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    My respect to Arif Mohammad Khan

    Today morning, one of my friends forwarded me a link of an interview of Arif Muhammad Khan, former Congress leader. The interviewer was Arfa Khanum Sherwani, a journalist(?) of The Wire web magazine. Now all of us know that The Wire is a virulently anti-Hindu and anti-Modi magazine.

    Arfa Khanum Sherwani tried her level best to get Modi-bashing done by Arif Muhammad Khan. But Arif Muhammad Khan did not fall in the trap and severely criticized the politicians who treat the Muslims as mere vote-bank, citing his own experiences as a minister. He also criticized journalists like Arfa Khanum Sherwani who do not point out the faults of the Muslims.

    I am again impressed by the clear thought process of Arif Muhammad Khan. His opposition to the Rajiv Gandhi's action in Shah Bano case is well-known. He clearly told Arfa that the future of Muslims is intertwined with the future of India. And Muslims of India are in a much much better than the Muslims of Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and other Islamic countries. My respect to this leader.

    And the interviewer Arfa Khanum Sherwani? The less said about her is better. Throughout the interview, she tried to instigate Arif Muhammad Khan. Throughout the interview, her hatred of Hindus became evident.
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    It is good that a former Congress leader did not get into the trap of the Journalist and not make any controversial statements. In a country like India, everybody is having the freedom to airing their views about various issues. We need not think anything bad or good about their views. The answering will always depend on the understanding and diplomatic way of the person answering. There are people in all religions who respect other people belonging to other religions. There are people who can criticise the people of the same religion people for their mistakes. Such people can be appreciated for their openness.
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    These are the people who make us to hope that the Indian muslims are really Indian. The country is above the religion. I salute to this leader who is having clear concepts about the integrity of Indian muslims and how they should feel themselves first Indian and then only anything else. I remember in the Indo-Pak war one Abdul Hameed attacked the Pakistani forces with such an strength and gallantry that whole the world appreciated his brevity. That is like to be an Indian. Country is which gives us shelter, food and protection. Religion is only for inner peace and salvation and nothing else.
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    I am deeply impressed by the way Arif Muhammad Khan has exposed the hypocrites (both politicians and intellectuals), how they treat the Muslims as mere vote-banks and how the Muslims should conduct themselves in India.

    An excellent interview which was started for the sole purpose of Hindu-bashing, but transformed into a mirror in front of the hypocrites of India.

    "Khamosh rahoon toh mushqil hai; Keh doon toh shiquayat hoti hain" (It is difficult to remain silent; But when I open up, they start complaining.)

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