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    While we can have One and One, Can we have these also as One and One?

    Our Defence forces wanted to have One Rank One Pension (OROP) - We achieved it.
    Our PM has proposed One Nation One Election - Being studied.
    Our Food Minister wants to introduce One Nation One Ration Card. - A new thought.

    I strongly propose the following One and One for the betterment of India:
    1. One Nation One Language
    2. One Nation One Religion
    3. One Nation One University
    4. One Nation One College
    5. One Nation One School
    6. One family One Child.

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    I feel one nation one college is difficult. But we can have one nation one syllabus so that all the students will be on the same platform. Same is the case with one Nation one school. One nation one syllabus system can be thought in school education also. Same is the case with the University also. All universities should have the same syllabus.
    One Nation one National language can be decided so that all will have at least one common language. Otherwise, communication will become difficult. To avoid conflicts English can be made the National language. One religion concept may give some problem.
    Another proposal should be the same pension system for all the employees irrespective of government or private employment. Now the government employees are getting almost 50% of their basic as pension but private employees are getting very less pension which is not even sufficient for tea and coffee expenses for one month. One work one wage system also can be implemented.

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    This One and One doctrine basically means to bring consistency and similarity in our processes countrywide. So prima facie these are very good ideas and probably the Govt is set to proceed in this path starting with one nation, one election. So ideally all the axioms proposed by the author are required to be implemented in their true meaning of consistency and uniformity across the country. How it is to be practically implemented is definitely a herculean task but if the Govt is willing to do it it is not an impossible thing. Let us hope this achievement of uniformity will be taken up by the Govt in all spheres of public matters.
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    OROP is good because it is system generated. The rank of the defence personnel during retirement is fed to the system and the pension is generated automatically based on the information provided there. If there is any issue, it can be corrected on the system. But in the proposed systems mentioned in the thread, many of them are interfering with our choices. As long as it is limited to a system like the pension system, education system or election system it can be thought of. But we cannot force people to choose certain things. In a multilingual country like India, we cannot force people here to choose a particular language. Choice of religion is absolutely personal and others cannot interfere with it in any way. In the case of school, college or university I am taking the proposal as a uniform education system which is a logical one. Now if one family has more than one child what measures can be taken other than punitive ones? To control the population, this may be a good way but very tough to implement.

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