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    Requesting the Webmaster Tony John

    Dear Webmaster,

    I have posted This thread and requested to you. Your response number - #667591, you have clearly agreed with my decision. Now here in this thread the editor has given me cc again.

    I have requested the concerned editor that remove my CC but it has not yet done. Do I think that the editor of this site has no value of your words? Or they do not care about other's personal feelings?

    Dear Webmaster, as I have already said, it is totally waste to provide me CC and I am not going to collect it anyway. What is the point? The cc will have no value and it will be saved for your own purpose.

    Kindly look into it.
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    Tony sir, as you are very well aware, CC/ additional points are given to threads/ responses or emoticons provided as a recognition to the idea/ the way the idea has been expressed/ the correctness, the relevance etc of the thread in addition to other parameters. The cc/ points are no doubt added to the account of the author but in addition to that, it indicates to the readers that a particular thread stands on a different footing and therefore seeks attention. It is also requested that your response to the thread for which a link has been provided may kindly be elaborated and clarified further so that no doubt exist in this regard.

    (This response is just for the information of Tony sir please.)

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. -Aristotle

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    If this is so, Mr. Webmaster the Emoticon is enough to recognize a thread instead of providing him/her personal benefit, the member do not want.

    If this is so the respected Lead editor should have added in that thread itself why it is now? Is the opinion or rules and regulations change according to the situations? Or it is the EGO of editor to dictate this site and members.

    There is totally waste of money when it is not going to be used. I will take it as a personal invasion by the editor of this site. And not allowing my personal freedom of my decision which is according to this site who is following the same country rules.

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    'You cannot be a peculiar ISCian. Be with the member group. ISC is bound to give points and cc to all the deserving members. If you raise a demand that you should be given cc for all your threads, ISC is not going to oblige you. Same way, If you request for no cc, ISC is not going to oblige you. So, be like all other ISCians. Don't try to be different to get what you desire. ISC is not going to lose or gain by giving CC to members. Let the CC accumulate. It will be only on records. Cash will be with Timmy John until you fill in your invoice. Not to worry much about the award of CC to your posts.

    No life without Sun

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    Sun, this post is only for The Webmaster and admin, member should refrain posting there own set of opinion or advise. This is also not enquiring about any rules and regulations that a member need to guide other member.

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    ISC is a family. Members too have the freedom to express their views and advise as required. It is upto the author to accept or ignore other members' response. As a senior member, I would say that it is a peculiar request from an ISC family member. To deal with Anjana's request, ISC editors need to keep a special eye on her posts. It would be a burden to the ISC Admin.

    @If Anjana's thread is purely for Web Master Tony John, Why do Anjana accept the response of an ISC Editor Saji Ganesh? Is he Tony John? She should have said the same to the editor that has been said to me.

    @ This response is for WM Tony John to know the feelings of other members on the subject,

    No life without Sun

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    In your other thread, I never agreed to your request. I just agreed to respect your decision to express your opinion. Respecting you/your decision is not an agreement to agree with you. As a platform where hundreds of members work together, we have certain rules in place and it cannot be changed as per individual requests.

    Our editors will continue to edit/reward the posts as per the guidelines given to them. It is up to you to receive the payment or not. If you don't want to receive the payments, you can choose not to submit the invoice at the time of issuing the payments.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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