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    Point - From where it all started

    [This thread wins the joint first prize for the June topic-based TOW]

    Point is a point from where all starts. An alphabet, a letter, a discussion, a fight, a loot, a crime, a fame and the list go on. For everything that exist has a point. Our life on earth has a point, the earth revolving on its axis has a point, the birth of Jesus had a point and all the scriptures has a point.

    Here on earth, we all are so busy that for everything we have a point. For our rise and fall- we have a point, for joining and leaving ISC-we have a point, for raising our children - we have a point, for quitting, for shouting, for helping, for arguing, etc.

    Everything on earth is on point and my writing this thread too has a point. Now it’s almost 150 words, that too is a point. This competition entry is all about - Points.

    My entry " June 2019 Topic-based TOW: Point
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    For every act, we will have a starting point and ending point. We will not do anything without a point. We never work pointless. We should never argue without a point. So anywhere and everywhere we will have a point for all our deeds and acts. A good post by the author.
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    Ha ha ha! I have noted your point. The straight line started from a point and also ended at a point. The point is always very important whether it is the dot from where one started the journey or the idea that can change the way of life. A good entry that describes the point precisely.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    It is said that a point is the beginning of this universe and it ends in a point only. Literally speaking everything is made up of points and it is the smallest unit of creation and creativity. When we talk of a point correctly then we say that we have made a point about that. When we finish our sentence we punctuate it with a point. So point is a small thing but very versatile and present everywhere.
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