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    What if Dhoni start hitting from ball one

    His innings against Afganistan where he scored 28 runs from more than 50 balls has brought doubt about his "intention". I am surprised how can one point a finger on a player who has always played for his team and situations? Almost everyone has start saying that he should at least rotate the strike in every ball.

    OK, let's imagine if he start hitting the ball from the first ball he face. He can hit and score big runs but what if he got out doing so? Who will hold the innings till last? After Hardik Pandya there is none you can trust that take the innings till last ball.

    Most of the players who has criticised his innings were either openers or 1st or 2nd position batsman. Where one have enough time and less pressure to play an innings.

    Here comes Dhoni, who not only had to take the innings till last ball but have to save his wicket too. He who has no one but Hardik and tail enders to play with. If he comes in 140 FOR 4 OR 5 wicket down, do you think he should start hitting the ball and get out? I will see that Indian will all out under 200 runs!

    Everyone knows, he play with situations and for team. He do not mind if he is playing in 90s or 50s, if he has to hit the ball, he will. He is complete a team man and we should respect his playing.
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    True. Dhoni is one player who adopts Himself to the need of the hour and plays accordingly. He is a genuine player and he will make all his efforts to see that country team will get benefitted with his contribution. Many people will criticise without any understanding. If he goes for hitting and gets out, then India may lose the match. Again people will criticise him. As mentioned by the author if he is out, after him there are no recognised batsmen and the batting may collapse. So the players and the captain will decide their strategy and then play accordingly. There is no point in finding fault with him or in fact any other player is not correct. Always all players can't perform to their maximum abilities.
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    If Dhoni starts hitting from ball one, either he will duck out or go out in between or hold the bat till the last ball. It would be the destiny of the game. We cannot predict the runs in Cricket.
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    MS Dhoni is a cricketer in a league of his own. He is more than a superstar for the Indian cricket team. Unfortunately, in this world cup, he seems to be struggling. The Afghanistan match score has given room for 'experts' to question his method of playing. Every player has his/her own off days. I'm sure Dhoni will bounce back and silence his critics with his contributions. The problems here is that every international player has his say on twitter, facebook, paid TV channels and they have to say something or are forced to comment, such is the pressure now on the 'retired players'.

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    Actually, when Dhoni was struggling to score runs in ODI matches last year, he had tried to start hitting from the first match. But most of the times, he got out in the first 10 balls itself. When MS Dhoni was a young cricketer, he could start hitting from the first ball. Now, when his career was starting to see the dawn of the day, he learned to make his age the best weapon against the opposition teams. His experience is what makes him the most invaluable player of the cricket in the present times. MS Dhoni knows his strength and skills at this age and uses them to score not big but valuable runs. He starts playing slow, plays a number of dot balls, sometimes his strike rate even goes lower than 50, but he covers up all in the last 2-3 overs. His strike rate in the last two over is 9 out of 10 times greater than 300. That is where he makes up most of his runs. Be it T-20 such as IPL or ODI, MS Dhoni plays slow according to his strengths in the beginning and be it any bowler in the last over, he is not going to spare him. That is why the 'helicopter' man has been able to score some of his best knocks in the year 2019.

    MS Dhoni is the most clever cricketer of all times!

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    Each and every player has a day on and off. Some make big while some go for duck. AS the team and game is concerned, every player need to contribute in order to win a match.
    As Dhoni is a team player and has always given his 100% for the team but as of this world cup, I too think he need to score more. We know, he is middle order batsman and every middle order batsman comes in such situations where already the team is struggling to keep the scoreboard moving. But as an experienced and a better batsman, everyone expect Dhoni to keep the score moving.
    The best example of a middle order batsman in this world cup is Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh. He too is a middle order batsman who comes to bat in such situation but he keeps on rotating the strike. If we check his score, he has 2 century and 3 half century. His score is less from hitting and more from rotating strike. We all Indians want our country to win and thus would like every Indian cricketer to contribute than relying on only openers or only on bowlers to do their job and make India win.
    It's not only about Dhoni, but we want KL Rahul, Vijay Shankar, K. Jadhav, etc to contribute for the team with bat also. As the post is about MS Dhoni, I too would like him to score as a well as play the role of the wall which can handle pressure and give confidence to the other batsman on crease and help India to win this World-cup.

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    M S Dhoni was one of the most successful captains and the most experienced player in the present India team. Critics will say many things but what is important here is to play according to the situation Every player has faced a bad patch in his career and there is no exception to Dhoni. He is a wonderful batsman and always gives his best for the team. Many critics may question his form because he is not scoring like his earlier days and this World Cup may be his last one. Senior players like him always face such criticism but he has contributed in the match according to the situation. By attempting to score big runs there is no point in losing the wicket since the experienced batsman has to keep in mind who will carry the game forward with a respectable total on the scoreboard. Dhoni may be going through a bad patch but contributing to his team in every possible way. I hope to see Dhoni again hitting balls from the beginning of his innings with equal support from the other end.

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    Dhoni is a player who does not bother for his score, he rather goes for the team objective. He will play as per the situation and wickets in hand. He is one of the most intelligent player in our team. Let us honour him for his far sightedness.
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    On every ball, no one can hit a six even Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara got out on duck so we cannot blame MS Dhoni for his slow innings against Afghanistan. Those who are criticising him for the same should look after themselves also. Now when the old players have become commentators they easily point out flaws in other's play and what about when they used to do the same mistakes, they kept quiet. It's easy to blame others than introspecting our self. I am with Dhoni and I have trust in him. The one who is actually facing the things knows how to face them others can only analyse their performances only.

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    Dhoni is a great player. His fitness is excellent as a wicket-keeper. But during the last two-three years, we don't see his swashbuckling form for which he is famous. The captain and the team must plan to optimally utilize Dhoni's present batting style. We must not expect that at an age of 37+, he would hit the ball as a player like 25+. We must also remember that his main job is wicket-keeping and there is no complaint about his wicket-keeping form till now.
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    Dhoni is one of the best balanced player in our team and his contribution is immense. As rightly mentioned by other members also that his primary job is of wicket keeping and that he is still doing it very meticulously. In opportune moments Dhoni can also deliver in miraculous ways and he has done it innumerable times in the past. Let us respect his top sportsmanship in this game.
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    Though I am a fan of Dhoni and his playing but I got disappointed with his innings against England. He who can be able to hit 24 runs in the last over in IPL, he who can win the game from the death situations, do not even tried to hit those big hitting at the end overs! Its surprising the way they gone for singles when they actually need to hit the ball for sixes and fours. I am not saying we would have won the game against England but I am sorry to say, he didn't play like his actual character. I feel, we could have gone very close to the target.

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    After watching the ICC WC matches(India vs WI & India vs England) I wondered about Dhoni's performance. He performed well by not being Out. During his match with West Indies, when he wanted to hit the last ball for a six, he wanted to change his bat, and as he wanted, he made his six. During his match with England, though it was not possible to reach the target of 338, he hit hard all his balls for India to score beyond 300 (306) Not out.

    Though old with grey at 37, Dhoni can stay long. He proved to be the best Cricketer. Really, he plays for the team, not for self.

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    It is always noted that we rely on our experienced players in crucial position and situation. MSD is one of the experienced and best player who has contributed well for India in all format. We need him to do the same in crucial games against tough teams where our opening pair flatter or are not able to score or give a good start.
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