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    Can't they make a Submarine Museum at Mahabalipuram Beach?

    There is a submarine museum on the shore of Vishakhapatnam(AP). A decommissioned submarine INS Kursura is placed on the beach and is making good revenue. Tamilnadu also wanted to make a similar museum on the shore of Mahabalipuram (Chennai) for exhibition and make some revenue. To meet the purpose, a decommissioned submarine INS Vagli was offered to Tamilnadu government in the year 2013.

    For the last six years, the Submarine is lying in Chennai harbour uninstalled, and Tamilnadu government is not capable of creating a museum owing to reasons unknown. TN government regretted their inability and wants to return the decommissioned submarine back to the concerned authorities.

    Is it so difficult to construct a museum by Tamilnadu government when AP government could do it successfully at Visakhapatnam?
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    The then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh took special interest and obtained the submarine and did the needful. That speaks about his planning, follow up interest towards such issues. Even then the people of AP not re-elected him. Tamil Nadu Government is not having interest and time to such acts. There are many tourist places in TN and the government is making good revenue. So they are not giving much importance to this issue I think. They may be having many other important issues on hand for them probably. Let us hope they will look into the issue and do the needful at the earliest
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    Putting the decommissioned INS Kursura on RK Beach was a Herculean task. There were many failed attempts and many long days and hours were spent to get the submarine ashore. It took a lot of manpower, machinery and resources, but yes, at the end of the day it was worth the effort. Those days there was a lot of excitement among those who were involved in the project.

    There were also talks of making INS Vikrant and INS Viraat as hotels or museums but they ended up being sold as scrap. So many memories attached to them, I would have loved it had they been preserved in some way.

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    It is definitely a good idea to have a museum of this kind in Tamilnadu also but there should be a strong will to do it in the state Govt circles. The Govt machinery can definitely perform this if they do an all out effort to place the things in place. I think money is not a problem but what is required is a sheer will to execute this difficult task. There are logistic problems associated in such endeavours and it takes repeated attempts and efforts to execute them.
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