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    Edit button not available to my response.

    Dear ISC,
    I am not able to edit my responses posted to Anjana's this thread . While the edit button is available to my responses in the other threads, the edit button is not available to my responses to the above-mentioned thread, though I have logged in. It seems to be a bug.
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    I have also observed that some threads does not show edit button. The webmaster need to look into this matter and resolve asap.
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    Sun, it is not a bug but is the result of some members playing smart by editing/ removing their responses (and even threads) in between. One can edit his response for corrections but to change the response after others have posted their responses is not ethical and shows such authors in a poor light. In view of this development (which was resorted to earlier too by some members {?}), it has been decided to check the threads and lock the edits for those that are likely to be interfered with. The matter is under consideration with the admin and possible remedies, including action against such erring members, are being looked into. Till then, please ensure that you double-check your contents before pressing the submit/ enter button.
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    It is my habit to check my responses repeatedly to edit spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes which could not be corrected before pressing the submit button or to add some missed out good points and afterthoughts. In that thread, I wanted to add my afterthoughts. It is a helpful button for the members. It should be either open for all or closed for all. This should not be unavailable to the members in a particular thread.

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    Sun, afterthoughts can always be put in as a fresh response and you may connect it with your previous response. It does not actually make much of a difference. As I have said, the present scenario will continue for some time now till a final decision is taken by the admin. It does take more time of the editors, but it cannot be helped.
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