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    How to make our home clutter free?

    Being a housewife my dream is to make my home clutter free. It does not look so easy as day by day many items are added to our household and in a mindset that everything will come to a use one day, we just keep them for ever. Ultimately our home becomes a sort of museum where everything is available though not in its proper place. I have devised many ways to deal with this clutter but I am at my wits end as how to cope up with this. It is said that a house free of clutter has an ambience and positivity. How to achieve it?

    Do you also face such a problem with the huge inventory in your house which eventually creates more and more clutter? How do you cope with it? Please share your solutions or views on this important matter.
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    We all dream of having a house with all the comforts. Pursuing the dream we end up buying all sorts of household things. After some time we either get bored of those things and put them away. It can be a kitchen or any household equipment or decorative item.
    To avoid clutter we need to upkeep things regularly. In the first place, we need to clean our house every day and keep daily bills and newspapers at the proper place. Having enough space in the kitchen will help in keeping things at the proper place. Nowadays modular kitchens are very handy and you can keep things accordingly. It is better to discard things that are worn out or have become useless. Generally, we do not give away certain things because we are attached to their sentiments.
    Keeping things in proper places, especially clothes and books. Things strewn around make the house look shabby. It is better to have a few indoor plants.
    A house should have good vibes, it is only possible if you keep it clean and clutter free. A clean house attracts positivity and makes the household a happy one.

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    Everything we buy is of importance at one point or other and thus keep on accumulating things which we seldom use. We need to know what to buy, what to rent or which can be a use and throw type.
    We know that it's not easy to throw away anything that we have bought from our own but need to take this step in order to keep our house clean and tidy.
    Many items can be cleared every month and some half yearly and others yearly. Clothes, toys and some tools and decorations can be sold or thrown away after certain years.
    It's a great thing that we keep on clearing the cluster at times then accumulating it and then finding it difficult to dispose.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    My wife never allows anything in the house which is not useful. Immediately she will dispose of the waste material which is lying without any use. Old newspapers, old clothes, old materials which were used and presently not in use will be disposed off. If she feels any items are useful to other people, she will give it to them free of cost. If we purchase a new bed, the old bed was given to our servant maid once and to our driver second time. She earmarks a place for each item and that should be in that place only. With her strict instructions all of us got accustomed to that habit.
    Even utensils and other kitchen wear also she will not allow to get accumulated. She will clean them and dispose of immediately. So our house is clutter free always.
    All depends on our mind set and once you get accustomed to cleaning and clearing regularly your house will be always clutter free only.

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    Making a home clutter free requires a lot of control and restriction in our purchases. That is the primary action we have to take. Next important thing is to get rid of old and unused items. Here there may be a difference of opinion between the family members and in that confusion the item remains stacked in a part of the house. In middle class and poor families there is a tendency to store everything for future use and they in fact use it also at a later time with slight modifications and manipulations. This is a big bottleneck in getting rid of old items. I remember in earlier times the housewives were using the old clothes for various purposes till that were totally torn out.

    Sometimes the way we keep the items arranged in our house also determines the overall clutter appearance and if we arrange them in order then they will not be irritating to our eyes. With modernisation, when most of the things are use and throw type or to be used a few times before discarding, the problem of clutter is becoming massive day by day.

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    Once we start a family, everything that comes into our homes looks useful. The plastic containers from the restaurants are useful to store small things, the cartoon boxes of gadgets can be useful to store things on the shelf. The gift wrappers can be useful for crafts. There are many more items like this that can have a 'collateral use'.
    This is where the problem comes and each member of the house, starts to store things and in a matter of a couple of years, we have a huge pile.

    At our home, once in 6-8 months, I spend a few hours a day clearing the clutter and we end up with arguments at times. We need to start with the stuff that is occupying a lot of space. A big bowl, an old ornate looking side table that is past its glory, thermocol and packing boxes, etc. It is also a question of letting go of things be each member. Old mixes, electronic items, clothes, furniture, books, magazines, etc need to be disposed of. Some items can be kept in fond memory of good times.

    I would suggest, start as a family exercise one weekend and space yourself over a few weekends instead of trying to do it at one go. I have found it useful to separate the piles of stuff and then go through them once more to keep the other family members happy!

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