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    Has our Indian school education (10th,12th) lost its true meaning?

    Considering 10th and 12th standard education, In the good old days, we had schools teaching us lessons on various subjects. At the end of the year, the student was assessed for writing answers to questions that carried 2 marks, 5 marks, and 10 marks. For this, the student had to understand the topic and then be able to formulate answers. Scoring a centum was unheard apart from mathematics.

    Fast forward to today's education, children go to schools, attend classes etc. But the crucial decisions are made based on CET, CGPA (with upgradation), NEET, JEE, JEE advanced, various state and university entrance exams. What this has done is adding stress, increased competition but the true concern for me is different. Now students are learning wtih an intention score high in these entrance exam that is often MCQ based or problem-solving aptitude related questions. In this bargain, I feel students, teachers, school, etc teach and learn knowledge focussed on these qualifying exam topics, rather than overall true knowledge that the curriculum dictates for that standard (10th or 12th). Are we under-educating our children?
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    True. The students are more concentrating on scoring ranks and getting into good institutes rather than concentrating on the subject and scoring good marks in that. when we were in high school we were made to write answers to 10 marks questions, 5 marks questions, fill in the blanks so on so forth. Without understanding the subject we were not able to answer the questions and there were no separate entrance tests for admissions to professional courses those years. Only the marks scored in 10th and 12th are the base for higher studies. The paper valuation was very tough and scoring 70% on average was very difficult those days. Those are the standards then and we can't compare that system with the present one.
    More thrust should be given on the student understanding the subject rather than scoring marks by answering multiple answer questions without knowing why that answer is correct and the other is not correct. Requires some improvement of the system

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    The examination patterns are changed drastically with time and the scoring cards are accordingly gone up significantly. The educationist will have a big debate in deciding which system was better out of the old and the present but it is sure that students today are concentrating more for score rather than understanding the particular subject in its totality. This is creating a danger of losing performance in the real life when the students joins a job and finds that his knowledge of the subjects are not up to the desired level and then he has to again go through those academic studies to cope up with his job pressure. So frankly speaking he is doing now the study, along side his job, which he should have done long back during his class 10 and class 12.
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    There is drastic change in the curriculum and exam patterns. All schools want 100% passing in board exams and thus try to provide them with the necessary materials for getting good marks. More students attend coaching or tutions which too give them the correct way of scoring.

    Nowadays, education is more related to scoring then knowing or understanding the concept. I don't say everyone is the same but majority is the same. The students are taught only that is need to score good marks. Majority of the subjects has MCQ's and other questions which carry 20-30 marks and 20 marks internals. This gives the passing marks for majority.

    If we see the score of toppers, we will find, 100/100 in languages which was a dream upto 90's. Everything is changing and so also the education system. Hope this does not make children know only what they want them to know and covering the major.

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    Very true.Class 10th and 12th saw a great change in
    past few years.Basically,schools are imparting more theotrical knowledge and less practical one and that is the reason why most of the students fail when they face competitive exams. Moreover, students get more marks then they expect because education boards nowadays want 100 percent results and that is the reason why they freely gave number to those students who truely don't deserve.
    Education should be more 'knowledge based' rather than just cramping and getting numbers!

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    That was so True, Class 10th and 12th had a great change in past years. Generally, schools are delivering more theory knowledge and less practical. Moreover, students get more marks then they expect because education boards nowadays want 100 percent results and that is the reason why they freely gave number to those students who don't deserve.
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    Application of knowledge is the main thing. Nowadays, the focus is on scoring high marks and scoring a cent per cent marks in humanities subjects is not at all a dream. This is because most of the questions are of objective types and students do not have to describe answers in details. To understand things clearly and also to make others understand one has to describe the topics in details. So, the students who are expert in answering the objective type questions often face difficulties while describing things to others.

    Another thing which is going on for a long time is the suggestive method of learning. If you follow the previous question papers, say 5 or 10 years' solved papers, of certain examinations you will find a lot of similarities between them. There are students who follow the solved question papers rather than the textbooks which are not at all helpful in the long run. A lot of changes are required in our education system.


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    Not only in tenth or eleventh but in all classes the portions are decided not by experts but political based educationists. It is clear by seeing the portions as they are not up to the standard, here standard means class level. It is very hard to digest or even to grasp in the tiny brains. In private schools the volume of portions is heavy so arranged to drain money from parents. Parents also don't care about their children's side but believes that they,schools are correct and decide themselves to send their children for tuition so as they would escape from their responsibility on their children. It has seen in many children that they suffers as anything as they face difficulty in learning and fear to express their difficulty to parents and thereby falls in the mental agony.

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    It has not lost its relevance as the academic part is alive and healthy. Only problem is that we have not linked our education system to the skill based knowledge and that is creating a big challenge when the student is joining a job where skill is the predominantly required trait.
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    we have not linked our education system to the skill-based knowledge and that is creating a big challenge when the student is joining a job where skill is the predominantly required trait. I totally agree with Neeru Bhatt. Every student face this problem in the job.

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