. He said that we are coming here and going from here with empty hands only and whatever we have here will be remaining here only. I remembered this thread and told him about the point discussed here. He said if our neighbour uses a Benz car we will get tempted to use that and purchase that even though we don't have the financial strength and that is the beginning for all these problems. I agreed with him. Once we feel happy with whatever we have we will have a pleasant life here. Otherwise, we have to go on suffering only. A very good truth of life brought up here by the author and my appreciations for the same.
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    It is partly destiny because we cannot control when and where we are born and most of us do not know when we will leave the world. But what is crucial is how we lead our lives in between these two certain events. We need materialistic comforts and wealth in our lives, however, the key is how much is enough? This is where some people get carried away and follow the rule that I shall live at the expense of others. On this path, they forget human values, compassion, ethics and embrace greed, jealousy, etc.

    By the time their end comes, it is too late to realize that all that they craved for was unnecessary. At times, when the end comes, some are so unfortunate that it is violent, without loved ones around or it's painful. When the end comes, what we need is a demise in peace, leave behind fond memories to people and strangers around us, a proper resting place based on our custom.

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    The end of the journey is same for everyone. It is a known fact but unfortunately many people forget it and show off as if they are the most powerful persons on Earth and they will remain here till eternity. This is a misconception but in their pride they do not know this fact till they reach the end of their life like other mortals and then for a moment repent that they could not live their lives in the simpler ways in a happy format.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A good philosophical thread dealing on human ego and the temorary uncertain worldly pleasures.
    It is also a point emphasised in Bhagavat Gita.

    The same point is said by Adi Shankaracharya in his "Dwaadasamanjari" popularly famous as 'Bhaja Govindam'.
    One of the stanza is as below:

    " Yaavat pavano Nivasati Dehe
    Taavat Pruchati Kushalam Gehe
    Gatavati Vayau Dehaapaaye
    Bhaarya Bhibyati Tasmin Kaye "

    When we are alive all our friends and relatives will enquire about our health and welfare. But, once the life breathe goes out( the moment we die) the 'person' is referred as mere 'BODY' and even his own spouse will be scared of the body.

    Those who are interested may read the full work. Adi Shankara explains how ephemeral and temporary our life is.

    To discard ego is very difficult. It needs conscious practice, training under guidance and a sincere feeling from inside. Our scared ancient texts lead us to attain such a state of selflessness.

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    The title of this thread is really dedicated to those who shows attitude to old and poor people. If a person is well settled in wealth at present, it doesn't mean to show their attitude and make show off to others. Personally, I saw many people in reality. I always believe in simplicity and respecting others as equal to us. It is very common that two siblings are fighting each other to get the assets of the parents. Sometimes the fight ends in death. Few parents are left in old age homes whose children are not able to look at their parents when they really need care and help but, they only need their assets. Life is to beat the living for lifeless things. The world is rotating towards money.

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    What about those who get buried? Burying the dead is the most common practice to dispose of the dead. In that case, how can we talk about wood and fire? They need some bricks, cement, salt, and materials to construct a cemetery over their body. Hence, your thread title is invalid, and need to be changed.

    No life without Sun

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