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    Overpopulation: Is it a problem?

    Is overpopulation a problem? The global population is still growing, but less extreme than in the 1980s. In every continent except Africa, people are having around two children on average, that's balanced. But in Africa, population keeps growing at an alarming rate, with almost five children per woman on average. That growth is unsustainable. The current global population is 7 billion and it will grow to almost 12 billion in 2100 if the African population boom won't stop. We have resources for 3 billion people if they all want a living standard like in the US or EU. Huge population growth will result in huge environmental problems (one of those is climate change), unemployment, high risk of wars, mass poverty and so on. We need to invest more in education and free contraception in Africa to avoid huge problems for the next generation.
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    Over population deprives the people of basic amenities such as abundance of water, airy to accommodate the people in comfortable way and the occupants in the room is restricted to two. Money would not cause any hardship by the way of educating the kids and such facility would be sustainable even for their higher education. With the restricted number of children we could devote our full time to uplift their standards by all means and they would be better civilised with the valuable lessons offered by the parents.
    Hence Africa has to take note of this plus points associated with less number of population.
    Even in India, we should endeavour hard to keep a check on the population - growth, though some couples have taken initiatives to contain the population with the adoption of family - planning techniques. But still, a lot has to done in this regard in order to avoid the unmanageable population.

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    Overpopulation is a real problem. The universe has given us some natural resources like water and air. It created plants also to see that these natural resources are always available to human beings. But unfortunately, human beings are not understanding the importance of these trees and abusing them like anything. For making houses we are cutting trees. For the construction of bridges, we are cutting trees. For laying a train route we are cutting trees. This is nothing but denying food for the mother who gave birth to us. So slowly these resources are diminishing. A day will come we will not have water to drink and air to breath. In addition to this many other actions, we are doing the atmosphere is getting polluted. Like air added to the fire, if the population goes on increasing the problems will get doubled. So we should have a watch on these points and we see that there will not be a severe scarcity of these essential items.
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    Overpopulation always alarmed every country. It is the main reason where a country cannot bring in development for its people due to constraint which cannot be met. The basic requirement of " Roti, Kapda and makkan" cannot be provided due to shortage of land, food, medical and other basic facilities.
    Every country need to bring in policy in order to control the birth rate. Now its not always because of the population that we are deprived of facilities, the major role is of corruption. We cannot people to control birth but can educate them about various ways to deal with it.
    Sex education, contraception, education and proper health care when met will help people understand the effects of over population and help in controlling the same.

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    This is a God created world. The population is under His control. He has provided everything for mankind to meet their requirements. If the population is reduced by the people, God won't be happy. Reduction in population is against the god's will. China decided to control their population growth, but they realised it now and decided to increase the childbirth .
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    Yes, overpopulation is a huge problem and it is an uphill task to control it. Everybody needs to think of the resources we have and the requirement of the people. Just imagine the situation when the requirement is huge and the resource is meagre. That is happening in a few countries throughout the world and India is no exception to it. Though the growth rate of population in India has reduced a lot and maybe that's why less importance is given to the topic nowadays. Proper education and awareness can change the situation and people must realize the effect of overpopulation. If you do not have money and urgently need it you can loan it from a bank or from some other persons but what about air and water? Who will loan us fresh air and pure drinking water? They all are natural resources and when the requirement is more than what we have on this planet we will all face the crisis.

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    Overpopulation is a threat to all of us. No Govt can manage it properly. The natural resources are limited and are not able to support infinite number of people. All the countries should understand this threat and strictly implement the population control measures.
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    Overpopulation is a threat not only in Africa but in Asia too especially in South Asia. In our country too we are facing the consequences of the same. First and the major effect of the overpopulation is unemployment. In our country, even after having good qualifications it's not easy to get a government job. Also, it's affecting the nature as we are cutting forests to make space for us to live. The population has always been a threat to us but now after giving awareness to the people we are able to control the rate with which it was increasing a few years back but the rate with which it is still growing is still alarming and we should take some countermeasures on it until it gets too late for us.

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    Here are some interesing articles about the subject:

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    One thing that is a limited resource is land and it is not renewable (barring bulidng platforms on sea and destroying the jungles).

    Every country knows about the rapidly expanding population and its impact on the limited resources of the world. But the question is who will bite the bullet and tackle it head on? India cannot implement birth control. likewise, many countries cannot. The governments will topple and people would revolt.

    So, in the long run, the end result is what has happened through the history of Earth. Like in doomsday predictions, Man and mankind would reach unsustainable critical mass and implode. After this in a few decades, the cycle would re-start.

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    Overpopulation is the mother of all problems faced by humanity. The exponential growth of population, say, the uncontrolled explosion, is responsible for growth of intense urbanization and industrialization and intensification of agriculture. These have serious impact on natural habitat degrading the environment.
    India's population is 18% of the world population and we occupy 2.5% of world's land. So, we can assume what will be the pressure on our environment. It is high time to reduce the birth rate at any cost. We have to take hard decisions. All the facilities provided by the Govt to those people having more than one child to be withdrawn immediately. We should adopt one child policy for the next 20 years as followed by China.

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    I think, when we have an example like china before us, we have no right to make excuse that our population is our problem. In fact, in my opinion, this huge population without sense of discipline is surely matter of serious concern and we can evident the consequences for the same.
    This huge population can become blessing for us when it becomes disciplined, focused, educated and diverts itself to right direction. It is just matter of leading the population in right direction that can lead the whole nation to the higher stages.

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    Almost every country has a birth rate of around 2 per woman. Only in Sub-Saharan Africa, most countries are having around 4 or 5 children per woman. That growth is unsustainable and not in the benefit of Africa or the world. We're already facing problems with global warming, and Africa will also develop more, resulting in more emissions. High birth rates result in mass poverty and famines. Somalia for example is doubling its population every 20 years, but they're already fighting over fertile land. Only 2% of land is fertile land in Somalia and its declining because of global warming. Fishing is also a main foodsource in the country, but overfishing resulted in less fish caught every year. Everyone would benefit from less extreme birth rates.

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    Actually, I agree with Umang Shah. Overpopulation can be a problem or a profit depending on how we deal with it. Take the case of China. China has the largest population but it focussed on investing in human resources rather than any other resource. China does not have democracy, China has been developing nuclear weapons and promoting terrorism, torturing minorities, suppressing rights of people and much more. But, we all know, China is the next super-power after USA. In the upcoming years, China is going to control the world rather than USA. And the reason is, China focussed on investing in manpower and human resource. The investment resulted in making it the supreme power and now it has been able to focus on investing in other resources and thus, the largest country has been able to turn the problem of overpopulation in favour of its growth.

    On the other hand, India keeps crying over overpopulation. India makes big commitments about investing in natural resources, but forgets about investing in human resources, thus making overpopulation the biggest problem for herself and the world. India has about 60% quotas in educational institutions and government jobs. This means minorities have all the facilities and the poor general public has been left to die. That is why Indians prefer to go to foreign countries to learn and earn.

    Similar is the case of Africa. Crying over overpopulation is not the solution but investment in human resources is the solution.

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    Overpopulation has always been a problem in the world as it creates a big issue of providing food grains and other essential items to each and every person of the society. Due to overpopulation we can not take care of the people properly and can not provide them medical services and also can not provide them a job which is so essential for a livelihood and occupation. These people are then caught by the bad elements of the societies and are used for all illegal trades like drug peddling and other unlawful activities. A large part of younger generation is engulfed in this darker side of society and then can not be reformed as they become addicted to such inferior activities. The only solution to avoid these complications is to have a strict control on the population.
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    Here's the UN page about population projections:

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    This is an example of mass manipulation. Population growth is really not the problem. The earth has abundance of resources which are unfairly distributed so a minority enjoys abundance while majority feels the lack. People seem to have been talking about the same even some 80 years ago (according to some old videos), they also talked about the increasing cost and the need to conserve natural resources, etc. So this is an always existing issue and we have managed to live through all that to today. As long as we are aware and talk we are able to find ways to manage through agricultural advances, water management, etc.
    There are machines available today which make water from air. Quite costly now but with mass production gets affordable.

    There are over 10 developed countries that will incentivize women to produce babies. More children in your family, more benefits assured. They have an ageing population, and lesser replacement. They don't follow the over-population issue. Why?
    China is not limiting to 1 child per family anymore across its people. They face problems enough to lift that rule.

    If India is going to become an economic power it will be because of its huge (youth) population.

    In any case, this over-population issue is always ignored by the evolution promoters. If according to evolutionary theory, fish moved onto land to find better life options, why would not humans evolve into something else to adjust? If those "aliens" we hear about are real, then you can obviously see they eat less; they are skinny all over except for their heads. Maybe it implies they use more brain/thought power a lot more than physical food, water resources.

    Or according to the evolutionary theory, plants and trees realize they get more nutrients and water if they produce more, so they evolve to simply output more produce and improve their life quality.

    The whole basis of evolution theory is to deny existence of God and our answerability to him.

    There is also the global elite who want to reduce population of the earth to about 500 million. They are the ones who promote this over-population issue, besides spreading a whole lot of misinformation about many things while at the same time the masses of people are indebted/enslaved with unrealistic loans, high cost of education, medicare, etc. One can't have anything but politically correct views about everything as long as they are not free.

    Do check around from alternate media about such things, and do not be tricked into becoming a zombie of sorts swallowing everything about population, natural resources, knowledge, medical field and so on pushed on you by the main stream media. Dig around and see if all you hear is true and then make conclusions.

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    I agree with Bala. Growing population was once a problem for the country and the measures taken by the various Governments to check the population growth has yielded positive results. Now every married couple increment their family with one or two kids and the growth of population in India is on expected lines. With abundant resources, we have to mange them properly and efforts are on hand in this direction. Though the basic needs such as 'Roti, kapada aur makaan' are still non reachable to many, we can't take lame excuse in the name of over population. The governments at state and centre should abstain from offering free- bies to people that make them lazy/idle, instead make them to work hard to earn to meet their basic needs. I mean to say that the human resources should be utilised properly by exploring proper job potential. While the vote bank politics in India doing more harm to the over all development and all the political parties speak about population growth.

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    Surprised to see many responses here that some are considered population explosion is not a serious problem. I will try to explain my point.
    I agree that huge mass of population can survive at subsistence level by effective utilization of natural resources. We should note that the difficulty in satisfying the basic needs at present level of consumption can be managed by proper planning. But, what about the increase in per capita consumption of resources? People always want to become more and more affluent. We are seeing that the increases in population and growing affluence have already resulted in rapid growth of energy production and consumption of resources. This trend will increase in future. We cannot stop people to become more affluent.This is the reason that increase in population is increasing the people below poverty line, and pressure on natural resources. Environmental effects such as air pollution and global warming are growing concerns now owing to the increase in consumption levels. We cannot slow down the consumption levels. Hence only option is reduce the population.

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