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    How fair it is to reject an article just because it's of different format!

    My Article on "Uniform Civil Code and Secularism" has got rejected by editors on the ground that it's in the format of points. Can this be only ground for rejection of an article!! The most disappointing and heart burning thing is that the editors have no issue or any doubts as to the quality of the article but they have an objection to the format of my article. Why can one be allowed to apply his or her creative methodology of writing articles in a different manner!

    I have already made few changes as required I would have been happy if the content or quality of my article was analyzed but all our editors have to do is to question the method, a slightly different method of writing an article which is not even in indecent manner if we'll click the link below the article.

    I am a law student and i would surely like to share one thing that Article 19 of the Constitution of India provides for freedom of speech and expression which includes that I can write anything in any manner in consonance of not violating the reasonable restrictions stated in the constitution itself. I think, even editors of this website have no right to violate Article 19 by making such rules and provisions that puts restrictions of freedom of expression by writing an article in a slightly different manner.

    Probably editors do not understand that how much amount of hard work and research takes place to prepare one article and all they object is the methodology of writing (Points format) instead of content and quality of writing. I feel terrible for this rejection and if this will not be accepted, I'll leave this platform as I cannot deal with a platform that doesn't believe in freedom of speech and expression.
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    I do not know the law, but my understanding of Article 19 is that the Constitution gives each citizen of this soil the freedom of speech, wherein speech entails criticizing the Government and its decisions. And the freedom for carrying out protests against new laws and policies and injustices as people see them. The Article allows a voice to people's demands. Can the Article be applied here? Is it not trivialising it?

    ISC has a set of policies, which members need to adhere to. Let's not forget that ISC earns its revenue through Adsense, and is therefore compelled to follow the guidelines set by Google. I am not sure what those exact guidelines are, but as a content writer, who writes for people from across the globe, I can confidently state that articles written in point form are not allowed by most sites, because the format does not comply with Google's policies.

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    Freedom of speech and expression has got nothing to do with the rejection of your article. You are well aware that ISC earns revenues from our posts and it comes through Google Adsense. When a website is earning its revenues from Adsense they must strictly adhere to guidelines framed by Google. If they have a particular format for submitting articles, we simply need to follow them because if we violate there will be no revenue. If this violation continues for successive cases Google will send a warning to the website and ultimately they may take punitive actions. Therefore, every member must adhere to the guidelines set by Google and ISC and if there is any confusion the editors are always there to help us.

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    I checked the link, the article is not available. The articles in ISC have well-organized paragraphs related to various aspects of the subject in concern that makes reading pleasant. In the beginning, I used to contribute in ISC by points and later had to modify it into paragraphs.

    With regards to freedom of speech and expression, as a common man, it means the message and not the format. Going through the thread, it sounds like, ISC is OK with the topic but only wants the format changed.

    A small narration, during world war II, many experienced 'bush pilots' came from Australia to fight under the British Royal Airforce. But they had to learn flying the RAF way before being accepted into RAF. So, it looks like, you are skilled enough, you just need to abide by the guidelines of ISC.

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    When I joined this site I submitted an article and I was told to correct it and present in a format for clarity and consistency. That time I did not know that there is format required. So I went through some articles and found that there was a very simple format with sub headings in bigger size letters and things like that. So it was not a big deal and I learned some basic HTML tags and accordingly modified the formatting and the article was published. Then, I learned the HTML tags for pointed or bulleted lines also which helped me to submit other articles where lists were there.

    So submitting an article in a format is not a big deal especially when the site regulations require it. I have seen some other sites like HubPages where they are following similar regulations. In fact they are giving you a compulsory format from their side and you have no liberty to choose your own format. I do not think that following a discipline is such a difficult thing that we make an issue over it.

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    Please try to understand what is required when submitting an article at ISC. Decisions made in haste are a waste. Frustration and anger get you nowhere. As other members have rightly pointed out, writing content on a particular platform requires you to adhere to the guidelines and requirements of that platform. Take note that editors are not deleting an article right away and are giving clear-cut instructions on how to rectify and make the necessary corrections. So should you not follow those instructions? Why be defiant and re-submit the article exactly as it is again and again? If you go through the Help topics, you can see the various guidelines clearly mentioned. One major one is that "Descriptive content is the key to get traffic. Search engines look at the title and content in a page to determine whether to show it in search results or not." Another is to present text in paragraphs, to write well-constructed sentences, etc. Do please read again the content posting guidelines .

    You also stated, "Probably editors do not understand that how much amount of hard work and research takes place". Believe us, we know the heartburn. We've felt it ourselves. We also submit articles and have faced rejections. We take no pleasure in deleting any post in any section. We are simply following the guidelines as given by the admin. of ISC. We feel terrible, too, when we hit the delete button. It's no fun doing so. It's just our responsibility as editors to do the needful as required.

    Go ahead and express yourself, have the freedom to do so - in adherence to guidelines. Give me some time and I will post another response, explaining how the article can be submitted, taking one part of your text and re-writing it to show you how it should be done.

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    Now the Managing Editor explained the reasons and told clearly why such actions are being taken. Probably they might have given the reason for rejection of the article also. This is all in the game. Sometimes it happens. We have to learn and go ahead. Please don't get upset. Carry on.
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    Let's take your introductory paragraph on what is the uniform civil code. Instead of the points' format, the same text can be presented as descriptive content like this –
    The Uniform Civil Code appears under Article 44 of the Constitution of India, under the head of 'Directive Principles'. It makes provision for the State to secure a Uniform Civil Code for the citizens throughout the territory of India. What you see today are different personal laws for different religions with relation to marriage, divorce, succession, etc. For example, matters related to the marriage of Hindus are governed by The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and those related to the marriage of Christians are governed by The Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872. By implementing the Uniform Civil Code, all these matters will be governed by one uniform law for all Indians instead of different laws for different religions. That is, the procedure for registration of marriage, for filing of divorce and for issues of succession will be uniform throughout the territory of India.
    [one line space]
    Here, let me make the concept of "State" in terms of the Constitution very clear. The meaning of "State", as per Article 12 of the Constitution, is not restricted to a State Government only but it includes the Central Government, as well as all other Government departments and machinery.

    Then comes the next heading 'Importance of a Uniform Civil Code'. Now here you have repeated the same text as the first paragraph. Instead, you should move on, with something like this -
    With a Uniform Civil Code, the registrations of marriage and divorces and other important matters will be made mandatory which are not mandatory now in many personal laws and which is the core reason behind the matrimonial problems specific to women and children. The Uniform Civil Code will help in multiple ways, specifically –
    [here, below this, is the one place where you can list the points as points with numbered HTML tags – but put the first letter of each sentence in a capital letter]

    In that part of the text, the second point you listed is interesting about "more than seven decades...etc " - this can actually be better placed as the opening sentence in your concluding paragraph and not in the paragraph under the heading of the importance of the code.

    Similarly, put all other text in some coherent manner which gives a smooth flow to the article, instead of listing them as points. Even the quote by Dr. Ambedkar need not be listed or even put independently with a separate heading but placed somewhere in the text where appropriate.

    Basically, you have to string the beads (the points you wish to convey) together to create a beautiful necklace (the article). So please don't give up but try again to submit a quality article in the right way. You can do it. Learn and earn!

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    I would like to appreciate Vandana(ME) for providing perspicacity on the article that was rejected of the author of this thread. The way you explained is really significant and will help many members who have not written an article till date but are looking to post one.

    These type of practical help which can be easily understood to the new writers is commendable. I hope Mr. Umang will do the modification as required by the ISC and post his article for everyone. As the name mentioned for the article, itself shows that this will certainly help the members to have a better understanding on the Civil Code.

    Every article when rejected is very aching for the author. As mentioned by you, it takes time and research to complete an article and if its not published, discourages the writer. Vandana(ME) has given a good example of the refinement that is needed. Hope you take these step and make the need changes and put up a good article for everyone.

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    I cannot see your article as it's no more there on the site. It's not a new thing as every site has its own set rules and format decided to write content so ISC has too and for a new member we should try to understand the things rather than complaining about the things, in the beginning, I too was disheartened like you when my article was put on a hold for the same reason but was not rejected as the editors too understand that the new members take time to understand what is required here. They will ask you to edit your article they don't reject it for this reason. You should contact the editor of the same rather being disappointed for it.

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    Guidelines are not meant for one member, these are applicable to all the members. They are basically administered for the smooth running of the site in a steady manner. If members do not adhere to the site policies then it will be detrimental to the progress of the site which in turn will affect the writing prospects of the members.
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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
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    I want to thank each and every member who gave me kind suggestions. I want to thank managing editor Vandana ji for her open and detailed response. She have made me learn many new aspects of article writing for online platforms and also made me realise my mistakes concerning the methodology of writing.
    I have submitted my article again with due changes as suggested by our editors and i am now looking forward to learn more in this direction.
    The responses of members on this forum have found to be very positive and constructive and i want to thank you all for such encouraging gesture.

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