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    He does have freedom of expression. I do have freedom to demand his arrest

    Bishop Ezra Sargunam. This controversial evangelist is known all over Tamil Nadu. He was a blind supporter of Late Karunanidhi, who was an atheist. Then why did the bishop support him? And why did the political leader support the bishop? We must not delve deep except stating Bishop Ezra was engaged in land-grabbing and DMK helped him in his land-grabbing business.

    This bishop has been known for his hatred against Hindus. He earlier stated that Hinduism is not a religion. He also admitted that more than 50 years before, while studying at the Allahabad Bible Seminary during 1961-62, along with some other students, he went to distribute religious literature to the pilgrims gathered on the banks of the Ganges for the Kumbh Mela. He was subsequently thrashed and chased away. Recently, he has expressed his hatred against Hindus in much more clear terms. Bishop Ezra has stated in the Nakkeeran YT Channel that Hindu people need to be punched in the face and converted to Christianity.

    Doesn't the Government take note of the hateful comment of this controversial bishop and put him behind the bars for promoting hatred? This bishop does have freedom of expression. I do have the freedom to demand his immediate arrest.
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    These days many people are trying to convert people from one religion to another. But openly criticising the majority religion and scolding them can't be tolerated anymore. As a bishop let him do whatever he wants. But he has no right to talk bad about other religion. I never heard a Hindu saint openly critiquing any other religion. Why this man is doing that.
    The State Government and Central Government should take note of these happenings Andes that unnecessary religious disputes will become severe and law and order situation should not be spoiled. Immediate attention in such issues is very essential.

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    I think local administration should take a note of these people and warn them not to spread any hate about any religion. It creates unnecessary malice in the society. If they do not abide then they can even be arrested and a few days in jail will make them all right till they get bail and get out. Some stern actions are required to be taken against these hate spreading people so that others persons should also refrain from such mean and malice acts. No one has right to publicly condemn one religion over other and provoke the people for fighting and creating communal conflicts. The state Govt is well empowered to deal with these people firmly. It is the poor governance only that these culprits are not getting punished for their irresponsible actions.
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    Someone should definitely file a case for the call to violence. Include him, all the Hindu saints and bhakts who go take out rallies with arms and weapons, give arms training to teenagers (basically the whole VHP, Bajrang Dal, Yuva Vahini) as well as the Maulvis who call for such violence in the Masjids.

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    Any act which spread hatred against any religion should not be tolerated. It is not an issue of Hindu, muslim, christian or any other religion. Every religion has their own importance and everyone need to respect it. Everyone has the freedom to express but not to spread hatred about other religion. All have faith in their religion and should be given due respect.
    Have you heard about Shashikala teacher or have you heard her speech. I would like you to just have a ear to it. It's not that I am supporting such act but the government should be inflexible and act accordingly on anyone who try to misuse the freedom of speech or expression.

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    #669094: A beautiful diversionary tactic. I appreciate it. Let's deal each and every case on the available evidence and not on whims and fancies of some liberals. The bishop's interview is available as evidence against him. This interview proves his religious intolerance.

    Further, the bishop must be properly treated for his land-grabbing.

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    As far as I understand, when it comes to freedom of expressions, it is clear from the viewpoint of hate speech or inflammatory speeches that can instigate religious clashes. One does not have the freedom to give a hate speech on another religion and as a citizen of India, anyone can file a case and then the courts would decide. So, a better title could be 'He does not have the freedom of expressing his hatred but I have the freedom to demand his arrest.'

    In general, when we look as to why individuals nurse a deep hatred towards a particular community, it would be irrational beliefs, biased interpretation and views ingrained from an early age or personal suffering/loss for which the other community would be held responsible.

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    Selective vision is a common symptom of Bhaktism- 'Physical exercise': VHP justifies arms training camps run by Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini-

    Babas going to jail is not a uncommon occurence thanks to the actions taken by brave women and liberal minds. I don't think I need to give example of this. These babas belonging to our majority religion are guilty of as heinous crimes as rapes. They are no better than the Pedophiles filled in the Catholic Church.

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    I congratulate Mr. Ankit for his brilliant diversionary tactic. When the issue discussed is the activities of a controversial bishop, when an 'aam aadmi' (Partha K.) points out the bishop's controversial and hateful activities, then Mr. Ankit is trying his level best to take the discussion to a different direction and is trying to ridicule the Member by indirectly calling him 'bhakt'.

    Good job, Mr. Ankit! Slow clap!

    "Khamosh rahoon toh mushqil hai; Keh doon toh shiquayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But when I open up, they start complaining.)

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    The author has brought to the notice the activities of a controversial Bishop. Mr. Ankit, a liberal thinking person, has gone a step further and without being selective has included all those who are indulging in the sort of activities pointed out by the author. Mr. Ankit has taken the issue on a larger perspective and stressed the need to deal firmly with all such persons by the government. I congratulate Mr. Ankit for his overall concern not limiting himself to a particular section of people.
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    Partha, I fail to understand how you have concluded that the response by Ankit is a diversionary tactic. Why do you feel irritated when the subject of the thread, spreading hatred against any (or does it gain a particular status when the attempt is against Hindutva)religion, is looked at in a wider perspective.

    If the Bishop has committed a wrong (call it a crime) and needs to be brought before the law, equally liable would be the others, irrespective of their religion, who indulge in such acts. If our real concern is about the attempt to create a communal divide or to spread hatred against any religion, we must be able to criticise anyone who makes such an attempt. If liberal thinking people can be asked to forego their rights to live in their Motherland and can be asked to shift to Pakistan, and the masters who order such evictions are roaming around scot-free and are representing the people in Legislatures, why should we single out such fanatics on the basis of religion? Intolerance?

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    What a grandstanding! My answer is simple and uncomplicated. Do they (the liberals) discuss the lynching of Bharat Yadav when they discuss the lynching of Tabrez Ansari? As far as I know, both were lynched on the same day; one at Mathura, another in Jharkhand. One was lynched because he was a 'kafir', another was lynched raising religious slogan. Isn't it?
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    Partha, your response at #669311 is the actual diversion. Now you are being selective. If lynchings are the result of such hate speeches, the list would be incomplete if you don't spell out all such incidents. I am reminded of one dialogue in a Malayalam movie in which the father tells his son that when one goes to attack another, he should be prepared to face an attack too. Nothing can be one-sided.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. -Aristotle

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    I think I could not explain properly. When we discuss a particular Tabrez Ansari, we don't generalise by discussing the lynching of Bharat Yadav. Here we are very particular to discuss a particular case.

    Then why do we generalise when we discuss the case of an abusive and land-grabbing bishop?

    "Khamosh rahoon toh mushqil hai; Keh doon toh shiquayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But when I open up, they start complaining.)

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    Any person irrespective of belonging to any religion or sect is doing a provocative and misleading act if he is spreading hate in the name of religion. All these people who are doing it have a ulterior motive behind all these instigations. They should be condemned by the society and should not be encouraged at any cost.
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    I am amused by #669318. The same member will go for any level of whataboutery and then defend it when narratives go against their brand of jingoism. But when related points are made about their discussion which just expand the scope without diverting from the topic, it is somehow diversion. This is a notebook example of hypocrisy.

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    Well, shall we call it freedom of expression when someone spreads hatred? Certainly not and legal action must be taken against her/him. We see advertisements everywhere which promote various products. It's the usual way of marketing. What I found from this thread and various other activities of religious hatred all over the country is very shocking where a few religious leaders start to promote their religion by denigrating other religions. Can religion be promoted like products? Is there any difference between these 'religious activists' and the politicians? They are treading in the same path to divide people on various grounds and trying to proclaim how superior they are from the others. Freedom to demand the arrest of persons spreading hatred cannot be a solution rather the law enforcing authorities must act on their own to book the culprits without being choosy.

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    The notebook example of hypocrisy in this thread is that some intellectual Members don't have the spine to condemn the bishop. Perhaps they are afraid that if they condemn the hateful bishop, they would be demoted in the seniority list of seculars and liberals of India.
    "Khamosh rahoon toh mushqil hai; Keh doon toh shiquayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But when I open up, they start complaining.)

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    Not only the Bishop, but also anyone from any religion giving a hate speech should be dealt with. These guys have their freedom to express, but not to create problems through their speech. Partha talked about a Bishop, but Ankit added the other culprits from other religions. And we all have the right to demand their arrest.

    I too say that there are more Hindu saints than few Bishops and Mullahs. But the saints or Mullahs don't give a hate speech or insult other religion like the Bishop's religion that hate other religions and gives hatred speech. Surely, the Bishop should be put behind the bars.

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    #669347 - Selective vision as usual. All who have responded in this thread, support action against the Bishop and have mentioned so.

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