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    Never tinker too much with the PDS

    The Central Government of India is coming up with a plan to have a common ration card throughout India, for every family. The idea per se is good. However, the idea is the first stage rehearsal for another disaster. PM Modi has already talked about giving just Rs.500 to each family member and this will be credited to the bank account. The family is supposed to buy provisions with this money.

    Sadly, this is the worst of propositions. Mr. Modi should respect the State Government's powers to do whatever it takes to keep the people happy. The PDS has been functioning quite well in Tamil Nadu and in Kerala. Mr.Modi and his advisors should understand that a good PDS is the best insurance against hunger and drought. The scheme should not be designed to cut down the PDS or scrap it. Already, deposit rates have been reduced. New jobs are near zero. Only casual and contract jobs are increasing day after day. This is why the housing sector is in the doldrums. Nothing is healthy about the economy. The attention has been diverted to one nation, one election.

    It is hoped that the existing PDS will continue. The State Governments should have their own schemes.

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    Giving Rs.500 and withdrawing all the ration cards is not acceptable to many of the people in the country. In many economically poor people, many males will spend their earnings on drinking and smoking. The housewives go for small works for their household expenditure and they will suffer a lot. Now if this Rs, 500/- goes to their bank account that money will also be used away by the gents and the ladies has to struggle a lot for their livelihood. So this idea should be given away, I feel.
    Coming one nation one ration card issue, it may not be possible as the income groups are different and all will not be eligible to get the subsidised ration from the government. Hence thinking about this is also of no use. It may not be practically possible in our country.

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    The idea of nationwide ration card is to reduce its misuse or reduce the bogus cards or bogus names in the ration card. Once it is streamlined the benefit of PDS will only go to the needy and the pilferage will be reduced. Some people are interpreting it as if public is being deprived of the PDS. What happens is, in a family ration cards some names are there but when a member goes out to other state and starts residing there in connection with a job, his name remains continued in the ration card in his parent state. These anomalies are to be removed for the equitable distribution of the PDS provision. I think public should understand the underlying factors in the proposed schemes and should not criticise for the sake of criticism.
    Knowledge is power.

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