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    Should we be silent or shout about our help?

    We as human beings cannot live in isolation and always dependent on each other be it within family, friends or society in general. We often help the members in our family, friends circle or in our society when needed. Helping others when needed is indeed a good gesture but is it a selfless service?

    It is sometimes seen that when people help others it is not silent and selfless. They often want everyone to know that they helped someone and be in limelight. They also make the person they helped realize that they have done a favour to him. This makes a person who received help feel bad and awkward about it and they get uncomfortable. Then they start feeling even more burdened for the favours that they have received. For such people satisfaction only comes when they make publicity about their help.

    On the other hand, there will be few people who will silently and selflessly help others without speaking or making publicity about it and they never make a person they helped feel awkward by telling him that they helped him so much. For such persons helping others is sufficient to give them self satisfaction and they do not expect any appreciation or publicity from outer world for it. They are silent about it.

    So, which is the right way? Should we help others and shout loud about it? Wouldn't it take away the very essence of help? Or should we help others silently to get internal satisfaction without shouting about it unnecessarily? The later seems to be a right approach but in some situations, we may have to make others realize that we helped them if a person whom we helped is not humble about it that he does not value and realize the help he received.
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    Helping others is a good trait. It is a great human character and there are many good people on Earth who help others. But advertising it and making it a point for ones reputation is not desirable. It does not do any good to the donor. It is said that one should donate without making any sound about it and that is supposed to be the best category of help or donation. In today's world man people do not believe in this doctrine and advertise and shout about their good deeds to attract attention of the people and prove that they are the real samaritans. In fact no one likes these types of pompous and show off representations and it is thought to be in bad taste. So, help others as much as you can do but do not shout about it. Let people recognise it from other sources and you will get the appreciation automatically.
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    The thread brought to me the verse from the bible " But when you give to someone in need, don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing"(Matthew 6:3).
    It is a belief that when we help, it should be done in silence so that the help you did gives you self satisfaction. Nowadays all people are selfie literate and capture every good act they do, post it online in order to get "Likes". Many have this habit of showing off what they have done but it is hurting for the others. These cannot be thought but can only be understood when we will be in their place.

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    "Help the needy" as we all know this phrase, I feel that helping a friend in times of need and distress is most humble quality . Some people are arrogant and do not either ask for help,nor do they accept help from others. We live in a society where sometime or the other we seek help from others. At the same time taking advantage in the name of help is a bad habit.
    I would like to share a personnal experience by which I was very much impressed. On a visit to a foreign country where you have to pay to use a toilet and they are not handled manually. You have to use the currency of that country and put the exact change in a machine to use it. Unfortunately I needed to use the washroom and did not have change. A lady who saw me using more of currency than required, just took out a coin put it in and walked away, saying you may go in. I did not have time to even thank her. I was impressed by this small gesture . What I realized that even small gestures of help bring smile on others faces.
    Help others in time of need, small or big.

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    Helping others when they are really in need is a good habit. But telling each and everyone about the help he has done is not correct. In our village, there was a rich man. He used to help many poor people. He used to give the school fee, books cost and uniform cost etc. But no one knows to whom he helped. He is a very simple man and used to help every year to many students like this. Only when he left this world, these people started telling one another about the help he has done to them.
    I feel it should be a silent help which is always better. Loudly telling always about the help you have done may not give any additional points to you. Even the person who got benefitted by you may also think that he unnecessarily took help from him if everybody reminds him about the help he received from the other man.

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    I wish to add another point that we all help people with physcical needs like food, money, clothes medical help etc. Another help we can render is helping them and supporting them in thier emotional times. It can be helping someone in geting away from addictions and bad habits. Although there are specialist in those fields. Whatever one can do a to make a person happy and lead a comfortable life can also be a worthyhelp.

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    Maybe they want to make a good image if themselves in other's mind. It's very sad that people do that, they actually don't help others for their need but to make themselves great in other's mind. I don't like such people and don't like to seek help from such people because they are selfish.

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